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New Blogger Chelsye Mae Garrett

Hi there!

My name is Chelsye Mae Garrett and I am beyond thrilled to be the newest addition to the blogging team at Leisure Arts! I am sure we’ll get to know each other better over time but I’ll start by telling you just a smidge about myself.

I’m 36 years old and about to graduate from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I used to have a “career.” Around 30 I realized I was spending too much of my workday sneaking onto craft blogs and planning quilts so I quit and went to art school. I haven’t regretted it for a second. You may even have seen some of my work. In September 2013, I had the amazing opportunity to yarn bomb the Arkansas Arts Center. If you didn’t get to see it, I hope you’ll check it out on my website sometime.

Aside from school, I spend time with my amazing, soon to be rock star son, Keegan. I also have a handsome fella, Adam, that I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about, as well.

Now then, let’s talk about something more interesting- what’s on my needles this week!

I’ll be honest, not a lot. Ha. It’s the first week of school and my last semester and it is taking an absolute act of congress to get my schedule together. I’ve got proposals and applications and assorted forms going out in all directions. With all that in mind, I decided I needed a little zen knitting. You know, just some mindless rows that don’t require counting or dragging a pattern around. I’ve wanted a wide scarf all winter so I grabbed some Lion Brand Thick and Quick and some 15s and just started knitting. I cast on around 50 stitches and went straight stockinette. I’m actually pretty happy with the result so far. It’s 18½ inches wide and I’ll keep knitting till it’s maybe 4 or 5 feet. Or 6. We’ll see.

blog post 1

I’ve also ordered some books from the Leisure Arts online store that I can’t wait to get my hands on. I have two of the sweetest little doggies ever and I think they need sweaters. You’ll hear all about it in my next post!

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