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Spark Your Creativity with Fun DIY Summer Crafts!

Hey there makers, we know its pretty doom and gloom with all of this rain, but sooner or later this weather will let up, and we'll be able to have some fun in the sun! Summer is just on the horizon, and we have some rockin' projects to get those creative ideas brewing. As part of our Spark Your Creativity Campaign for June, we're recommending some awesome projects that will help you look on the bright side and up your craft game. Find your craft category, and find your next summer fling!


Mermaid from Water Babies Amigurumi - Book 7084

Crochet and yarn crafts might not seem like a fun Summer activity, but Summer isn't always about staying on the shoreside. You can create fun and fresh summer creations and give them to friends and family for a sweet surprise (or keep them all to yourself)! One project that is always a crowd pleaser is Amigurumi. The art of creating stuffed creatures with a crochet base, and then stuffing it with plush material until you have an amazing unique buddy! These projects make great gifts for people of all ages. You can create small creatures for baby like the picture above from Water Babies Amigurumi, or make extra large monsters to see a smile bloom on your friend's face. For more Amigurumi fun, check out our website for a plethora of different plush projects.


Wraps From Knits For Summer - book 7198

Knitting falls in the same boat when you think of Summer projects, but trust us when we say there is a lot of summer loving' that knitting has to offer. This book, Knits for Summer, will really get those creative juices flowing with these adorable and practical DIY Summer Crafts. This beach wrap shown above is perfect for a soak in the sun, and is super easy to make. When following our detailed tutorials with pictures and diagrams, you can't go wrong with summer styles like these.


Colors of Nature Coloring Journal - Book 7518

Now that the kiddos have more time on their hands for summer break, you'll have all the time in the world to try out new and creative DIY summer crafts! An all time favorite craft of ours is adult coloring. With our book, Colors of Nature, we give you a perfect balance of crafty fun and adventure. You can learn to draw and color beautiful flowers and plants that you find in your average stretch of land, and get a little education on the plants that you're drawing! Not only that, but you can go out in the wild and find these plants yourself, and keep a log of where and when you found them. This all inclusive journal makes a perfect group activity, or even a fun summer date for nature lovers and crafters alike. Get inspired by the nature in these pages to go out and mix indoor crafts with outdoor fun.


Bicycle Embroidery - Kit 49814

This is a new category that we've introduced to you guys in the past few weeks. Embroidery is a fun and fascinating craft, that seems very daunting at first when you see all the steps you have to go through and the materials you have to get. But, with our new Mini Maker Stitchery Kits, you have everything you need to get started on your first embroidery project, with a pre-printed design, embroidery hoop, and lots of wonderful thread colors. Jam packed with stitch tutorials and diagram instructions, one kit is all you need to jump into this craft universe and see if you like it. Our Mini Maker line gives bite-sized craft experiences for people who are wanting to try something new, without breaking the bank. This beautiful summer themed Bicycle Stitchery Kit above is perfect for a summer starter project.

Well hopefully we've inspired you with these fun and fresh DIY Summer Crafts to Spark Your Creativity this Summer. If you've tried these projects before and have some awesome results to show iff, snap a picture and tag us on social @leisureartsinc, or use the hashtag #leisurearts or #leisurelife. We'd love to see what's going on in your sunny studios!

Stay Sunny!

-Leisure Arts Team

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