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Aran Scarf | 50 Fabulous Knit Aran Stitches

Hey Crafters!
I finally finished my aran scarf. I used one of the patterns in "50 Fabulous Knit Aran Stitches."

This what the eBook will look like when you download it.

scrolling through the PDF to find the perfect stitch

This is The Yarn I UsedThis is me knitting the scarf.

Here is a close-up of the back of the cables.

The finished scarf posing with yarn and coffee.

A photo from the fall-themed photo shoot I did with the scarf for Instagram

Me showing some of the scarves' flaws.

This is my first cabled project so there are a few mistakes. Parts of the scarf are knit tightly, and other parts are knit very loosely. I also had lots of issues dropping stitches. But I love it!

Me wearing the scarf.

Thanks for reading!

Stay Crafty!


One thought on “Aran Scarf | 50 Fabulous Knit Aran Stitches”

  • Marybeth P.

    None of the first things I knit were perfect either and even having knit for 50 years I still make mistakes from time to time but have learned to frog very well! ;) We are not machines, we are human so just keep practicing and most of all enjoy.

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