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Weekly Dishcloth: Cute as a Bug

I knitted the Ladybug dishcloth from Garden Dishcloths.  It's cute as a bug!

I've noticed that sometimes I want to make a craft of my own after seeing something my daughter has made.  There was the time I crocheted Dishcloth #46 from Big Book of Dishcloths in the same colors as a butterfly craft she made this summer.

And then I remembered this pattern after seeing the little ladybug she made at a library activity last week.  Then I thought about how it's getting to be that time of year when ladybugs start coming inside and.... uh, napping.  Or so we tell our daughter.  We have a few days left of summery weather and I thought a cute little ladybug dishcloth would be fun.  And it was.

I love how this turned out, and I love that I finally thought to wash and dry a knitted dishcloth before photographing it.  It looks so much better!  The purl stitches tightened up quite a bit, and the pattern is much more recognizable.  You can tell that the legs and antennae actually look like legs and antennae.  I feel so much better about some of the other dishcloths I've made with purl patterning now! 

I'm definitely going to try the Cardinal pattern next.  I used a #6 needle and some regular worsted weight cotton yarn.  The pattern was easy to follow because the two halves mirror each other.  It was easy for me to fall into the pattern and follow along.  This was finished in about an hour or so, and like each of the other patterns in Garden Dishcloths, it's a fun little knit that gives you a sweetly outdoorsy dishcloth.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Dishcloth: Cute as a Bug”

  • Sherry

    I have this book of patterns and love it. Truly I haven't made one yet but I have plenty of cotton yarn to work on them. I love your posts, keep them coming.

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