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Easter Egg Dishcloth

Wow! Easter is a day away. I have finished crocheting a cute little Easter egg dishcloth just in time. I found the pattern for this in a Leisure Arts book called Crochet book called A Dishcloth a month. So if you are looking for a last minute project it didn't take much time at all. I did have a little difficulty I didn't know how to and never even heard of “work a cluster” that the pattern said to do. Thankfully they had a video on a website that showed me how to work a cluster. I found it very useful if you try this patter or other patterns in this book here is the site information I am going to use mine as a washcloth and not as a dishcloth. I crocheted it out of a variegated cotton yarn by Lily’s Sugar n Cream, instead of using four different colors of yarn.

Easter Egg Easter Egg

Hey! What can I say it’s less ends that I have to weave in. As promised earlier this week a photo of my cross washcloth that I finished a couple days ago. From Dishcloths for Special Occasions.

Knitted Cross Washcloth Knitted Cross Washcloth
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