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Crocheting a Sweet Little Bear Hat

I love bear hats.  Actually, I'm a sucker for any kind of animal hat.  But bear hats seem to be my favorite.  The fact that I've made three of them in the past year probably proves it.  My most recent one is the Bear Hat from Baby Hats.

I made this in the 3 month size with worsted weight yarn and an I hook.  I also added another row to the body because it looked just a tad short to me.  Or maybe that's because I also think hats should be a little bit longer than the pattern calls for--seriously, I do this nearly every time.  I'm sure it would have been fine perched on some baby's head for a few seconds before getting pulled off and chewed on, but now I feel a little more secure about the height.  There was a little bit of overthinking for a little hat, but that extra row took literally another minute.  I feel like I've talked about the height of this hat too much.

Let's talk about the ears, though, because I think I've found my favorite ear method.  You just crochet a circle and fold it in half.  Having a flat bottom that's made of two layers of crochet helps it sit flat when you stitch to the sides of the body.  And the ears are kind of big.  I think that's adorable.  I love big ears on babies, and on their hats.  So precious.

This is for my husband's cousin, and I made sure to use acrylic (good ol' Red Heart) so this could be washed and dried with regular baby clothes.  Sometimes I want to use super nice yarn and make heirloom-type projects.  But other times, well, I'm a sucker for an adorable animal hat and I want to give a gift that non-yarny first-time parents can use to keep their baby warm without a lot of extra fuss.  This is such a sweet little hat.

I had made another pattern from Baby Hats--the Pixie Bonnet--and remembered it being simple and quick, but this project may have been simpler and quicker!  All of the patterns are listed as "Easy", and would be excellent projects for newer crocheters or anyone who's a little short on time.  You could crochet up a bear hat in less than an hour and no one would ever know you were unprepared for that baby shower!  No judgement from me.  Babies (and sometimes their parties) can really sneak up on you.  No one has to know this didn't take forever, and you can feel really good about how stinking cute this is.  Let me show you the ears again.

This might just be my favorite bear hat! 

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