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Cowls, Mods, and the Best Laid Plans

I crocheted a cowl from Scarves & Cowls!  It was the Anna cowl, to be exact.  It's lovely.

A few words about Scarves & Cowls.  All of the patterns have names, and each pattern has a cowl version and a scarf version.  And then--then!--there's a chart to help you customize your cowl or scarf to difference widths or lengths.  This is a dream come true for anyone picking out patterns based on their stash. 

I've wanted to try the Anna cowl for a while.  One, it calls for Lion Brand Amazing and I automatically love anything that calls for Lion Brand Amazing.  It's my favorite.  And two, it's a very simple pattern.

There are times when I want a project that's incredibly involved and challenging.  And then there are times when I want to work on something that includes phrases like "And then work Row 2 until your project reaches this certain length or until you're happy with it. Whatever."  I may be paraphrasing a bit, but I was in a mood for one of those 'Row 2 forever' patterns and this really hit the spot.  It's a mix of single crochet stitches and half double crochet stitches worked flat and I think the stitches look like little flowers.

I had two partial skeins of Lion Brand Amazing, so I made a beginning chain from the chart.  I used the Roses and the Aurora colors.  I think the red blended into the pink pretty well!

Also, the cowl doesn't have to be twisted before seaming, but it's an option for people who want to.  And I always want to, at least with crochet cowls. This was an easy and quick project.  Amazing yarn is Aran weight, and the pattern calls for a J hook.  I made this in one (somewhat late) night last week before my husband was set to take out daughter to visit my mom.  I had intended to make her something earlier in the week, but the day sort of sneaked up on me and there I was--giftless the night before.  So I got started on this that night, and then I took these pictures before I went to work.

And then my husband didn't take it with him.


Ugh.  At least I enjoyed working on this, and I think it turned out beautifully.  I'm looking forward to trying more of the patterns from Scarves & Cowls because they look like fun and I think they'll be wonderful gifts.  

One more thing: hi Mom!  I hope you like this!  It's very warm, and it's headed your way!


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