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10 Types of Scarves to Be Excited for This Fall

If you are a knitter or a crocheter (or both) scarves might be your favorite accessory. Here are 10 different styles of scarves to DIY! 
1. Pockets
So cute! Keep your hands warm without having to bother with mittens. 
quince&co: Skadi
Ravelry: Shui Kuen Kozinski 
2. Cowls 
Everyone loves a good cowl. Knit or crochet! 
Knit Cowls
Crochet Cowls
3. Bulky
There is just something wonderful about a big bulky scarf in the winter. They are warm, and an especially stylish way to pull together an outfit. 
The Freckled Fox
Etsy: LuluLuvs
4. Skinny 
While they might not be as warm as a bulky scarf, skinny scarves are certainly stylish. 
Skinny Scarves
Ravelry: Jared Flood

5. Long

There are so many different ways to wear an extra long scarf.

Etsy: ThreeBirdNest
Loom Knit Hats & Scarves
6. Short
Show off your artistic side with these extra-stylish scarves. 
Knit Cowls
7. Scoodie 
I have mentioned this unique scarf trend before. "Scoodie" stands for "scarf hoodie". 
Hooded Scarves - Book 2
Art Fire 

8. Infinity 

These scarves go right along with bulky scarves in being trendy. So many fun ways to wear this scarf that is a big circle.

Etsy: ThreeBirdNest

9. Buttons

A cute and stylish addition to a scarf. This scarf is a loom knitting favorite! 
Loom Knit Hats & Scarves

10. Ears

Ok, it's a little silly. But are these not adorable? 
Ravelry: Mary Beth Temple
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