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Enlighten Your Room With A Mandala Pillow

If you have never tried Diamond Art by Leisure Arts, now is the time! It's a calming craft that results in beautiful sparkly art. Your masterpiece doesn't have to sit in a drawer or taped to a wall—you can sparkle up phone cases, throw pillows, storage boxes, bags, whatever your imagination allows.

Mandala—not just a pretty circle

Today's tutorial takes you through the steps to create your own mandala pillow. The circular shape of a mandala symbolizes unity, eternity, wholeness, perfection. Additional elements give each mandala an even deeper meaning. We've noticed that mandalas are hypnotic, and bring a sense of peace and comfort to a room. We couldn't think of a better place to display our Blue Mandala than a cozy pillow.

Blue Mandala Pillow - DIY Diamond Art
Leisure Arts Diamond Art Powered by Diamond Dotz - Blue Mandala Kit #50454

You can use this tutorial for other pillows as well, just pick your Diamond Art kit, which include three additional mandalas: Sun Mandala, Mandala and Moon Mandala.

Leisure Arts Diamond Art Powered by Diamond Dotz kits: Sun Mandala #49304; Mandala #49301; Moon Mandala #50448


  • A Diamond Art Canvas (Blue Mandala Kit)
  • Strong Adhesive Backing (fabric glue, hot glue, etc.)
  • Color-Coordinated Pillow (Type and size may vary, but MUST have a solid surface, no fur/velvet)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Thread & Needle (embroidery floss, thick sewing thread, etc.)
  • OPTIONAL — Extra Accessories (pom-poms, tassels, beads, etc.)

Get Started on Your Pillow

1. Dazzle Your Diamond Art Canvas

Diamond Art doesn't have a big learning curve. It is a leisurely craft that allows you to easily put the canvas away for later. Complete it in one day, or complete it one day next week; it's up to you!

2. Cut Out Your Dazzle Area

After you've dazzled your way to success, carefully cut out your design.

3. Create Your Trim 

Our canvas frays minimally, so don't have to worry about lining or sewing your edges. But, if you would like the extra support, carefully line the edges of your cut-out canvas with embroidery floss or thread. (We did sew the edges of our design in the photo above, because we liked the look of the border.)

4. Craft Your Pillow

Get to work on placing your design onto the center of your throw pillow using your adhesive of choice and a steady hand. Make sure to layout flat, and smooth the canvas out for air bubbles once placed. If you're worried about our gems falling off, don't be! Our adhesive keeps our gems intact with the force of a thousand dazzling suns. 

6. Accessorize (Or Don't)! 

Now that your Diamond Art is placed, all that’s left are finishing touches. Make your pillow one of a kind by adding extra accessories around the edges, or placing a gem here and there. Show the world how creative you can be with your Diamond Art. Be 'extra' to your heart’s content, and then voila! You have a decorative and dazzling mandala pillow.

If you try your hand at this project, please share it to our Diamond Art Facebook Page! We'd love to see what's going on in your studio.

Want more DIY Diamond Art projects? your wish is our command! Check out our other projects at DIY Diamond Art Tutorials.

Happy Dazzling!

-Leisure Arts Team

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