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Weekly Dishcloth: Special Snowflake

I crocheted the dishcloth pattern from Learn to Crochet African Flower Motifs!

I've made this before, but I decided I didn't like my color choices once I was done.  And I think the pictures for the post I wrote about it were ugly because I hadn't figured out some of settings on my camera.  Yes, I know that the camera came with an instruction manual.  No, I don't know what it's trying to tell me most of the time.

So I wanted a do-over.  And here it is!  I love the African flower motif--that's why I was so tickled with how my blanket has looked so far.  But I thought that if I crocheted this dishcloth with white and blue yarn that it could look like a snowflake. I'm not sure if it does.  Maybe I should have worked this with yellows and pinks and greens.  Maybe that's what I'll do next time.  I think I'll call this a snowflake dishcloth anyway.

It has six points, the yarn is in wintery colors, and I've declared this dishcloth to be a snowflake dishcloth. So ta da! 

I already feel better at this attempt at an African flower motif dishcloth because I went ahead and used the recommended I hook for this.  I normally go down a hook size or two in my crochet projects because I have a pretty loose gauge.  But with African flower motifs, you should probably use a bigger hook than what you think you might need.  The long single crochet stitch (when you crochet into the stitch two rows down) can pull the crocheted fabric of your project and you're going to want it to stretch instead of bunching.

There are some cute patterns in Learn to Crochet African Flower Motifs, and I think the dishcloth pattern is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to this motif. 

And it makes a lovely little dishcloth as well. 

3 thoughts on “Weekly Dishcloth: Special Snowflake”

  • Buddys Mom

    I think it's pretty. I like it!

  • Kim Domingue

    Yes, I know the camera came with an instruction manual. No, I don't know what it's trying to tell me most of the time. You had me laughing so hard that I snorted coffee up my nose! OMG! How wonderful to know that it's not just me! And the pattern is lovely. I'm on a washcloth/dishcloth kick right now and this will be a nice addition. Although, I think I'll make it up in a green, yellow and pink or purple scheme. Thanks for the pattern and the laugh!

  • mungomom

    I love the colors you have used here. Can I make this into a hotpad or potholder using heavier yearn?

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