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Here's A DIY Diamond Art Butterfly Pillow to Geek Out Over

You may have already heard (because it's awesome and super relaxing), but Diamond Art by Leisure Arts is the next new meditative craft. Very similar to Adult Coloring, you dazzle a beautifully pre-printed canvas and watch as 13-faceted gems transform your space with glitter and glam. We think that Diamond Art goes beyond just a scroll on a wall too, and can be made into everyday items like handbags, phone cases or in this post, a sparkling pillow! Read on for a tutorial on how to use some DIY magic to make a one of a kind throw pillow with your dazzling canvases. This is a tutorial that works with almost every kit design we've created, but in this case, we decided to go simple and sophisticated using our Butterfly Diamond Art Intermediate Canvas. 

Butterfly Pillow - DIY Diamond Art


  • A Diamond Art Canvas 
  • Strong Adhesive Backing (fabric glue, hot glue, etc.)
  • Your Favorite Sewing Thread & Needle (embroidery floss, thick sewing thread, etc.)
  • Basic Throw Pillow (varies by type and size, but MUST have a solid surface, no fur/velvet)
  • Scissors
  • OPTIONAL - Extra Accessories (pom-poms, tassels, etc.)

Get Started On Your Throw Pillow! 

Diamond Art Butterfly Canvas - Kit 49367

1. Dazzle Your Diamond Art Canvas

There isn't a big learning curve in terms of starting the craft, just dip, dot, and dazzle! Diamond Art is meant to be a leisurely craft that lets you put the canvas away for later if you wanted to. Complete it in one day, or complete it one day next week, the choice is up to you!

2. Cut Out Your Dazzle Area

After you've dazzled your way to success, carefully cut out your design, and get ready to sew!

3. Create Your Trim 

To keep the edges of the canvas from fraying -and for extra support- carefully line the edges of your cut out canvas with the embroidery floss or thread.

4. Craft Your Throw Pillow

Get to work on placing your design onto the center of your throw pillow using your adhesive of choice and a steady hand. Make sure to layout flat, and smooth the canvas out for air bubbles once placed. If you're worried about our beads falling off, don't be! Our adhesive keeps our beads intact with the force of a thousand dazzling suns. (Pro Tip: If you want extra support for your design, stitch a few notches into the pillow itself with extra thread you used for the trim!)

6. Accessorize (Or Don't)! 

Now that your Diamond Art is placed, all that’s left are finishing touches. Make your butterfly pillow one of a kind by adding extra accessories around the edges, or placing a bead here and there. For this project, we added tassels! Show the world how creative you can be with your Diamond Art. Be 'extra' to your heart’s content, and then voila! You have a decorative and dazzling throw pillow.

It's as simple as that. This is a great and unique way to utilize your Diamond Art canvas to the fullest! Now that you're finished, you can sit back and accept all kinds of compliments from people as they say, "your throw pillow is too pretty to lean against".

If you try your hand at this, share it to our Diamond Art Facebook Page! or Tag us @LeisureArtsInc for a special shoutout. We'd love to see what's going on in your studio.

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Happy Dazzling!

-Leisure Arts Team

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