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A Crocheted Cup of Coffee! With a Donut!

I almost wish my three-year-old hadn't found my copy of Ice Box Crochet.  I had certainly planned on making a few items from it because crocheted food is adorable and these little amigurumi crafts would make great gifts.  But oh man.  That girl read through all 90+ pages of this like it was a story book.  Or, more accurately, like it was a catalog.

Or maybe I should say like a menu?  Because girlfriend has been placing orders.

So far she has asked me 'knit' her a loaf of bread, a hamburger, a pizza, a bowl of spaghetti, several donuts, and the refrigerator.  I cannot wait until she's older and I can tell her "When you were little, you asked me to crochet you a little toy refrigerator" while she rolls her eyes.

I probably am going to crochet her that refrigerator, Lord help me.  So far, though, I've stuck with some more basic patterns.  This past Saturday, I sat down during her nap and crocheted a cup of coffee, a donut, and a medium plate.  Yes, there are many sizes you can make the plates.  There are also trays, bowls, and a dessert stand.  In case you couldn't already tell, this book is full of superfun and slightly weird projects.

These patterns call for lightweight yarn (Category 2) and steel hooks.  But I don't have a lot of lightweight yarn and I have just about zero patience or ability to shove stuffing into itty bitty projects made with what is basically sock yarn.  Some people love that, and I'm happy for them.  Just like I'm happy for people who do intricate papercutting art, or those wild and crazy guys who build ships in bottles.  Good for you!  I totally want to see what you've done!  I never want to try it myself!

If I had had to seam these pieces when they were half this size, I would scream.

But what I do have a lot of (in addition to surly laziness) is worsted weight yarn (Category 4) in nearly every color of the rainbow.  So I grabbed an F hook because that's what amigurumi patterns typically call for when you're using worsted weight yarn.  It worked fine, and my gauge was tight enough that the fiberfill didn't come through the stitches.  Another thing that keeps your stuffing from busting out of the crochet is to avoid overstuffing.  However, I'm pretty sure I understuffed the cup of coffee. 


The good news is that my little coffee-lover (not coffee-drinker.  But she's fascinated by the stuff) didn't care.

In fact, she was thrilled with her surprise.  Thrilled! 

She even shared some with her bear.  That's a pretty big deal!

Making these with medium weight yarn meant they were a little closer to 'playing' size.  The coffee is about 4" high, and the plate is nearly 4" across.  That's a good size for little hands to use for imaginative play. 


I've been trying to think about how big that refrigerator will be when it's worked up in medium yarn, and it's scaring me a little.  I think I'll make a bowl of spaghetti or something before I do that, though.  As excited as she was with her donut and coffee, she's already wanting more.  I have a hard time telling her no when it comes to little yarny projects, and we've both looked through Ice Box Crochet a lot. 


We've both got a lot of fun ideas for what I should make next!

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