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Diamond Painting Fun! Spark Your Creativity with Sparkle Art

Summer is just getting started, makers, and we're ready to get those creative ideas brewing your mind. With our Spark Your Creativity campaign this month, we knew we really wanted to dazzle you guys with bright bold and beautiful projects, and what better craft than diamond painting? We have some beautiful canvases to show you guys from our Sparkle Art Collection, from our Diamond Art by Leisure Arts brand that will get you in the summer spirit of creating.

So what is this dazzling craft of diamond painting? It sounds strange if you've never heard of it before, but the act of diamond painting is quite simple. It's like painting by number, but with diamonds! you adhere our 13 faceted gems to a sticky pre-designed canvas, and voila! You have a beautiful and unique creation that has super versatile display options. Here is a diamond painting up close, featuring our Lotus Diamond Art kit.

Sparkle Art is our most recent line of diamond painting designs. It's a dazzling collection of various designs that a perfect for ages 8-98! While this is a kids' craft that's perfect for summer crafting with kids, we think that 'kids' of all ages will love our whimsical designs. Using easy-to-follow instructions and handy tools like a comfort grip stylus and wax caddy, you can pixel paint majestic galactic unicorns, ninja pandas, muddy monster trucks, and more! To introduce you to Sparkle Art, we've broken the diamond painting for kids line up into genres of creativity for you to choose your favorites and create your next bling-tastic artwork to decorate your home, office, and more! Be sure to read on after those genres too, for extra special ways to display and craft your very own DIY Diamond Art projects. Read on to find your next sparkling adventure!

Mythical and Mystical : Fantasy Diamond Painting

Dragon Eye Sparkle Art - Kit 50486

Alien Sparkle Art - Kit 50485

Time to get transported to another realm and create of fantastic fantasy artworks! whether you're a sci-fi-fanatic (see our Alien Kit above) or a medieval maniac (see our Dragon Eye kit above), we have the perfect kit just for you. Here are some more Mystical and Mythical kits below to get you inspired!

Ninja Panda-Corn - Kit 50481

Uni-Kitty - Kit 50483

Flying Unicorn - Kit 50480

Galaxy Unicorn - Kit

Swinging Mermaid - Kit 50479

You gotta love the mystical creatures we created, like our Uni-Kitty, or Ninja Panda-Corn. I think it's pretty obvious that we have a special place in our heart for unicorns of all kinds, be it galaxy unicorns, or flying unicorns! We even have our underwater mysteries like our Mermaid. The possibilities are endless with these kits, and the best part is that they don't have to live inside a frame! You can create your own customizable Sparkle Art by attaching finished pieces to fun items like clothes, handbags, phone cases, and more (which you'll see a few paragraphs from now).

Spartans and Sports: Daring Dazzlers

Spartan Helmet - Kit 50487

Monster Truck - Kit 50488

If you want more realistic canvases to dazzle, we've got you covered. We have some sporty and sparkly designs that are so spectacular that everyone will want to dazzle them! You can go far back in history if you're feeling like conquering the world with our Spartan Helmet, or jump back into the present with our Monster Truck racing canvas. See some more of our sporty canvases below.

Baseball - Kit 50489

Football - Kit 50490

Soccer Ball - Kit 50491

Aren't they beautiful? Who would've thought that something so simple like a Baseball, Football, or Soccer Ball could end up being so dazzling? And with the extra space each of these canvases give, we have a lot of room to work with and customize.

Animal Friends and Fun : Fur and Flippers

We have some cute and cuddly projects to finish out our collections, and they showcase all kinds of cute from different natural settings! We have our domestic Doggie Love kit, which is overloaded with cute when you look at its adorable flower crown. Then you have underwater cuteness with our Dolphin kit! You can't help but stay positive with that undeniable smile on his face. Last but certainly not least, we have the adorable Rainbow Deer that is full of sparkles and sunshine!

Dolphin - Kit 50492

Rainbow Deer - Kit 50478

Doggie Love - Kit 50482

Customizable Sparkle Art : Get Creative!

So you've finished your sparkle art, and are ready to display it, but you're not sure where to go or what to get for the display. This where you can get really creative. Our Diamond Art is super versatile, and has been put on multiple products and surfaces. We just recently have seen some wonderful projects using Sparkle Art! We have our Dazzlemania Contest going on right now on the Diamond Art By Leisure Arts Facebook Page, and we have one project on there that uses our Dragon Eye kit. Here it is below!

Diamond Art Project - Dazzlemania

How creative is that? If that doesn't spark your creativity, then I don't know what will. Here are a few projects of our own to get those creative juices flowing that will have tutorials coming soon (wink, wink).

If you try out Sparkle Art this summer, be sure to tag us in your posts online with #leisurearts or #leisurelife, and be sure to get creative with your summer creations!

Stay sparkly, Makers!

-Leisure Arts Team

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