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I Can't Believe I Knitted This!

Well!  I have completed my first Fair Isle project. I knitted the Autumn Beanie from I Can't Believe I'm Fair Isle Knitting!

Remember when I said I had signed up for a knitswap?  I had intended to crochet a beanie, but my partner had sent links to a few Fair Isle patterns to let me know what kind of hats she likes.  And we had all been challenged to try out some new techniques and improve our skills.  So I went for it.  I knitted a slouchy Fair Isle beanie.  I think I'm happy with it?  I think I wish I had switched the red and the purple.  Or the orange and the pink.  I think that means I wish I had made an entirely different hat?  I'm not sure.  There are so many possibilities with four colors!

I got this to be slouchy by knitting every row that was just one color twice. 

It added a lot of length and gave the hat a few more chances to relax because....whoa.  I thought I was carrying my yarn really loosely when I was working the more intricate parts of this chart, but maybe not.

The pattern calls for #4 needles and sport weight yarn.  I used St-Denis Nordique that I got on sale at my local yarn shop, and I think it used about one-third of each skein.  That's about 50 yards of each color, give or take a little.  I obviously used the most of my eggplant-colored yarn, but there's probably still enough left to use it in another color work hat.

I haven't blocked this yet because I need to weave in my ends first, but I'm hoping my stitches will 'settle' a bit before I mail this hat out this weekend.  And I hope my swap partner likes it because, honestly, I would wear this.  I'm thinking about knitting this in the 'regular' version for myself, but with some yellow thrown in because it's my favorite color.  The chart's pattern repeats were easy to memorize, and I like the look of the hat itself.  And like I said, I'm pretty happy with this first version of it.  I don't think this was too rough for one of my first attempts, and the colors make me think of a sunset.  And I think (hope) that everyone likes sunsets.


Apropos of nothing, I love the decrease.  I love how it looks. It starts off fairly gradually, with a regular row of knitting in between each decrease row in the beginning, but then it just decides, "Nope, you're done!"

Also, I was surprised to find out that I loved knitting the brim.  Brims with two different colors have scared me for a while now, and I was completely delighted to find out that this wasn't a big deal.  This one is just stretchy enough, and the really solid band of knitting makes me think this will stick well to someone's head.  I don't think it's going to stretch out much, either. Look at how cool this is!

For the most part, I'm very pleased with how this hat turned out.  I think my knit swap partner will be, too.  And I'm incredibly pleased that I've finished a knitted Fair Isle project!  I can't believe I knitted it!
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