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  • Christmas in July Crafts That are 100% Santa Approved

    Ho ho ho, makers! We're decking the halls with Christmas (in July) cheer, and we're using the lazy days of summer to start on our holiday projects and décor. During the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we barely have time to make the elaborate gifts we want to give, let alone add special handmade touches to our holiday décor. Which is why Christmas in July is the perfect time to start crafting! If you start on projects now, you can have more time during the actual holiday season to relax. So go grab a nice snack, scroll to your favorite craft category, and start making your list to check twice!


    Fair Isle Mittens - Book 7453

    The Fair Isle Technique is a perfect color mixing style that works great for Christmas projects. Which is why you can start making the beautiful projects in Fair Isle Mittens now, so you have wonderful gifts to give during the holidays! These mustard colored fingerless mitts are perfect for texting in the cold, and can be used for multiple seasons. With the beautiful houndstooth patterns and chunky cables, these are the perfect versatile accessory for your wardrobe, and the wardrobes of your daughters, nieces, or granddaughters.

    Retro Christmas Ornaments - Book 7195

    Everyone loves retro, but we want retro with a modern twist. Which is exactly what you get with the projects from Retro Christmas Ornaments! These clothespin angels are so easy to make, you'd think Santa's elves had a hand in helping you! You can create beautiful projects like these ornaments and more with the help of the book's easy to follow instructions. Retro has never been so easy!


    The Stocking Were Knit - Book 6533

    You can't forget about the animals! You can create this cat stocking with adorable little doodles at the trim from The Stockings Were Knit. Give your cat some Christmas tidings with a specialized stocking just for them. This is a perfect Christmas in July project for all cat lovers! This book has stockings for every member of the family, animal or human (so don't worry dog lovers, there's one for you, too).

    Beaded Ornaments - Book 6536

    This is definitely a transformation of knitting. You can make these great ornament covers with beautiful beaded accents from our book, Beaded Ornaments. With basic stitches and interwoven glittering beads, you have creative and definitely unique ornaments that will be treasured for many years to come.


    Open House Merriment - Book 6872

    General crafts Christmas projects are perfect for the makers who don't know too much about crochet or knit, but still want to be creative with yarn and other mixed media. This wreath made of paper leaves from Open House Merriment is perfect for a door in need of sprucing, or a wall in need of decorating. With easy to follow instructions and tons of inspiration, this book is perfect for the crafter who loves to plan and prep ahead of time.

    Yarn Whimsies - Book 6889

    If you want some non-traditional décor for your tree, then try these little yarn snowcaps from Yarn Whimsies. You don't need to know crochet or knit to be a snowcap pro, it's as simple as common household items like toilet paper rolls and lark's head knots! This is a great way to be creative with yarn, without all the technicalities of fancy stitches. You end up with colorful and creative modern tree ornaments!

    Plastic Canvas

    The Magic of Christmas - Book 7584

    Plastic Canvas is one of those crafts that seems complicated, but it makes for beautiful projects. The Magic of Christmas gives you great step-by-step instructions to follow as you learn how to count threads, create your shapes, and stitch adorable little gift toppers and stocking stuffers like these candy cane climbers. It's small projects like these that can turn a lazy summer day into a productive day!

    Cross Stitch

    Retro Christmas Cross Stitch - Book 6877

    Cross Stitch brings a classic twist to modern projects of all festive proportions, like this wine bottle jacket from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch. With quippy quotes and adorable artwork, you can't go wrong with a beautiful hostess gift like this one! Who doesn't want to dress up their favorite red or white?

    50 Cross Stitch Quickies - Christmas - Book 6883

    If you're thinking ahead of time on Christmas wrapping and accessories, then these little additions from 50 Cross Stitch Quickies - Christmas are perfect for your future presents. Vamp up the traditional name tag with a stitched on Christmas tree, or little Rudolph. These projects work up quickly with color-coded and easy to follow charts, and would make for great first projects for someone who is starting out in cross stitch.

    Mini Cross Stitch Ornaments - Book 7587

    If you come from a family that has a Christmas tree in every room, then our wealth of cross stitch books will give you more than enough inspiration. These adorable stockings from Mini Cross Stitch Ornaments are a great hybrid of classic and modern Christmas designs. Even though they're mini, look at the detail! It's hard to believe that you can fit so much Christmas spirit into something so little.

    Holiday Ornaments Galore - Book 7585

    Even MORE cross stitch inspiration (See what I mean? A wealth of ornaments books). These circular ornaments from Holiday Ornaments Galore are minimalist enough to work for any style of Christmas tree. With quirky designs like robins in beanies and skiing snowmen, you can have an adorable set of colorful designs.


    (from left to right) Color On The Go - Holiday - Books 7305, 7301, 7302, 7304.

    Coloring is a fun and funky distraction for when you just need some crafty and creative time to yourself. Especially during the holidays. You can color in these Color On The Go - Holiday books wherever you go, and use the perforated pages to transform your Christmas cards! Laminate them and make a collage, scan them in and make a digital card, create fun and fancy colorful leaflets that bring a personal touch to your Christmas gifts! With fun designs like ornaments and mittens, you can't go wrong choosing any of these four books. Or better yet, get all of them!

    Santa might be sun tanning and shopping right now, but we've sent a letter to his workshop, and he loves these projects! We received a package of candy canes and sugar plums as a seal of approval. These projects, varied from beginner to advanced, are perfect for you to start now, so you're not bombarded during the holidays with busywork and shopping. If you try your hand at these projects, be sure to share it and tag us @leisureartsinc so we can admire your work and give you a special shout out. So go trade that traditional cup of hot cocoa for a Frappuccino, and craft away!

    Happy making!

    -Leisure Arts Team

  • Malachite Blue Color Inspiration from Lion Brand's Colors of the Year

    It's Summer, Makers! The heat is rising and the bright and bold colors are coming out. We're continuing our campaign inspired by Lion Brand's Colors of the Year for 2019! Lion Brand Yarn chose 12 fresh and unique colors to live by for 2019. Every month, we're going to do a blog post, and recommend some awesome yarn based on our featured color, and fun projects that match the meaning of the hue! This month, we want you to fall in love with the next color inspiration, Malachite a beautiful cerulean hue in Lion Brand's List. Here's more on the color!

    Malachite - Lion Brand Colors of The Year 2019

    "Malachite is a color of legend often found in ancient mandalas. This color has traditionally been associated with summer and swim products and has evolved into every day dressing."

    This color is rooted in ancient designs and rich pigments, so we couldn't let you guys down on finding the richest Malachite inspired projects. Not to mention, we have the best Lion Brand Yarns to boot. Heartland - Cuyahoga Valley is the perfect summer refresher, showing everyone that you are ditching Spring pastels for rich and bold beach-y blues. Our second choice, Sock-Ease - Snow Cone, has a much darker tone to the yarn, and is great for when you need a balance of two beautiful analogous blues.

    Heartland - Cuyahoga Valley - #126184

    Sock-Ease - Snow Cone - #126222

    We wanted to show a wide array of projects that you can incorporate this versatile color into. So, find your favorite craft medium, and see if you've got the blues!


    We had to give out some mandala vibes since they're in the history of this color. This afghan from Mindful Mandala Afghans mixes the actual Malachite-esque yarn into the traditional mandala! You can have a modern and comfy afghan to wrap up in and watch TV on a lazy summer day.

    Mindful Mandala Afghans - Book 6890

    Hooked On Quilted Crochet - Book 7034

    This blue number from Hooked on Quilted Crochet is a little more electric than the traditional Malachite, but you can see the beautiful hints of Malachite that balance this pattern out so well for Summer. You can even learn the Quilted Crochet Technique, and expand your crochet knowledge this summer!


    We had to pick out some patterns for our favorite Summer babies, and Marly Bird's books are always full of clever patterns for your little ray of sunshine. This ombre style Baby afghan from Marly's book Make Your 1st Baby Afghan mixes two great blues for a trendy and warm little wrap for your child. You can even adjust this pattern to make an adult sized blanket to match!

    Make Your 1st Baby Afghan - Book 7354

    Knit Accessories - Book 7337

    If you are looking for some cute Knit Accessories, try this light cowl or indoor mittens for light layers! The reflective yarn in this pattern makes the color really stand out, and these patterns would make for quick fun projects to create when you're looking for a craft fix.


    It's all about the details when it comes to home decor, and you can create elegant and sophisticated additions to your home with simple materials like paper. Paper Flowers is a creative well of home decor inspiration with colorful pinks, purples, and malachite blues like the one in the photo below.

    Paper Flowers - Book 7241

    Get Started in Jewelry Making - Book 7365

    If you just want to accent your 2019 fashion with some Malachite, this necklace design from Get Started in Jewelry Making has beautiful translucent Malachite beads that look like beach crystals. With easy to follow stringing instructions, this necklace is a quick and fashion-forward boho statement that will bring together any outfit.


    Speaking of Accessories, WOW! Look at how detailed this bag from My Pet Crafts is. With all the sewing details like the feather-like buttons and tassels, this peacock inspired bag is so stylish that you'll be getting compliments left and right.

    My Pet Crafts - Book 6862

    This bag has a vintage feel with a modern twist that is just bohemian enough to make you feel trendy and unique, without feeling like the stereotypical hipster.

    Remember, these are just our suggestions! We're here to bring you inspiration, you choose your own path afterwards. Tune in every month for our color inspiration posts, and see if you find your new favorite hue!

    If you make any projects in this deep Pomegranate shade, tag us @leisureartsinc with #LeisureArts or #LeisureLife. We love to see what's going on in your studios!

    Stay Creative!

    -Leisure Arts Team

  • Here's A DIY Diamond Art Butterfly Pillow to Geek Out Over

    You may have already heard (because it's awesome and super relaxing), but Diamond Art by Leisure Arts is the next new meditative craft. Very similar to Adult Coloring, you dazzle a beautifully pre-printed canvas and watch as 13-faceted gems transform your space with glitter and glam. We think that Diamond Art goes beyond just a scroll on a wall too, and can be made into everyday items like handbags, phone cases or in this post, a sparkling pillow! Read on for a tutorial on how to use some DIY magic to make a one of a kind throw pillow with your dazzling canvases. This is a tutorial that works with almost every kit design we've created, but in this case, we decided to go simple and sophisticated using our Butterfly Diamond Art Intermediate Canvas. 

    Butterfly Pillow - DIY Diamond Art


    • A Diamond Art Canvas 
    • Strong Adhesive Backing (fabric glue, hot glue, etc.)
    • Your Favorite Sewing Thread & Needle (embroidery floss, thick sewing thread, etc.)
    • Basic Throw Pillow (varies by type and size, but MUST have a solid surface, no fur/velvet)
    • Scissors
    • OPTIONAL - Extra Accessories (pom-poms, tassels, etc.)

    Get Started On Your Throw Pillow! 

    Diamond Art Butterfly Canvas - Kit 49367

    1. Dazzle Your Diamond Art Canvas

    There isn't a big learning curve in terms of starting the craft, just dip, dot, and dazzle! Diamond Art is meant to be a leisurely craft that lets you put the canvas away for later if you wanted to. Complete it in one day, or complete it one day next week, the choice is up to you!

    2. Cut Out Your Dazzle Area

    After you've dazzled your way to success, carefully cut out your design, and get ready to sew!

    3. Create Your Trim 

    To keep the edges of the canvas from fraying -and for extra support- carefully line the edges of your cut out canvas with the embroidery floss or thread.

    4. Craft Your Throw Pillow

    Get to work on placing your design onto the center of your throw pillow using your adhesive of choice and a steady hand. Make sure to layout flat, and smooth the canvas out for air bubbles once placed. If you're worried about our beads falling off, don't be! Our adhesive keeps our beads intact with the force of a thousand dazzling suns. (Pro Tip: If you want extra support for your design, stitch a few notches into the pillow itself with extra thread you used for the trim!)

    6. Accessorize (Or Don't)! 

    Now that your Diamond Art is placed, all that’s left are finishing touches. Make your butterfly pillow one of a kind by adding extra accessories around the edges, or placing a bead here and there. For this project, we added tassels! Show the world how creative you can be with your Diamond Art. Be 'extra' to your heart’s content, and then voila! You have a decorative and dazzling throw pillow.

    It's as simple as that. This is a great and unique way to utilize your Diamond Art canvas to the fullest! Now that you're finished, you can sit back and accept all kinds of compliments from people as they say, "your throw pillow is too pretty to lean against".

    If you try your hand at this, share it to our Diamond Art Facebook Page! or Tag us @LeisureArtsInc for a special shoutout. We'd love to see what's going on in your studio.

    Want more DIY Diamond Art projects? Your wish is our command! Check out our other projects here.

    DIY Diamond Art Phone Case

    DIY Diamond Art Welcome Sign

    DIY Diamond Art Cherry Blossom Pillow

    DIY Diamond Art Handbag

    Happy Dazzling!

    -Leisure Arts Team

  • Fourth of July Craft Inspiration: 2019 Vibes

    Makers, it's time to get those star spangled banners out! Fourth of July is coming up, and we want you to be prepared to host parties and events for all things red, white, and blue. We have some adorable and creative projects that you can make yourself and decorate your home or backyard with till your patriotic little heart is content. Scroll Down to find your favorite craft category, and find your next barbecue decor project!


    Spirit Animals - Book 6458

    Crochet some quick and fun little additions to your Home Decor for Fourth of July like this bald eagle amigurumi plush from Spirit Animals. With its adorable face and easy to stitch features, this decoration is a subtle nod to Fourth of July, and makes a cute plush to keep afterward.

    Honor Our Veterans - Book 6081

    Though Fourth of July is overshadowed by barbecues and cookouts most of the time, we have to remember that we have this holiday because of our honorable veterans who fought hard for the US. Which is why now is the perfect time to start these afghans from Honoring Our Veterans, to keep the memory of their dedication through intricate lacework and the bright and bold colors of the USA flag. These afghans would take a little bit of extra time compared to our other decor projects, but if you start now, you can have a show stopping afghan to display for the holiday.

    Treasury of Holiday Crochet - Book 5632

    How can you resist that tiny little Uncle Sam? Treasury of Holiday Crochet is a great resource for all crochet holiday decor, but for Fourth of July in particular. Add a sophisticated edge to your USA colors with a lacy table mat and napkin holder. Show your love for our stripes with striped cozies and coasters! This book is full of inspiration for your 2019 barbecue decor, and with easy to follow instructions, you can have all of these projects made in no time for a DIY Fourth of July!

    Cross Stitch & Embroidery

    Grand Ole Flag Cross Stitch Pattern - Item 800621

    What a subtle and beautiful addition to a Fourth of July party! Cross Stitch definitely makes you work for picturesque stitched scenes like this one, but all that hard work pays off when you have eclectic artwork to show off to your house guests. This Grand Ole Flag Pattern is the perfect tiny tribute to nostalgic Fourth of July memories.

    Antique Game Boards - Book 6492

    How about a checkered flag for a change? You can add an Antique Game Board to your Fourth of July decorations for some added entertainment with colorful cross stitch flair! You have a multi-functional décor piece that serves as a cool game board for friends and family, and then you can display it later as a nice artistic attribute to your party space.

    Blue Voyage Stitchery Kit - Book 49810

    Go on a voyage of stitch patterns and colors with this Blue Voyage Stitchery Kit and try your hand at embroidery. Whether you're a first time stitcher, or a seasoned embroidery pro, you'll have loads of fun stitching these designs onto a pre-printed canvas, so you never lose your place. With easy to follow instructions and everything you need inside one little package, you can have a perfect Fourth of July decoration without being too literal about it.


    Knit Holiday Dishcloths - Book 5287

    If you prefer to celebrate in subtlety, try creating small little tokens that show your Fourth of July spirit. These Independence Day Dishcloths from Holiday Knit Dishcloths are the perfect way to say, "Happy Fourth of July!" without essentially dressing up as Uncle Sam.

    Knits For Summer - Book 7198

    Knit projects can be perfect for the summer, with the right theme in mind. This Anchor Pillow from Knits For Summer is a part of the best collection of summer knit vibes for 2019. This would look great on a couch or lawn chair, and would be cute and comfy for a house guest to chill on. Perfect for a Barbecue with the buds.


    Fidget To Focus - Book 7219

    Fidget To Focus is the perfect book for fidget projects that are way cooler than a silly old fidget spinner. Create functional home decor pieces that double as activities that are designed to help with disorders like Alzheimer's, and help keep the brain trained, focused, and stimulated. This Denim Fidget Mat is perfect to keep the kids busy while you're grilling, or for anyone to fuss with while you're sitting around the TV watching old movies. With easy to follow instructions, becoming focused has never been easier.

    All Aboard Quilt Pattern - Item 37555

    Quilting! A tried an true tradition for all holidays. Anytime there's a special event or occasion, there's a quilt pattern made to be put on display. This All Aboard Quilt Pattern Pack has all the instructions you need to make this red, white, and blue beauty, with a beautiful chevron design and multiple prints. With the rustic flannel border, you can't go wrong displaying this outside on the porch or inside next to all the hamburgers.


    Coloring Book Bundles - Color Art for Everyone

    No matter what time of year it is, coloring will keep you occupied and relaxed. But think about all of the free time you have in the summer! The coloring bundles are jam packed full of fun and fantastic line designs to color till the sun goes down. You can choose from 8 bundles offered on our website, and choose which one of the lovely four books in each bundle you want to start filling with color! Relax and unwind with intricate patterns and beautiful line work to mindlessly color in and create. The best part is that all coloring pages in these bundles are perforated, so you can take them out and use them however you want! Fun, and versatile.

    Plastic Canvas

    Seasonal Door Signs - Book 6483

    Another fancy detail for a festive fourth of July is to hang a Seasonal Door Sign up. This majestic bald eagle with a flowing flag in the background gives your home an extra special DIY look to it with the plastic canvas design. Plastic Canvas is an easy craft to follow, and this book gives you all the basics you need to get started, even if you've never tried the craft!

    Diamond Art

    Advanced Diamond Art Light House Kit - Item 49941

    Diamond Art is one of those crafts that spans across season and holidays. It's so relaxing to diamond paint all of our creative and quirky designs, that there isn't a time of year that I wouldn't dazzle a canvas. With our ever growing collection of fun and fresh designs, there is a lot of canvases that we could recommend to you, but this Advanced Lighthouse Kit takes the cake. This mysterious and nautical canvas is perfect for a subtle and artistic display of fourth of July pride, with the red and white of the lighthouse beaming against the blue night sky background. we love this canvas, and it's even more beautiful in person when our 13 faceted gems are applied.

    I think we've given you guys plenty of inspiration for this Fourth of July season, so why not give these a try for your next event? If you end up making some of these projects, be sure to tag us @leisureartsinc, or use the hashtag #LeisureArts or #LeisureLife for a special shoutout.

    Happy decorating!

    -Leisure Arts Team

  • Top Notch DIY Kids Crafts That Will Spark Your Creativity

    Summer is a grand thing, makers! The cool breeze, the shining sun, and loads and loads of free time. Especially for that special little kiddo in your life! Summer is a great opportunity to spend time with family and create beautiful and colorful things. We've compiled a list of things that are perfect for summer fun and are family-friendly. Scroll to find your favorite craft category, and find your next summer fling!


    Rugs For Kids - Book #75626

    Crochet doesn't seem like much of a summer activity, but trust me, these projects prove that notion wrong. This racetrack (above) from Rugs For Kids is the perfect fun and functional mixture of adorable room décor! You get a fun racetrack to drive your Hot Wheels on, and a unique rug that sets your kid's room apart from the rest of the neighborhood. For the kid that likes to snuggle up on the couch and watch they're favorite shows all day, we have the perfect thing! Kids' Snuggies is the perfect book for lounging in style, with cute and quirky designs like this mermaid tail cover (below). Show your kids that lounging can be luxurious.

    Kids' Snuggies - Book #75678

    You can make these projects for your kids, but what's the fun in that? We have some great introductory crochet books like Teach Me To Crochet that will help your little mini-me learn the basics of crochet, so they can help you make these awesome projects! Because what better way to bond with someone, than by learning a craft together?


    Baby Loops and Twists - Book 75706

    If you wanna play with yarn but don't want to crochet, try knitting! We have an excellent guide, Teach Me To Knit, that teaches all of the basics of the double needle yarn craft. There's even fun ways to learn to knit with just your hands! Loop Knitting takes the guesswork of interlocking the twin needles and leaves the beautiful wrap work to your own skilled hands. It's a perfect gateway knitting technique that would be great for children! This Penguin Pillow (above) was made from our book Baby Loops and Twists, and it is just darling. Babies can use it as a fun pillow, and toddlers can carry an arctic friend with them wherever they go! the best part about this craft is that you and your kid can learn together, especially when it's as simple as knitting without needles!


    Craft Bombs - Book #7507

    The best crafts are the double trouble crafts, the ones that offer more than just one activity and lesson to learn. They are a great way to teach your child to be creative, and they're certainly a helping hand to mom and dad's wallet. Our new book Craft Bombs is a comprehensive guide to spreading kindness, joy, and happiness. A super stash of awesome art and activities like DIY fortune tellers (below) (or cootie catchers, depending on the person), giftable kindness cards, and more hide inside this book, waiting to be discovered.

    Craft Bombs - Book #7507

    The book is interactive and gives you everything you need to make fun and friendly art that you can keep for yourself, or give to someone who needs a little pick me up! This is the kind of craft activity that you can create with your kid, and teach them how to be a good human at the same time. Life lessons, AND loads of fun? sign us up!

    Bonus - Felt and Paracord Summer Kids Crafts

    Paracord Crafts - Book #6431

    This is a section that we don't usually do, but we just had to include it. We love paracord, and all the fun things you can create with it. It's known to be a functional friend while going camping and hiking, but no one ever really thinks about the fun crafts you can make with it. Our book Paracord Crafts shows you a ton of variety with this cord, like bracelets, and fun water bottle holders like this green one (above). A fun summer project that you can use all season long!

    Play Mats - Book #7218

    Another fun craft to play with is felt, and just like all of these other projects, these crafts from Play Mats are super easy to create, and super fun to play with afterward! Pick one of the seven interactive felt designs to create and place in the living room for maximum DIY fun, like this Sweet Cupcake Shop mat for the aspiring little baker (above). All mats in this book are put together with easy felt sheets and a stitch here or there, easy peasy!

    All of these crafts will spark your creativity and enthusiasm to go out with your kids and create fun and fascinating things while they are out of school and want to have some fun in the sun. If you make any of these awesome projects, be sure to tag us @leisureartsinc for a special shoutout! We just did a live video all about this too, so be sure to check it out on our Facebook Page.

    Get some sun, makers!

    -Leisure Arts Team

  • Diamond Painting Fun! Spark Your Creativity with Sparkle Art

    Summer is just getting started, makers, and we're ready to get those creative ideas brewing your mind. With our Spark Your Creativity campaign this month, we knew we really wanted to dazzle you guys with bright bold and beautiful projects, and what better craft than diamond painting? We have some beautiful canvases to show you guys from our Sparkle Art Collection, from our Diamond Art by Leisure Arts brand that will get you in the summer spirit of creating.

    So what is this dazzling craft of diamond painting? It sounds strange if you've never heard of it before, but the act of diamond painting is quite simple. It's like painting by number, but with diamonds! you adhere our 13 faceted gems to a sticky pre-designed canvas, and voila! You have a beautiful and unique creation that has super versatile display options. Here is a diamond painting up close, featuring our Lotus Diamond Art kit.

    Sparkle Art is our most recent line of diamond painting designs. It's a dazzling collection of various designs that a perfect for ages 8-98! While this is a kids' craft that's perfect for summer crafting with kids, we think that 'kids' of all ages will love our whimsical designs. Using easy-to-follow instructions and handy tools like a comfort grip stylus and wax caddy, you can pixel paint majestic galactic unicorns, ninja pandas, muddy monster trucks, and more! To introduce you to Sparkle Art, we've broken the diamond painting for kids line up into genres of creativity for you to choose your favorites and create your next bling-tastic artwork to decorate your home, office, and more! Be sure to read on after those genres too, for extra special ways to display and craft your very own DIY Diamond Art projects. Read on to find your next sparkling adventure!

    Mythical and Mystical : Fantasy Diamond Painting

    Dragon Eye Sparkle Art - Kit 50486

    Alien Sparkle Art - Kit 50485

    Time to get transported to another realm and create of fantastic fantasy artworks! whether you're a sci-fi-fanatic (see our Alien Kit above) or a medieval maniac (see our Dragon Eye kit above), we have the perfect kit just for you. Here are some more Mystical and Mythical kits below to get you inspired!

    Ninja Panda-Corn - Kit 50481

    Uni-Kitty - Kit 50483

    Flying Unicorn - Kit 50480

    Galaxy Unicorn - Kit

    Swinging Mermaid - Kit 50479

    You gotta love the mystical creatures we created, like our Uni-Kitty, or Ninja Panda-Corn. I think it's pretty obvious that we have a special place in our heart for unicorns of all kinds, be it galaxy unicorns, or flying unicorns! We even have our underwater mysteries like our Mermaid. The possibilities are endless with these kits, and the best part is that they don't have to live inside a frame! You can create your own customizable Sparkle Art by attaching finished pieces to fun items like clothes, handbags, phone cases, and more (which you'll see a few paragraphs from now).

    Spartans and Sports: Daring Dazzlers

    Spartan Helmet - Kit 50487

    Monster Truck - Kit 50488

    If you want more realistic canvases to dazzle, we've got you covered. We have some sporty and sparkly designs that are so spectacular that everyone will want to dazzle them! You can go far back in history if you're feeling like conquering the world with our Spartan Helmet, or jump back into the present with our Monster Truck racing canvas. See some more of our sporty canvases below.

    Baseball - Kit 50489

    Football - Kit 50490

    Soccer Ball - Kit 50491

    Aren't they beautiful? Who would've thought that something so simple like a Baseball, Football, or Soccer Ball could end up being so dazzling? And with the extra space each of these canvases give, we have a lot of room to work with and customize.

    Animal Friends and Fun : Fur and Flippers

    We have some cute and cuddly projects to finish out our collections, and they showcase all kinds of cute from different natural settings! We have our domestic Doggie Love kit, which is overloaded with cute when you look at its adorable flower crown. Then you have underwater cuteness with our Dolphin kit! You can't help but stay positive with that undeniable smile on his face. Last but certainly not least, we have the adorable Rainbow Deer that is full of sparkles and sunshine!

    Dolphin - Kit 50492

    Rainbow Deer - Kit 50478

    Doggie Love - Kit 50482

    Customizable Sparkle Art : Get Creative!

    So you've finished your sparkle art, and are ready to display it, but you're not sure where to go or what to get for the display. This where you can get really creative. Our Diamond Art is super versatile, and has been put on multiple products and surfaces. We just recently have seen some wonderful projects using Sparkle Art! We have our Dazzlemania Contest going on right now on the Diamond Art By Leisure Arts Facebook Page, and we have one project on there that uses our Dragon Eye kit. Here it is below!

    Diamond Art Project - Dazzlemania

    How creative is that? If that doesn't spark your creativity, then I don't know what will. Here are a few projects of our own to get those creative juices flowing that will have tutorials coming soon (wink, wink).

    If you try out Sparkle Art this summer, be sure to tag us in your posts online with #leisurearts or #leisurelife, and be sure to get creative with your summer creations!

    Stay sparkly, Makers!

    -Leisure Arts Team

  • Spark Your Creativity with Fun DIY Summer Crafts!

    Hey there makers, we know its pretty doom and gloom with all of this rain, but sooner or later this weather will let up, and we'll be able to have some fun in the sun! Summer is just on the horizon, and we have some rockin' projects to get those creative ideas brewing. As part of our Spark Your Creativity Campaign for June, we're recommending some awesome projects that will help you look on the bright side and up your craft game. Find your craft category, and find your next summer fling!


    Mermaid from Water Babies Amigurumi - Book 7084

    Crochet and yarn crafts might not seem like a fun Summer activity, but Summer isn't always about staying on the shoreside. You can create fun and fresh summer creations and give them to friends and family for a sweet surprise (or keep them all to yourself)! One project that is always a crowd pleaser is Amigurumi. The art of creating stuffed creatures with a crochet base, and then stuffing it with plush material until you have an amazing unique buddy! These projects make great gifts for people of all ages. You can create small creatures for baby like the picture above from Water Babies Amigurumi, or make extra large monsters to see a smile bloom on your friend's face. For more Amigurumi fun, check out our website for a plethora of different plush projects.


    Wraps From Knits For Summer - book 7198

    Knitting falls in the same boat when you think of Summer projects, but trust us when we say there is a lot of summer loving' that knitting has to offer. This book, Knits for Summer, will really get those creative juices flowing with these adorable and practical DIY Summer Crafts. This beach wrap shown above is perfect for a soak in the sun, and is super easy to make. When following our detailed tutorials with pictures and diagrams, you can't go wrong with summer styles like these.


    Colors of Nature Coloring Journal - Book 7518

    Now that the kiddos have more time on their hands for summer break, you'll have all the time in the world to try out new and creative DIY summer crafts! An all time favorite craft of ours is adult coloring. With our book, Colors of Nature, we give you a perfect balance of crafty fun and adventure. You can learn to draw and color beautiful flowers and plants that you find in your average stretch of land, and get a little education on the plants that you're drawing! Not only that, but you can go out in the wild and find these plants yourself, and keep a log of where and when you found them. This all inclusive journal makes a perfect group activity, or even a fun summer date for nature lovers and crafters alike. Get inspired by the nature in these pages to go out and mix indoor crafts with outdoor fun.


    Bicycle Embroidery - Kit 49814

    This is a new category that we've introduced to you guys in the past few weeks. Embroidery is a fun and fascinating craft, that seems very daunting at first when you see all the steps you have to go through and the materials you have to get. But, with our new Mini Maker Stitchery Kits, you have everything you need to get started on your first embroidery project, with a pre-printed design, embroidery hoop, and lots of wonderful thread colors. Jam packed with stitch tutorials and diagram instructions, one kit is all you need to jump into this craft universe and see if you like it. Our Mini Maker line gives bite-sized craft experiences for people who are wanting to try something new, without breaking the bank. This beautiful summer themed Bicycle Stitchery Kit above is perfect for a summer starter project.

    Well hopefully we've inspired you with these fun and fresh DIY Summer Crafts to Spark Your Creativity this Summer. If you've tried these projects before and have some awesome results to show iff, snap a picture and tag us on social @leisureartsinc, or use the hashtag #leisurearts or #leisurelife. We'd love to see what's going on in your sunny studios!

    Stay Sunny!

    -Leisure Arts Team

  • Dazzlemania: A Diamond Art Contest!

    It's a dazzling day, makers! We're in the mood to dabble with some Diamond Art. FaveCrafts just recently held a contest with multiple mixed media crafts, and Diamond Art was a heavy presence in the ranks. 7 of the 11 winners were in our dazzling craft! All of these creative people making new and innovative projects inspires us, so we are holding our own Dazzlemania: DIY Diamond Art Contest! We have a great group of diamond painting projects, and we've divided them into two categorized brackets for you to vote on! This is how our Contest will work:

    We will be pitting home decor against mixed media journaling. We have two starting rounds to kick off the tournament (see bracket below). After that, we begin an epic tournament of sparkling proportions as you guys get to vote on your favorite projects. Our two categorized brackets are under home decor, and mixed media journaling.

    We open with two upscale and unique interpretations of our Diamond Art and Sparkle Arts kits in the home decor bracket (below).

    Then we delve into the scrapbooking world for the next qualifier, where our coloring pages from Cultivate Kindness are transformed with our Dazzling Diamonds (below)

    After the winners of those rounds are chosen, we begin an all out battle of the bling as we vote on our favorite Diamond Art projects. In the end, there will be one winning project that will reign supreme over all the dazzling crafts. We know you have the bracket to look at above, but we want to show you some close ups of these beauties, along with instructions on how to make each project (from the Prime website)! Here are the contenders:

    Aren't they beautiful? It's amazing to see what people can create with the craft. Each week you get to vote on which project is more dazzling than the other. Voting will start May 22nd, and run through June 8th on our Diamond Art by Leisure Arts Facebook page.

    If you want to join in on the Diamond Art fun, join our community, and pick up your own diamond painting canvas! Be sure to tag us @leisureartsinc, or use the Hashtag #LeisureArts or #LeisureLife to get a special shout out.

    Happy Voting!

    -Leisure Arts Team

  • April Showers Bring May Flowers! Fun and Fast Spring Crafts

    Makers, it's been raining way too much this month, but don't let that distract you from the flowers that will soon be blooming all over the place! We're celebrating our May Flowers Campaign, and the name speaks for itself. We want to spend the whole month appreciating the blooming baubles that make our noses itch but our eyes sparkle with delight. We've compiled a list of projects that you can make to get on mother nature's level, and bring a spring reminder with you anytime, anywhere. Find your favorite craft medium, and jump right in!


    Rose Wall Hanging - Wall Hangings - Book 7253

    Daisy Bag - Quick Crochet With Flowers - Book 75684

    Daisy and Roses, staples in the May Flower Garden. Transfer some of those fantastic florals into your crochet! This rose wall art from Wall Hangings is a great addition to a living room that needs to liven up. Mix in your favorites hues and make a beautiful oversized bouquet that will make your wall a spring sensation. If you want to take a little piece of spring with you everywhere you go, try your hand at this beautiful daisy satchel from Quick Crochet with Flowers. This accessory is the perfect neutral compliment to any outfit you have in your closet, and it's got some great personality designed into it with those flowers and fringe.


    Rose Table Runner - Stitch A Garden

    Cable Floral Blanket - Dreamy Baby Wraps - Book 6788

    If you want to knit yourself a little peony pick me up or rosey reminder, you can always dabble in gardening. Knit yourself any of these beautiful patterns from Stitch A Garden to cultivate and collect garden flowers and succulents that will never wilt! This table runner (above) is both adorable and practical for Sunday morning brunch decor. If you want a unique reminder of May flowers, then this simple yet stunning afghan from Dreamy Baby Wraps is perfect. Show off your nature-loving side in a unique way with subtle floral textures.


    Burlap Wedding Spread - Handmade Wedding - Book 7323

    Paper Flower Wedding Spread - Paper Flowers - Book 7241

    This year seems to be the year of engagements and weddings, which is great! This is the time of year where plants are supposed to be blooming like crazy, which is perfect for an outdoor spring wedding. Our Handmade Wedding book helps you create the perfect wedding, regardless of the season, but for this month, we want to focus on these beautiful custom monogrammed table numbers and centerpieces (above). The burlap brings a rustic and elegant feel to the decor, and matched with that minimalist table number, you've got a match made in spring heaven. If you want to have alternative flowers at your wedding, then try out these projects from Paper Flowers for an ethereal look to your wedding spread, like the pale pink center blooms above.

    Whether it's a big event or small memento, find a way to celebrate the May flowers that these April showers have brought. If you've worked on some of these projects before, share your maker magic with us by tagging us at #leisurearts or #leisurelife, and maybe you'll get a special May Flowers shoutout.

    Happy Gardening!

    -Leisure Arts Team

  • Dip Dot and Dazzle Your Fashion! Craft A DIY Diamond Art Purse

    Diamond Art by Leisure Arts, is taking off as a new sensational craft, and has been adored by everyone from ages 8 to 98 (*Humble Brag*)! Now that you've gotten to see our first line of products, we have so many ideas for them. We think that Diamond Art goes beyond just a scroll on a wall, we think you can incorporate it into everyday items like phone cases, throw pillows, or in this post, a glittering Diamond Art Purse! Read on for a tutorial on how to make a one of a kind throw pillow with your dazzling canvases. This is a tutorial that works with almost every design we offer, but in this case, we decided to go simple and sophisticated using our Hummingbird Diamond Art Advanced Canvas

    Diamond Art Purse


    • A Diamond Art Canvas  
    • Strong Adhesive for backing (fabric glue, hot glue, etc.)
    • Your Favorite Sewing Thread & Needle (embroidery floss, thick sewing thread, etc.)
    • Basic Tote/Purse (varies by type and size, MUST have a solid surface to adhere to)
    • Scissors
    • OPTIONAL - Extra Accessories (pom-poms, tassels, beads, etc.)

    Get Started On Your Diamond Art Purse! 

    Diamond Art Purse

    1. Dazzle Your Diamond Art Canvas

    There isn't a big learning curve in terms of starting the craft, just dip, dot, and dazzle! Diamond Art is meant to be a leisurely craft that lets you put the canvas away for later if you wanted to. Complete it in one day, or complete it one day next week, the choice is up to you!

    2. Cut Out Your Dazzle Area

    After you've dazzled your way to success, carefully cut out your design, and get ready to sew!

    3. Create Your Trim 

    To keep the edges of the canvas from fraying -and for extra support- carefully line the edges of your cut out canvas with the embroidery floss or thread.

    4. Craft Your Purse

    Get to work on placing your design wherever you want on your purse. On ours, we placed it in the bottom corner. Using your adhesive of choice and a steady hand, lay the canvas piece flat, and smooth it out for air bubbles once placed. If you're worried about our beads falling off, don't be! Our adhesive keeps our beads intact with the force of a thousand dazzling suns. (Pro Tip: If you want extra support for your design, stitch a few notches into the purse itself with extra thread you used for the trim.)

    Diamond Art Purse

    6. Accessorize (Or Don't) 

    Now that your Diamond Art is placed, all that’s left are finishing touches. Make your Diamond Art Purse one of a kind by adding extra accessories around the edges, or placing a bead here and there. Show the world how creative you can be with your dazzling craft. Be 'extra' to your heart’s content, and then voila! You have a decorative and dazzling throw pillow.

    It's as simple as that. This is a great and unique way to utilize your Diamond Art canvas to the fullest! Now that you're finished, you can sit back and accept all kinds of compliments from people as they ask what fancy department store you got your bag from. 

    If you've done a Diamond Art project,  share it to our Diamond Art Facebook Page! We'd love to see what's going on in your studio. Remember to tag us at #LeisureArts or #LeisureLife, and you can even use #DiamondArt. You might get a shoutout in the future (wink, wink).

    Want more DIY Diamond Art projects? Your wish is our command! Check out our other projects here: 

    DIY Diamond Art Phone Case

    DIY Diamond Art Welcome Sign

    DIY Diamond Art Throw Pillow

    Happy Dazzling!

    -Leisure Arts Team

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