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Holiday Humpty Cupid

Holiday Humpty Cupid

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      • 24 oz box of parakeet gravel
      • Teaspoon
      • Sewing machine
      • Sewing thread
      • Hand sewing needle
      • Straight pins
      • Scissors
      • Tracing paper
      • #2 pencil
    • Polyester fiberfill
    • Small crochet hook for turning fabric
    • ⅜ yd – 44/45"w white satin for body, legs, gravel bag, and arms
    • 10." x 8" piece of gold lam. for wings
    • 10." x 4." piece of heavy weight, nonfusible interfacing for wings
    • 7." x 4" piece of pink satin for heart
    • 7." x 4" piece of dk pink satin for heart
    • 8" ‑ ."w gold braid for halo
    • 2 ‑ ." blue buttons for eyes
    • Brown, red, and pink colored pencils


(Note: For all machine stitching, use a ." seam allowance. Backstitch at beginning and ending of each stitching line. Trim seam allowances to ⅛"; clip curves and corners. Use small crochet hook to turn fabric completely. When stuffing body, legs, and arms, pull off small amounts of fiberfill and pull fibers apart; stuff curves and corners first before stuffing remainder of area.)

1. Trace patterns A‑F (pgs. 3-5) onto tracing paper; cut out traced patterns.

2. Pin traced patterns to fabric; cut out fabric pieces. Transfer markings on patterns to wrong side of fabric pieces.

3. Matching right sides and raw edges, pin and stitch body pieces together, leaving an opening between dots. Turn body right side out.

4. Matching right sides and raw edges, pin and stitch two leg pieces together, leaving top edge open. Turn leg right side out. Place one teaspoon of parakeet gravel in leg. Firmly stuff leg up to 2 3/4" from top edge with fiberfill.

5. Match seams of leg and stitch through leg just above fiberfill (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 Fig. 1

6. Repeat Steps 4‑5 for remaining leg.

7. With toes facing right side of one body piece and matching raw edges, pin and stitch legs to body piece (Fig. 2). (Note: Body piece with legs attached will be body front. Do not catch body back in stitching.)

Fig. 2 Fig. 2

8. Press raw edge of opening on body back ." to wrong side.

9. Firmly stuff top of body up to 2" from bottom edge with fiberfill.

10. Matching raw edges, pin and stitch gravel bag pieces together, leaving straight edge open. Turn bag right side out. Press top edge ." to wrong side.

11. Fill gravel bag with parakeet gravel. Whipstitch opening closed. Insert bag in body with straight edge of bag toward head. Add fiberfill to body if necessary to fill in curves. Whipstitch opening closed.

12. Matching right sides and raw edges, pin and stitch two arm pieces together, leaving top edge open. Turn arm right side out. Press top edge ." to wrong side.

13. Firmly stuff arm up to 1." from top edge with fiberfill. With seams at sides, stitch through arm just above fiberfill (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3 Fig. 3

14. Lightly stuff remainder of arm with fiberfill. With thumb pointing up, whipstitch arm to side of body (Fig. 4).

Fig. 4 Fig. 4


15. Repeat Steps 12‑14 for remaining arm.

16. Refer to photo to sew buttons to face for eyes. Use brown colored pencil to draw nose. Use red colored pencil to draw mouth. Use pink colored pencil to blush cheeks.

17. Matching raw edges, baste wing interfacing piece to wrong side of one wing fabric piece.

18. Matching right sides and raw edges, pin and stitch wing fabric pieces together, leaving an opening between dots. (Note: When sewing on lamé, use a very short stitch length.) Turn wings right side out; press. Whipstitch opening closed.

19. Refer to photo to tack wings to center back of body.

20. Tack ends of gold braid together. Refer to photo to position halo on head. Tack halo to back of head.

21. Matching right sides and raw edges, pin and stitch two heart pieces together, leaving an opening between dots. Turn heart right side out; stuff with fiberfill. Whipstitch opening closed. Repeat for remaining heart.

22. Refer to photo to tack hearts in cupid’s arms.



(Click Here for Digital Download)

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