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4 WIPs You Should Always Have Going

Having troubles choosing your next project? 

Here are 4 types of projects that you should have going. Once you finish them start another of the same kind!
1. The Birthday Gift
My favorite part about being a crafter is giving my projects as birthday presents. Because projects often take longer to make than you anticipate, it's good to plan these out. Whose birthday is next? How long do I have? 
2. A Big Project
This project is a hard one to start. You know it’s going to take forever! But if you have it going on along with your other projects, the time might just fly by.


An Afghan 
Mile-A-Minute Shell Afghans - $4.99


Ravelry: Marlaina "Marly" Bird
3. A Little Project
These remind you of the cheerful bliss you experience every time you finish a WIP.


Crochet Clutch
Quick Itty Bitties - $4.99

Right now Mittens are my little projects. They are so cute! Every time I finish making them I want to start another pair! Check out I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Mittens.

...and my favorite. 

4. Something NEW. Something for YOU!
Most of our projects are for giving away. The process of making them is the real fun! But who is going to appreciate your work more than you? Try motivating yourself with just one WIP.
If the project is for you, than there is less stress. This is a great opportunity to learn something new!


The “50 patterns” books are my favorites. You can keep your crafts lively by learning a new stitch for a project.

Aran Scarf
Ravelry: MillaMia Sweden

Lion Brand
Experiment with Motifs

Ravelry: Eclectic Gipsyland

Thanks for reading!

Stay crafty! 


One thought on “4 WIPs You Should Always Have Going”

  • Sherry

    I like this system and will try to follow it. As of now I have 7 WIP going which is unerving to me. Then theirs those charities that need certain things. And.....I spend way to much time on the computer and never get as much knitting or crocheting done.

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