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Knitting a Spooktacular Ghost Hat

I knitted this ghostly hat for my daughter!  I had been thinking about knitting the Ghost Hat in Knit Hats for Babies for a while now, but I had to get a start on it when my daughter saw the model picture and gasped "Is that for me?"  I knew I had to make it quickly before she changed her mind.

The patterns in Knit Hats for Babies are written for sizes Newborn, 3-6 months, and 12 months.  I made the twelve-month size and cast on with the recommended #7 needles even though my gauge runs large and hoped that this would fit my three-year-old.  It did.  I knit pretty loosely, and this is a simple rolled brim hat made with worsted weight yarn.  She could probably wear this next year!


(Note: she's also kind of small.  Your three-year-old may vary.)

I knitted up the body--straight stockinette until you get to the decrease rounds--in a couple of evenings and did the 'face' this weekend.  I was lazy, and crocheted the circles instead of knitting them.  I wish I had made the mouth a little more crooked, but I feel like this face is creepy enough as it is.


My daughter was so thrilled with her newest hat that she actually agreed to model this for me!  She hasn't done that in quite a while, so I was pretty excited when I realized that she must really love this.  It's such a good feeling!  I'm also a little unsettled at how much she likes Halloween things, but I'm still excited that she loves her new ghost hat.


This was a quick knit on top of being adorable and fun.  It would be a great beginner project for learning to work in the round, and the smaller sizes would need to be worked on smaller needles.  And, you get to work an I-cord for the top bit and work on your backstitching for the mouth!  There are a lot of techniques you could work on with this hat, and then you'd have a silly little hat to show for it. 

I'm not a big Halloween person, but my little girl loves skeletons and spiders and bats and pumpkins (let's not talk about candy) and so she's in heaven with all things related to Halloween showing up in all the stores.  I'm glad she's enjoying her spooky ghost hat so much, and I had fun cranking this out for her.  Hope the pictures didn't scare you!

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