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Homemade Accessories That Are Cooler Than A Diamond Bracelet.

As Marilyn Monroe once sang, diamonds are a girls best friend! Except for today, because this post is about homemade accessories that are way cooler than wearing a boring and cold diamond bracelet on your wrist.

Making your own accessories sets you apart from the crowd, and brings out the creative monster inside of you. Some people make a living out of selling their homemade jewelry, and others just don't want to look like everyone else. No matter how you look at it, there are multiple reasons to start making your own stylish accessories. Let us help you make the coolest ones! Here are some of the best accessories that you can make yourself, that'll go with any outfit.


Quick and Simple Stringing - SKU # 7212

A beaded jewelry technique made from stringing a variety of beads together, this technique can turn a simple thread into modern magic. Just look at some of the designs you can create from our patterns!


Homemade Accessories Classic Pearl Strung Necklace
Multi-Colored Stacked Necklaces Multi-Colored Stacked Necklaces
Homemade Accessories Retro Sunburst Turquoise Necklace












Just look at that pearl necklace! It looks like you could get that at any fashionable jewelry store. But if your style is more subtle, you can make something simple that makes a statement, like the stacked necklaces.


Quick and Simple Linking - SKU # 7213

Similar to any chain link technique, this method lets you link jewels with metals or beads, or really any shiny thing you think would look good. This method can give you the chance to make grand statements, and let's you keep adding to your piece if you wanted. here are some striking examples!


Homemade Accessories Stacked and Linked Amber Necklace
Homemade Accessories Simple Citrine Linked Necklace
Homemade Accessories Subtle and Simple Stacking Necklace











These designs are perfect for the one who doesn't want to wear diamonds, but still wants to feel luxurious. Plus, it's a definite bonus that these beautiful baubles won't break your bank.


Quick and Simple Wirework - SKU #7214

Wire wrapping! An extremely intricate looking jewelry style, that is a lot easier than you think. This is a style that can really make any kind of jewelry, because you are actually forming most of the metal products yourself. This is by far the most creative and eccentric method of the three, and for good reason! Check out some of our examples from the book.

Homemade Accessories Wire Wrapped Crystal Gemstone Necklace
Homemade Accessories Beaded Silver Wirework Bracelet
Homemade Accessories Wire Wrapped Bracelet and Broach Set


You can tell how much work is put into each of these designs - and how unique it make them. This Jewelry type is for the stand outs, the ones who know they are making a statement when they wear it, and love it.


Bonus Accessories!

The bonus this week is a book that's gotten a lot of attention lately, so how could I not include it (again). You may or may not remember this book from last week's post on homemade spa materials.


Aromatherapy Jewelry with Lava Beads - SKU # 7353

The designs in this book merit a mention in this week's post, because of how simple but striking the designs are. Not only that, but they are unique because of what you can do with them. The lava beads are porous enough to absorb your favorite scented oils and fragrances so you get a two for one deal! They deserve to be put into this sophisticated self-made jewelry category. Check out our examples!

Homemade Accessories Simple Strung Lava Bead Necklace
Homemade Accessories Lava Bead and Gold Necklace
Homemade Accessories Stacked Beaded Necklace












These may not be diamonds, but they look luxurious without them.

So, the next time you think about going to an expensive big brand retailer for high end jewelry, think about the options you have for making your own. You don't need to spend a fortune!


Have you made any of these before? If so, post them to our social pages! We love to see what's going on in your studios.


Happy Crafting!

-Leisure Arts Team




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