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How Quickly Can You Make a Quilt?

Sometimes I check Pinterest to see how many pins this blog gets.  I'm curious, and a little vain.  It's always interesting to me to find out what people think is worthy of a spot on their boards and what sort fades away.  Lately, one of the most popular Leisure Arts-related pins are from this post about Quick Weekend Quilts.

If it's good enough for all those Internetters, it's good enough for me.  Did you know about this? Because I don't think I did.  That's no real surprise, considering that I sew once every couple of NEVERS, but it's National Sewing Month and I'm making an effort to throw out some sewing-related posts this month.  Plus, I looked at this book and I was riveted.  Riveted I tell you!  I love these designs, and we're going to talk about them.  I can form an opinion about just about anything, and I'm really good at assuming things.  So I'm going to show you some of the lovely designs in Quick Weekend Quilts and talk about how much I would love to make them even though you and I both know I do not have the skills or material to try this.  Still, this seems like a fun trip down aspirational daydreaming lane and I think you need to see these patterns.  Let's go!

Here is the Decorator Dot quilt.  I love it.  I love dots.

What if you kept it in these stark colors?  Or what if you did really vibrant colors against the black backdrop like stained glass?  Or if you arranged your circles to reflect the color spectrum gradually?  Or, you know, you just made this look like a Twister mat?  Because I think any of those ideas would be amazing.  This is a really striking layout, and I think any fabric color combinations would look beautiful.  I pray my daughter never sees a picture of this because then she'll want me to make her a 'blanket' like this and I'm trying to perpetuate the myth that I can make anything.

And this! This is the Floating Squares quilt.

The crocheter in me wants to try this with granny squares.  I love these fall colors!  I love the off-center squares!  I love this!

And look at the bags!


I like these.   You can't beat a good reusable bag.  And these are quilted!  Your goods stay protected and insulated.  And this looks like a good use of scraps!

The Vintage Bird Wall Art looks like another project that could use up some scraps.

And it could be a wonderful decoration in a nursery!  Or anywhere, really.  I love these calming neutral tones.  I was going to add "but this could be lovely in some brighter colors" but you know what? No.  I think I just love this with these more muted colors.  This is wonderful!

Okay, but these throw pillows?


They're the Contemporary Classic Throw Pillows, and I would love to see what the one on the right looks like with fall leaves.  How great would that look?!  Danged great, that's how great.  I love how clean these lines are.  The simple layout of these pieces is fantastic.

And lastly, the Modern Four Petal Flower Quilt.

 This looks like the perfect picnic quilt.  It's beautiful!  This could be a great use of scraps, especially if you wanted your flowers to be different colors.  Or you could keep it just like this.  These patterns are all so full of possibility!  And guess what?  There's a weekend coming up!  You could make one of these!! 

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