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Doodles Easter Frock

You might be wondering what is a Doodle and why does it need an Easter frock. Well Doodle is my almost two year old Schnoodle named Doodle Ninja. I have a seven year old boy Connor that I nanny for and he has been wanting to make a paracord bracelet. So since I wanted to get Doodle a new collar for Easter. I decided to make her a collar out of paracord. For some reason since she is a black dog everyone wants to call her a boy so I picked neon hot pink out of the kit by Leisure Arts. So hopefully people will call her a she instead of a he.

Making her collar/Easter Frock it gave me a chance to play with paracord so that when Connor and I sit down to make a bracelet this week after school we can do it with ease. I wasn't at home when I decided to make her Easter Frock so I didn't have any masking tape to hold it down and instead had to hold it in my hands. I suggest using the masking tape. I think it will be much easier. I have already loaded my bag with tape and paracord kits. I have a neon kit and camouflage kit.  Also for more ideas Leisure Arts has a book called Paracord Crafts. Just in case you are thinking about making one of these four your pet. It took the whole piece of paracord you might need more or less. Doodles neck is about 12 inches. It took me a couple tries. Keep trying it on as your working so that it is not too tight. I ran into this just from pulling it too tight as I was working. I love the end result. Good luck and have fun!!

Doodles Easter Frock Doodles Easter Frock
Doodle Ninja aka Doodle the Schnoodle Doodle Ninja aka Doodle the Schnoodle



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