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WIP Wednesday: So Many Babies. So Many Baby Projects.

Babies.  Babies everywhere.  There are babies being born all over the dadgummed place and there are baby showers popping up everywhere and I have TWO baby showers next weekend.  I am well-prepared for one of them.  But for that other one....well, I need to get ready for that other one.  I want to make a hat, maybe a little sweater (this is for a relative!), and a blanket.  I don't know yet what patterns I want to use for little baby clothes, but for the blanket I'm knitting the Basket Weave Blankie from Precious Knit Blankies for Baby.


Yes, another basket weave blanket.

I had intended to feature other baby blanket posts in between the last baby blanket and this one, but if I'd done that I wouldn't be behind on my baby projects and then I probably wouldn't be me.  Or something.  Because I had definitely planned on making this lovely blanket, but now I'm just talking about to you sooner than anticipated.


I love a good basket weave pattern, and this is one lovely little blanket.  It's knitted on #10 needles and with two strands of yarn held double.  The pattern is simple to memorize and if you like basket weave knitting patterns, this is probably up your alley.  The finished product will be about 28" X 32", and will use up nearly 1,000 yards of yarn.  Good thing I have some insurance yarn tucked away.  I have an extra skein of Red Heart Super Saver in Real Teal for my African Flower Motif Square Afghan just in case the three skeins I purchased for this aren't enough.  This is currently my favorite color.

This is 100% acrylic yarn, which will wash easily.  I think I could have gone up to #10 1/2 needles, because this is dense.  Not stiff--but dense.  It's a little bothersome to wrestle with on the #10 needles, but that's just what happens when you hold your yarn double.  For someone who supposedly doesn't enjoy knitting or crocheting with two strands of yarn, I've done it a lot this summer.  But I think I'll take a break from it after this project.  Nothing against this pattern--it's going beautifully and knitting up quickly.  The main part is already 6 1/2" long and I've only knitted through the twelve-row pattern repeat two and a half times! 

This is what the other side looks like, by the way.

No, I just think I'd like to work on some smaller projects with just one strand of yarn.  That's all.  I have just a few more baby projects to finish up before next month and then I can get down to the business of knitting and crocheting other projects.  I want to finish up my afghans, and I have wild dreams of knitting some matching cardigans for my daughter and my nephew.  I even have the yarn picked out!

I just have to get through this first.  I don't think it will take me too very long.  Next weekend will be here before I know it, and I plan to take this project with me everywhere for the next few days!

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: So Many Babies. So Many Baby Projects.”

  • Sherry

    I love this afghan, I want to make one! You get so much done so quickly, how do you do it?? I respect your crochet and knitting abilities.

    • Jen

      Thanks, it's a lovely pattern. I go to a knitting group most Saturday nights, and I knit a lot during that. My weekends and nights are usually full of knitting or crochet projects! I appreciate your kind words.

  • Carmen Lee

    Afghan, I love your design and would like to try this one. You have done so much very quickly, can i know how you have done it?? Your knitting & crochet skills are mind blowing.

    • Jen

      It's a wonderful pattern, and it's working up pretty quickly. Thanks for your kind words! A lot of times I stay up wayyy too late crocheting or knitting wayyy to much. Like right now, ha.

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