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What Kind of Knitter are You?

Ravelry: Traditional Design
1. The Simple knitter
If these perfectly stacked knit dishcloths are the vision of your knitting dreams, then you might be a Simple Knitter. You appreciate the fundamentals of knitting. 
This dishcloth pattern is free on Ravelry! (click the photo to find it) 

2. The Detailed Knitter
You appreciate a pattern that you can think about. Lace might be your favorite. You always are thinking about your next lace shawl. 

Ravelry: Rosemary (Romi) Hill
Ravelry: Boo Knits
Ravelry: Véronique Charmette
3. The Professional 
You have found a way to make knitting your occupation. There is probably an Etsy store with your name on it. If not your own shop! You might also write and publish your own patterns. 
If these kinds of things scare you. Just think about how much you love knitting. Maybe you could start with selling just a simple pattern, or teach one person to knit. Next think you know you are teaching a whole class! 
4. The Gift Giver
You might as well name your projects based on who they are going to end up with. Or you might not ever know who you are going to give it to. You just have to make it. You will figure out who to gift it to later.
Might I recommend Dishcloths? They knit-up quickly, AND they are useful gifts. 

Dishcloth Dresses
5. The Perfectionists
You can’t knit a pattern unless it tells you what kind of yarn to use. This is not because of a lack of creativity. Perhaps you think that if you are going to put so much work into it it might as well come out perfect.
If you are interested in learning skills to perfection I would recommend our “I Can’t Believe I’m…” books (we have many). 
I Can't Believe I'm Entrelac Knitting
I Can't Believe I'm Fair Isle Knitting
6. The Free Knitter
Have you ever seen a pattern and thought, “I like it but I will just do this part differently?” or started a project without a pattern? Brave soul! Keep up your knitting ways.  
I recommend our “50 Patterns” books. They are filled with stitches for you to learn and then use to make whatever you want!
Thanks for reading! 
Stay crafty!

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