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Merry Christmas in July! Fun Crafts for a Quirky Holiday

It's the 25th of July, craft family. You know what that means? It's Christmas Day (in July)! We can all agree that this is an odd holiday overall, and while we complain about seeing all of this Christmas stuff way too early, we secretly can't deny how fun it is to see the festive decorations in store every year. Christmas time is supposed to be a joyous holiday filled with family, friends, and love. Why wouldn't you want that a second time in the year? Which is why we love to celebrate it here at Leisure Arts. We have a Giveaway going on until July Currently, where we are granting one lucky individual a chance to win 15 books, and an Oval Loom Kit.

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You can give those books a once over if those interest you, but for this week's post, we're gonna  show you some other great crafts that you can make with the family unit for Christmas in July!


Holiday Crafts For The Kids

The people you buy the most gifts for are always the little lights of your life: your kids! Well, or nieces or nephews or grandchildren. Check out some of the best selling pattern books for kids that are currently on sale now.

Kid's Snuggles - SKU # 75678

Holiday Crafts Mermaid Snuggie
Holiday Crafts Princess Snuggie










A fun and popular book for the kids, this is a great pattern book full of gifts that spark imagination! Make nap time fun with character blankets and soft yarn.


Baby Stacks -  SKU # 75668

Holiday Crafts Bumble Bee Baby Stack
Holiday Crafts Zoo Animal Baby Stack










You'll have so much fun making these adorable designs for your little one at home! These baby stacks make for great activities that keep the baby's attention and coordination skills in good shape.


Busy Baby Boxes - SKU # 75672

Holiday Crafts Fairy Princess Baby Box
Holiday Crafts Farm House Busy Baby Box










A fun addition to playtime, these designs are great for keeping the little one's attention and are filled with up to six little crochet finger puppets as an added bonus!


Fun With Crochet

Crochet is one of our most popular categories, because there is so much versatility! We have a few of our new books in crochet available during our sale, like these two favorites!

Artisan Jewelry - SKU # 75670

Holiday Crafts Thread Crochet Fan Necklace
Holiday Crafts Bead and Tassel Necklace
Holiday Crafts Chain Link Necklace









Thread Crochet is a delicate style of crochet, that can produce amazing results. Jewelry is a phenomenon that you wouldn't expect crochet to fit into, but it does! You can have all different types of unique jewelry from the styles above, from simple baubles to fancy chain links!


Quick Crochet Flowers - SKU # 75684 

Holiday Crafts Crochet Flower Dream Catcher
Holiday Crafts Embroidery Hoop Flower Art










This is a great book full of fun home decor projects. The new designs take crochet to an elegant level that sophisticates your home with DIY Flowers and embroidery.



I know that having all of these books to choose from is a lot to take in, so let us help! here are a few extra books that we love that you should pick up during our sale.

Oversized Knits - SKU # 75680

Holiday Crafts Oversized Blue Knit Cap and Scarf Set
Holiday Crafts Oversized Messy Bun Hat
Holiday Crafts Oversized Lime Green Shawl










A book chock full of quirky designs, this is an interesting pattern book that will make you want to pick up jumbo knitting. The designs range from fun winter hats to flirty summer shawls!


Make a Crochet Garden - SKU # 75669

Holiday Crafts Crochet Cacti Pencil Cup Holder
Holiday Crafts Hanging Crochet Garden
Holiday Crafts Succulent Crochet Table Runner










This pattern book has been one of our most popular this year, and for good reason! The book allows you to create a garden that will never wilt, and bring a unique edge to your usual home decor!


After School Kid's Crafts - SKU # 7238

Holiday Crafts Small and Soft Owl Satchels
Holiday Crafts Felty Fun Unicorn Art
Holiday Crafts Fun Felt and Stitch Tree Art









A fun book to bring home to the kids! They'll make the coolest school accessories with the designs from this book.


There are plenty more where these came from, Crafters! There are over 560 titles in the Christmas in July Sale section right now, so I would take advantage of it while it lasts!


Shop our Sale, Now! 

Use code JINGLEJULY at checkout to get the discount.


Happy Crafting!


-Leisure Arts Team

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