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NFL Diamond Paintings! Dip Dot and Dazzle with Team Spirit

Who's ready for some football, makers? The NFL season is about to begin, and we have some dazzling diamond paintings to celebrate. We just launched our NFL collection of Diamond Art , so you can show your steam spirit with 13 faceted glittering gems!

So what is this dazzling craft of diamond painting? It sounds strange if you've never heard of it before, but the act of diamond painting is quite simple. It's like painting by number, but with diamonds! You adhere 13 faceted gems to a sticky pre-designed canvas, and voila! You have a beautiful and unique creation that has super versatile display options. Here is a diamond painting up close, featuring our Vikings Helmet Kit.

NFL Vikings Diamond Art Canvas - Item 51239

Our NFL collection is our most recent line of diamond painting designs. We have 18 dazzling designs full of team spirit! Using easy-to-follow instructions and handy tools like a comfort grip stylus and wax caddy, you can pixel paint your favorite team's helmet during commercial breaks! Here are all of our NFL Designs:

Green Bay Packers Diamond Art Kit - Item 51237

Chicago Bears Diamond Art Kit - Item 51233

This is the first match-up of the season on the NFL schedule, so why not grab these canvases to celebrate! Or even better, grab both and have dotting competitions to see who can dot the most during commercial breaks.

Click here to see the Chicago Bears Canvas

Click here to see the Green Bay Packers Canvas

Washington Redskins Diamond Art Kit - Item 51248

Philadelphia Eagles Diamond Art Kit - Item 51244

Fly with the Eagles or hail to the Redskins! These colorful helmets make great wall decor with warm and cool colors.

Click here to see the Washington Redskins Canvas

Click here to see the Philadelphia Eagles Canvas

Baltimore Ravens Diamond Art Kit - Item 51232

Minnesota Vikings Diamond Art Kit - Item 51239

Ravens, or Vikings? Both helmets have AB coated diamonds (in other words they're extra sparkly), so you can't go wrong with either one.

Click here to see the Baltimore Ravens Canvas

Click here to see the Minnesota Vikings Canvas

Kansas City Chiefs Diamond Art Kit - Item 51238

Cleveland Browns Diamond Art Kit - Item 51234

Two beautiful red canvases to dazzle! With neat abstract backgrounds to boot.

Click here to see the Kansas City Chiefs Canvas

Click here to see the Cleveland Browns Canvas

Cincinnati Bengals Diamond Art Kit - Item 51262

Seattle Seahawks Diamond Art Kit - Item 51247

Bengals and Seahawks! Two very different canvases, but both have enough team spirit to make those gems sparkle.

Click here to see the Cincinnati Bengals Canvas

Click here to see the Seattle Seahawks Canvas

San Francisco 49ers Diamond Art Kit - Item 51246

New Orleans Saints Diamond Art Kit - Item 51241

Will you go marching with the Saints, or will you be chilling with the 49ers? Either way, you've got a cool diamond painting to dazzle with friends and family.

Click here to see the San Francisco 49ers Canvas

Click here to see the New Orleans Saints Canvas

Dallas Cowboys Diamond Art Kit - Item 51235

New York Giants Diamond Art Kit - Item 51242

Are you riding along with the Cowboys, or stomping along with the Giants? Both canvases have some rocking colors and backgrounds.

Click here to see the Dallas Cowboys Canvas

Click here to see the New York Giants Canvas

Pittsburgh Steelers Diamond Art Kit - Item 51245

New England Patriots Diamond Art Kit- Item 51240

Are you made of steel, or made of American pride? Dazzle both of these sporty canvases next game.

Click here to see the Pittsburgh Steelers Canvas

Click here to see the New England Patriots Canvas

Denver Broncos Diamond Art Kit - 51236

Oakland Raiders Diamond Art Kit - Item 51243

Denver or Oakland? You decide which to dazzle as you watch the games and munch on potato skins.

Click here to see the Denver Broncos Canvas

Click here to see the Oakland Raiders Canvas

Now you have the perfect gift for your favorite NFL fanatic! If you've already bought your team helmet and are gearing up for the season, or are working on another Diamond Art canvas and want to show it off, tag us @leisureartsinc or use #leisurearts so we can see! We'd love to know what's going on in your studios.

Happy Dazzling!

-Leisure Arts Team

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