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Wildlife Afghans: Choose Your Own Adventure Crochet

Wildlife Afghans lets you mix and match your favorite wildlife and side panels to crochet your own afghan masterpiece.  Do you remember choose your own adventure books? Wildlife Afghans is the crochet equivalent.  First you choose between a bear, moose, deer or wolf.  Then you choose your favorite side panel and corner pieces and you have a one-of-a-kind afghan! We love Wildlife Afghans so much that we invited today's guest blogger, Christine Naugle, to talk about the inspiration for her fabulous designs. Welcome Christine!

Hey everyone, this is Christine Naugle, the designer behind the Wildlife Cable Afghans book. I am so excited to see the release of this book with Leisure Arts. I am even more excited about why this book is unique, it is unique because you get to design your own blanket! Wildlife Cable Afghans by Christine Naugle

















When I decided to design a new set of blankets I wanted them to focus on the outdoors and wildlife. I wanted the blankets to be appealing to the men in our lives and/or have a more rustic feel to them. So many designs feature beautiful flowers and romantic colorways that I adore but, to put it simple, they are more feminine. In this new design set, I wanted the afghans to be all about creating unique and eye catching textures, I wanted them to be perfect for someone like my Husband, Dad, or Grandfather. For inspiration I scoured Pinterest for Cabin Decor and found many framed cabin images and sayings. So, I went to my sketch pad and started jotting down multiple frame ideas. The idea of a silhouette came to me first and I decided to try a deer.

Deer in Wildlife Afghans by Christine Naugle. Deer in Wildlife Afghans by Christine Naugle.

















The deer was fun to draw, my husband even got involved and taught me the differences between mule deer and white tail deer. He was excited about this blanket design which made me even more excited too. Next up was the side panels. I knew I wanted rich textures, cables, and an eye catching design. Many hours where put into making swatches of different stitch combinations and finally the panels where coming together. Boy, it was so much fun to see this project working out like I envisioned. The corner squares where fun and quick. I knew I wanted them to represent a wagon wheel but in my own design style. Boy Howdy! It worked. I knew immediately that I had to do another afghan design.

Moose in Wildlife Afghans by Christine Naugle Moose in Wildlife Afghans by Christine Naugle

















The moose was next up. I loved the prints along the side panels with the simple embossed-like diamond corners. Again, some rich texture to pull the blanket together with the striking silhouette was a success. I was on a roll and had to do at least 2 more designs.

Bear in Wildlife Afghans by Christine Naugle Bear in Wildlife Afghans by Christine Naugle
Wolf in Wildlife Afghans by Christine Naugle Wolf in Wildlife Afghans by Christine Naugle































The bear and wolf blanket designs where just as fun to work up. The bear was extra fun because my children call me, "Momma Bear". My favorite part of the wolf design is the feathered or arrow look to the panels, it is unique and fun to work up.

But, once again, the best part about these blankets is that you get to decide which pieces you want to work up. The Wildlife Cable Afghan book is designed for you to pick and choose each piece of the blanket to make it unique and to your liking. Simply choose the animal silhouette you like best: deer, bear, wolf or moose. Next select the side panels. The panels is where your texture will really begin. Each panel has a unique cable like pattern that will draw your eyes to the blanket as if it were a photo being displayed. Lastly, you get to select the design of each corner piece. Again, each one of these pieces is unique and feature different looks from a diamond accent, to a dream catcher whimsical design, to a circular cluster (almost wagon wheel effect), to a more simple cabled square. No matter which piece you select, your finished blanket will be personalized to your liking and will be a masterpiece when you are completed.

4 thoughts on “Wildlife Afghans: Choose Your Own Adventure Crochet”

  • Brenda Cushman
    Brenda Cushman April 8, 2018 at 10:33 am

    These are so interesting and I would like to see some with Native American designs too.

  • sharon fairchild
    sharon fairchild January 17, 2019 at 9:57 am

    I would love to see this pattern with horses, cowboy theme designs too.

  • Meagan

    These are absolutely beautiful and you are extremely talented to have created these designs.

    I am somewhat new to crochet, but I enjoy a challenge and am not opposed to self teaching/learning from different resources.

    I am wanting to purchase these patterns to make as a gift, however, I am wondering if it has a written pattern or just a chart diagram. I only know how to follow written patterns.

    Any clarification is greatly appreciated before I order.

    Thank you,

  • J Kang

    I'm confused about the yarn requirements for the afghan. The pattern specifies a put up of [5 oz, 251 yds, 142 gms, 230 m] per skein. But then it seems to say that 6 skeins are needed of [6 oz, 315 yds, 170 gms, 288 m] per skein for the MC. So are six 5 oz skeins needed for MC or six 6 oz skeins? What about the CC? Thanks in advance for your answer.

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