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St. Patrick’s Day Bracelet

I Just realized that tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day and I do not have anything green to wear. Hmmmmmm! What to do? What to make? I pilfered through my yarn stash looking for something green that I could whip up quickly. It’s supposed to be warm so no wool. I found a leftover ball of Lily Sugar n’ Cream. I have had it for a while so the label is gone so I can’t tell you the color. I decided to make a bracelet. I didn’t want to crochet it in the round. I wanted to us a big button.

I used a size H crochet hook and I did a chain using my wrist as a measuring tape. I added 2 .extra stitches then count to the third stitch and started doing a double crochet all the way across. I repeated this all the way across for 5. I then did a small chain long enough (7-9stitches I think) to go around a button and then attach to the end of my bracelet. I had to find a needlepoint needle with a big eye so I could thread it with my yarn to sew the button on. My darning needle would not go through the hole on the button. I attached it to the other end of the bracelet.

st patricks 005

Roxanne's Crochet Bracelet Roxanne's Crochet Bracelet

Now the part that I always dread at the end of every project and that is to tuck in all of my yarn ends. Yuck!! I wish there was a crochet/knitting fairly that did that for me.



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