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Organizing: Before

Starting a new year and this new gig with Leisure Arts has me thinking about my knitting/crochet/sewing habits. They're pretty easy to summarize - lots of supply buying, not a lot of project finishing. I've decided 2015 is my year though (my chinese horoscope said it would be waaay better than 2014 - I'm going with it) and I am determined to reverse those trends.

A little soul searching (and a glass of wine) and I decided my biggest problem was accessing my supplies. There is yarn in every room in my apartment, yet I never seem to have a project ready when I walk out the door. I need a yarn headquarters.

Step #1: Figure out how much yarn I actually have.


Ok, seriously. I am never allowed to buy yarn again.

Step #2: Identify a location for yarn headquarters.

This was tough. I thought about building shelves, buying more baskets, and even renting another apartment. All terrible ideas. I really can't cram any more furniture in my small yet adorable place. I'm going to have to prioritize (a terrible word I try never to use).

Welcome to yarn headquarters, LA (Leisure Arts) peeps.


Well, future yarn headquarters. This is actually in my living room, just off my kitchen. I got this little beauty for $50 on Craigslist ages ago and it's been storing my less than attractive collection of fancy dishes ever since. Surprisingly, I don't use my punch bowl as much as I thought I would. This week I'll be making a trip to Goodwill with about half of what you see here and packing up the rest for storage. One day I will have the space and need for fancy dishes. Today, I just want to make stuff. Check back Friday to see how it all turns out!

Step #3: Take a knitting break.


Slowly but surely, my dears. I actually outsmarted myself on this one. I thought I was using Lion Brand Thick and Quick because I found an unlabeled ball next to a labeled ball and they looked just alike so I assumed. I got to the end of the unlabeled ball and surprisingly wise, 2 years ago me had wound the yarn around the label, which did not say Lion Brand Thick and Quick. Sadly, all my ivory balls were not the same and you can totally tell in bright light. Plan B for my wide scarf is to use up all my super chunky remnants and make a stripey scarf.

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting on patterns in the mail and trying desperately to think of something to make my boyfriend for Valentine's day. What are you making your honey?


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