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I'm Still Thinking About Quilts

It's still National Sewing Month and I'm still thinking about quilts.  I love them.  I love everything about them.  There was an exhibit on quilts near my house this summer and I think I went to look at them every week.  Fine, sometimes twice a week.  Quilts are fascinating!  They're a multifaceted art project to treasure forever and keep people warm!  They blow my mind.  Did you know about Memory Quilts?  This sounds like an amazing resource!  Amazing!

There's a log cabin-style quilt made with ties!

And what about T-Shirt Quilts


That's another amazing way to make memory quilts out of beloved objects. I love that there are quilt squares to sew and intersperse with the t-shirt squares.  It's beautiful.

And I have to tell you about the Crazy Quilt Stitches Pocket Guide


I love crazy quilts.  I don't know that I'll ever be gutsy enough to try to make one, but I love them.  They're the epitome of DIY and modifications and taking whatever you have and making it beautiful.  Not only do most crazy quilts feature different fabrics in all textures and colors, but they're usually pieced together with different stitches that just as eye-catching and different as the fabric selections. 

While we're on the topic of pocket guides (dadgum, I love these pocket guides), I want to mention the Applique Basics Pocket Guide


I'm almost certain that my mom made the pattern on the cover in a class once.  Seriously, that's the only reason I'm mentioning this.  I remember being really impressed at the time (in addition to being able to quilt little microscopic stitches, my mom has mad applique skills) with this great daffodil top she made for a wall hanging and I got really excited when I saw this guide. 

Oh, and remember Christmas Sparkle?  You might not because I wrote about it nearly a year ago.

I love that there are people who love holidays so much that they'll write whole pattern books revolving around them.  These designs were lovely, and didn't necessarily have to sparkle.  But I bet they're truly incredible when they do. I think a Christmas quilt is an amazing treasure to make. 

And lastly, I want to mention 50 States Quilt Blocks again. 

I maybe mentioned it in a post last week and then didn't link to it.  Whoops.  Sorry, 50 States Quilt Blocks. I love this. Enough to mention it twice and actually link to it.  The product description states that there are four quilt projects, one of which calls for a mix of states/blocks that show a family's history.  Oh, my heart.  I don't know about you, but quilts get me right in the heart. 

And they capture my imagination.  I'm getting all kinds of ideas from just looking through some of the titles on Leisure Arts.  God help me if I ever make another attempt at making one!  My heart and head could just explode from all the feelings and possibilities.

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