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Dazzlemania: A Diamond Art Contest!

It's a dazzling day, makers! We're in the mood to dabble with some Diamond Art. FaveCrafts just recently held a contest with multiple mixed media crafts, and Diamond Art was a heavy presence in the ranks. 7 of the 11 winners were in our dazzling craft! All of these creative people making new and innovative projects inspires us, so we are holding our own Dazzlemania: DIY Diamond Art Contest! We have a great group of diamond painting projects, and we've divided them into two categorized brackets for you to vote on! This is how our Contest will work:

We will be pitting home decor against mixed media journaling. We have two starting rounds to kick off the tournament (see bracket below). After that, we begin an epic tournament of sparkling proportions as you guys get to vote on your favorite projects. Our two categorized brackets are under home decor, and mixed media journaling.

We open with two upscale and unique interpretations of our Diamond Art and Sparkle Arts kits in the home decor bracket (below).

Then we delve into the scrapbooking world for the next qualifier, where our coloring pages from Cultivate Kindness are transformed with our Dazzling Diamonds (below)

After the winners of those rounds are chosen, we begin an all out battle of the bling as we vote on our favorite Diamond Art projects. In the end, there will be one winning project that will reign supreme over all the dazzling crafts. We know you have the bracket to look at above, but we want to show you some close ups of these beauties, along with instructions on how to make each project (from the Prime website)! Here are the contenders:

Aren't they beautiful? It's amazing to see what people can create with the craft. Each week you get to vote on which project is more dazzling than the other. Voting will start May 22nd, and run through June 8th on our Diamond Art by Leisure Arts Facebook page.

If you want to join in on the Diamond Art fun, join our community, and pick up your own diamond painting canvas! Be sure to tag us @leisureartsinc, or use the Hashtag #LeisureArts or #LeisureLife to get a special shout out.

Happy Voting!

-Leisure Arts Team

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