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LED Candles for Every Season

We've all seen color changing LED Candles by now.  But if you're like me, you might be wondering how to fit them into your home decor and if you'd want to use them outside of the holiday season.  I challenged myself to use the Leisure Arts LED Candle Set in my own home for every season of the year.

LED 3-Pack Candle Set includes a remote that offers 12 different color settings, two timer settings and a flickering-light mode. LED 3-Pack Candle Set includes a remote that offers 12 different color settings, two timer settings and a flickering-light mode.

Here are the results of my experiment incorporating the LED Candle Set into my home for a year.  I hope you'll find some inspiration!

First up is Valentine's Day. I incorporated the LED Candle Set  into my tablescape with red tulips and a wooden sign.  Color-wise, I found red and white worked well for the candles.

LED Candles at Valentine's Day LED Candles at Valentine's Day

For Easter, I went in a more fun direction using hydrangeas and Peep Easter Eggs into a flower arrangement.  I used pink, green and yellow for the LED candles and brightly colored Easter eggs in jars to finish off the decor.

blog2 Easter Decor with LED Candles

For early summer I opted for a simple flower arrangement and green, blue and white candles.

blog3 LED Candles in Summer Decor

For the Fourth of July, I went with the classic red, white and blue candles and used a fun Patriotic planter to highlight the season.

LED Candles for Independence Day LED Candles for Independence Day

At the onset of fall, I incorporated a wooden carved owl and a real leaf themed candle into my decor and went with a classic white look for the candles.

blog7 Fall Decor using LED Candles

For Thanksgiving, I moved the candles into a cornucopia display and kept the classic white candles.

blog8 Thanksgiving with LED Candles

I used my candles a couple of different ways for the Christmas season.  One, on the dining room table in a classic white surrounded by oversized ornaments.

blog9 Christmas and LED Candles

I also used them in the living room surrounded by all the classic symbols of Christmas including  Angels, Santa, and more.

blog10 Classic Christmas with LED Candles

Finally, for New Year's Eve I went with a fun pink, blue and green color combination, and surrounded the candles with beads, hats, noisemakers and, of course, Chex Mix™!

blog11 Ringing in the New Year with LED Candles!

During the year, we also redecorated my 13 year old daughter's bedroom and got her a set of the candles.  The LED Candle Set is great for teenagers.  The candles present no fire hazard and teens can change the colors whenever they please!

blog6 LED Candles Make a Great Accent for a Teenager's Bedroom

I hope you've been inspired to play with decorating your own house with LED candles.  Show me what you've done in the comments, or tag Leisure Arts in your Instagram posts!

Happy decorating!



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