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Plastic Canvas

  • A Feast of Creativity! Fun Projects to Get You in the Thanksgiving Spirit.


    Halloween is over, Makers. The skulls and cauldrons are being put away until next year, and turkeys and cornucopias are taking their place! Thanksgiving is a holiday that's meant for endless conversation over great food, and even better company. But there tends to be one thing overlooked every year when you plan for your grand feast : the decor! Decorations make or break the ambiance of a dinner, and for a meal as important as Thanksgiving, you definitely don't wanna drop the ball. Which is why we've got your back! We've put together a few fun projects in all types of mediums that will make your Thanksgiving environment so mesmerizing, no one will even notice that you almost burnt the sweet potato pie.

    Look for your category, if you're craft specific, or dive in and try out a project in a new craft! The choice is totally yours.

    Give Thanks With Crochet Goodies

    Thanksgiving Crafts Nature's Gifts For Baby Pattern

    As any great craftsman knows, the best way to give thanks during the holidays is through home made gifts and trinkets! If you're a crochet lover at heart, then you've come to the right blog post. We've got some nifty patterns for you to try out, and give out to the people you love. Just look at the adorable fox hat and matching blanket pattern that you can make for the little ones in your life (above). This getup from Nature's Gifts For Baby  will be sure to get loads of attention for Fall, and your baby can be cute and comfortable as they're showered with cheek pinches and waves of "awww".

    Thanksgiving Crafts Little Animals Headgear - Turkey Beanie
    Thanksgiving Crafts Little Animals Headgear - Turkey Headband

    If you've got someone a little older that you're making for, check out these Turkey Transformation patterns from Little Animals Headgear (Left). These cute and functional headband and beanie patterns are sure to be a big hit with the family during Thanksgiving Dinner. Plus, if you're not dying of cuteness overload from these pictures, then your heart is made of stuffing, and you didn't eat enough cranberry sauce. The pattern can be adjustable based on how big or small the person you're crocheting for is, so this pattern can be made for a wide age range! It's holiday gift patterns like these that really show that you're thinking outside of the oven for Thanksgiving this year. Not that there's anything wrong with thinking inside the oven, of course. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day for eating! Which is why we have these next few patterns just for the kitchen.


    Thanksgiving Crafts Crocheted Lace Trimmings - Quick Thread Projects

    If you've always been known for your upscale Thanksgiving soirees, then this is the project for you. Quick Thread Projects (above) is known for its fun and trendy projects for any occasion, and this Lace Trimming project certainly takes the cake (or pumpkin pie). The lacework can elevate the decor of your event, or give a little extra oomph to that store-bought Jam that you're trying to pass off as homemade (you can't fool me with that unmarked mason jar).


    Thanksgiving Crafts White Lace Runner - Filet Table Runners

    This project is specifically for the table. Though your guests might not notice it immediately -because they're focused on the delicious buffet in front of them- it has been a traditional part of Thanksgiving decor for decades, and we can't not include tradition in a classic holiday like this one. We're talking table runners, makers! Specifically, this White Lace Filet Runner from Filet Table Runners (above). They've been the perfect pairing to that apple print tablecloth that everyone remembers they had for at least one Thanksgiving, I'm 89.9% sure of that.


    Knit Some Handy Kitchen Helpers for Thanksgiving Dinner

    Don't be fooled by all of our cool crochet crafts, we have some awesome knit stuff too. These Thanksgiving themed projects make the perfect handy helpers that are festive and functional!

    Thanksgiving Crafts Dishcloths for Special Days
    Thanksgiving Crafts Corn Cob Dishcloth - Make In A Weekend Potholders and Dishcloths
    Thanksgiving Crafts Apple Potholder - Make In A Weekend Potholders and Dishcloths

    These crafty potholders and dishcloths from Make in a Weekend Potholders and Dishcloths (right) will brighten up any kitchen space, and make it look like you have an eclectic taste in home decor. That corn cob dishcloth looks good enough to eat! Let these little baubles be your good luck charms when cooking Thanksgiving dinner. If the funky patterns aren't up to your speed, then try these simple and subtle designs from Dishcloths For Special Days! Modern or Classic, you choose which style is best for you and your family.

    Festive Coloring - Fun For Everyone

    Thanksgiving Crafts Bountiful Wonders Coloring Sheet

    Coloring! The craft that makes you feel like a kid again, but in the best and most relaxing way possible. Adult coloring has become one of those mindless and relaxing crafts that you can enjoy whenever and wherever you want. Which is why you need these festive coloring books for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. No one ever thinks about the down time during family get togethers - when you're waiting for the food to be finished. Even if you did think about it last year, it was probably already too late, and then you became stuck in between channels of boring small talk between your aunts and uncles that will just be repeated when Christmas comes (don't worry, we have Christmas coloring books too).

    Thanksgiving Crafts Color On The Go - Welcome Fall
    Thanksgiving Crafts Color On The Go - Gather Together










    Adult coloring was made for down time, so this Thanksgiving, when you feel the need to be creative, check out the beautiful content in Bountiful Wonders (above header), Color on the Go - Fall, and Color On The Go - Gather Together (above).

    If you're looking for ways to repurpose those pages after they're colored, check out our DIY Coloring Decor post we did for National Coloring Day.


    Bonus : Thanksgiving Fun with Plastic Canvas

    Thanksgiving Crafts Holiday Fancies - Give Thanks Napkin Holder

    This is for the festive turkeys that want to go the extra mile this holiday. Plastic Canvas is a fun and addicting craft to start, and what better project to start with than this adorable napkin holder, from Holiday Fancies, perfect for any table. Pair this with your table runners and lace trim, and you've got yourself a swanky Thanksgiving.


    Share Your Projects With Us! 

    Which of these projects do you want to try, Makers? Give us a shout out in the comments or on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We love to see what you're working on!


    Happy Decorating!

    -Leisure Arts Team

  • New Year, New Project Goals!

    Happy New Year!

    I don't have many resolutions for 2016, but there is one that I've been thinking about a lot lately: I need to have a better handmade gift stash this year.

    I like to make things, and I do make a lot of things throughout the year, but it doesn't take much to make you realize that you're woefully understocked when you have more gift events than you do time and you want to give a gift that's handmade and lovely.  Like....say, when three women in your close friends and family decide to have babies in the same month.  Or when your bank balance reveals that you won't be buying Starbucks gift cards for people at your kid's school and you'd best haul yourself to the yarn stash.  Can I knit three cowls and four mittens in the span of a month?  Why yes, it turns out I can! But should I?

    Uh, the muscle at the top of my forearm is telling me I should not.

    I know I'll get caught shorthanded at some point this year, but I'd like for it to happen less often.  My goals for the 2016 Gift Stash include:

    -some baby stuff.  Any ol' baby stuff.  It's all cute, it's all small, and as long as it's machine washable it's all going to be appreciated.

    -some cowls.  Cowls are great, and even noncrafters appreciate them.  I'm working on buying my yarn in a few more neutral colors so I can have some handknits on hand that aren't....generic, but just more readily welcomed by a larger audience.  I might love some handpainted variegated yarn, but not everyone will.  And I want something that just about everyone will love.  Just two cowls all knitted or crocheted up and rearing to go could shave actual metric tons of stress off of my life.

    -a prayer shawl.  I've never made one, and I hope I don't need to give one away.  But I'd like have one ready so that I can quickly wrap it up and give it to someone rather than look for yarns and a pattern while feeling concerned about a grieving loved one.

    -hats!  You can make them big, small, slouchy, cabled, plain, tight, long, short--it doesn't matter.  I feel like there's no wrong way to go with hats.  I've been in an earflap mood, and I've discovered to my unending delight that people who wear hats to keep warm really don't seem to mind if their hats look goofy.  You can't go wrong with hats!  (Unless you give them to someone who's either unappreciative or just not a hat person.  But that's a different set of problems entirely.)

    So!  Here's what I've got to get me started.  This is a baby blanket that I finished earlier this week:


    It's Square #49 from 99 Granny Squares to Crochet.  I've made three blankets with this pattern and I don't know when I'll get tired of the way front post crochet stitches add some texture to these simple squares.  I love this.  I made thirty squares and stitched them together in five rows of six squares.  I crocheted a couple of rows around the edge and now I have a pretty big baby blanket in my arsenal and I don't even know anyone who's pregnant!


    I feel so good right now!

    Next up is the Martha Cowl from Crochet Scarves and Cowls:


    Forget what I said about more neutral colors.  This is a pattern I've wanted to try for several months that looks really great with a mix of colors and I really liked this yarn.  It's the Folklore colorway from Loops & Threads Impeccable Ombre, and it's really lovely in addition to being trusty ol' acrylic yarn that's ready for some hard living and careless washing habits.


    The pattern is pretty easy to keep up with once you get the hang of it.  It did take me a while to get the hang of it, though, which is fine.  This looks like it was fine, right?  It was fine!


    Since I wasn't crocheting on a deadline, I wasn't too perturbed at having problems following a pattern while being interrupted every 15 seconds by my daughter asking questions or saying "Hey, look!" because 1) like I said, I was in no rush and 2) it is impossible to do much of anything when you're being interrupted every 15 seconds by someone saying "hey look!" and then you actually have to look and come up with fresh and inventive compliments for that someone's Lego-building skills.  That's the biggest reason I want to be more intentional with the TV and crafting time I enjoy so much after my little girl goes to bed (although that sore forearm thing is a close second): I have Lego creations to compliment and games of Candy Land to lose.  I've decided that 2016 is going to be the year I enjoy myself and I'm just not the kind of person who enjoys that rush of adrenaline you get from weaving in your ends ten minutes before you give your project to someone.  What I do enjoy is going about my regular mom life while I think about my fabulous gift stash like I'm a dragon with a cave full of treasure.


    I'd better get back to that cowl!

  • Halloween ePatterns for Inspiration!

    Holiday season’s coming up, and I always like to have an appropriately holiday-themed project to work on for each occasion. With Halloween on the horizon, I thought I’d take another look at some of my favorite ePatterns from our website to cross stitch, crochet, stitch on plastic canvas, sew and paint…
    Cross Stitch...
    Happy Halloween! Cross Stitch ePattern—Any of these little designs would be fun on a Halloween shirt to wear to work!
    Halloween Wear Applique ePattern—Black cats for my sweatshirt!
    I just love this Halloween Bear Crochet ePattern! He’s got such a sweet face.
    Spiderweb Doily Thread Crochet ePattern—This quick little doily will make a nice addition to your Halloween décor.
    Plastic Canvas...
    Halloween Hobgoblins Plastic Canvas ePattern—These magnets are fun on the fridge, or you can add a pin back for a simple wardrobe accent.
    Halloween Treats Plastic Canvas ePattern—If you follow this blog at all, you already know I’m a fan of the black cats.
    Punkin the Sock Monkey ePattern—How could you resist a sock monkey in a pumpkin costume?
    Spookie Ghost Ivy Bowl Paint ePattern—I may need to paint an ivy bowl this year as a Halloween treat for a friend!
    What’s your project for Halloween this year? Need more inspiration? Check out all of our Halloween-themed publications and patterns!
  • Plastic Canvas Toy ePatterns

    Wanna play? With plastic canvas? I’ve been exploring the new Plastic Canvas Category on the Leisure Arts home page, and I have to tell you, I just can't resist the toy ePatterns. What fun! Take a look:
    There are puzzles…
    911 Puzzle Set Plastic Canvas ePattern
    Teach the kids what to do in the case of an emergency with this easy puzzle set! Packed in a case that really opens and closes, these four here-comes-help puzzles will be fun as well as educational.
    Barnful of Puzzles Plastic Canvas ePattern
    Stabled in a handsome red barn with hay peeking out from the loft and doors that swing open and shut, our barnyard buddies puzzles are sure to provide hours of fun.
    Zoo Puzzle Set Plastic Canvas ePattern
    Children will love these delightful zoo inhabitants! Stored in a comfy cage with doors that swing open and shut, our four animal puzzles are bound to become your favorite kids favorite toys.
    Shake, Shake, Shake Plastic Canvas Game ePattern
    Here's a great take-along game that can keep children happy during long car trips! The colorful shaker is filled with cubes that help youngsters learn to recognize letters, as well as to spell and count. Because there are no set rules for how to play, they will be encouraged to develop their own ideas, and adults will appreciate the fact that the soft pieces make very little noise.
    Tic-Tac-Toad Game Plastic Canvas ePattern
    You're in for a "toad-ally" good time with our amphibious friend! A new spin on an old-fashioned favorite, the whimsical board is accompanied by game pieces that can be strung on a ribbon for safekeeping. Kids will love this "ribbiting" game for trips and rainy days. It'll also make a great one-of-a-kind gift!
    A Game to Remember Plastic Canvas ePattern
    Lots of fun for children of all ages, our colorful memory game can be played alone or with friends. In this game, all the picture game pieces are laid face down on the table. Then each player tries to find a matching pair of pictures by flipping over two game pieces on each turn. If a match is made, the player keeps the pieces and takes another turn. If not, the pieces are turned back over and the next player takes a turn. The object is to remember where different pictures are so you can make a pair by finding the matching piece. The player with the most matching pairs at the end of the game is the winner.
    Tic-Tac-Toe To Go Game Plastic Canvas ePattern
    Have fun on the go with our take-along Tic-Tac-Toe game! A cleverly crafted box holds the golf tee playing pieces when not in use, and bright colors enliven the miniature board game.
    Games People Play Plastic Canvas ePattern
    A little something for the adults, our portable Box of Games takes the "board-om" out of traveling, and its miniature size also comes in handy at home if you're short on storage space. The set includes a convenient carrying case for storing the four games: Tic-Tac-Toe, Dominoes, Checkers, and Backgammon. The Tic-Tac-Toe game includes patterns for X and O pieces, the checkers game includes patterns for checker pieces, and the backgammon game comes with patterns for game pieces, cups, dice, and a doubling cube.
    Good Basic Toys…
    Circus Clown Jumping Jack Plastic Canvas ePattern
    Children will jump for joy when they receive one of these dancing dandies. A pull string moves the colorful clown's arms and legs in a whimsical fashion that's sure to bring smiles and giggles.
    Super Dinosaurs Plastic Canvas Toy ePattern
    Youngsters will spend hours pretending they're in "the land before time" with our playful dinosaur characters. These toys can even make learning fun by sparking a child's interest in prehistoric wonders.
    Are you ready to play? The really cool thing about these downloadable ePatterns is that you don't have to wait on the mail to get started on your creativity!
  • Christmas in July Ornament Extravaganza!

    We are celebrating Christmas in July on with an Ornament Extravaganza—and we’ve got something for everybody! Select how-to books with great ornament designs to crochet, knit, stitch on plastic canvas, bead, paint, sew, and cross stitch are marked at 30% off the original price through the end of July. Why don’t you celebrate Christmas in July with us?
    Big Book of Thread Ornaments to Crochet
    Bright snowflakes. Regal angels. Lacy stars. Delicate bells. Add festive beauty to your holidays with dozens of classic thread crochet Christmas ornaments and decorations! Invite a band of angels to serenade you from the branches of the tree. Fashion intricate covers for satin ball ornaments. Welcome visitors with a string of bells on your front door. For unforgettable gifts, frame photos of your loved ones inside heart, wreath, star, and snowflake ornaments. Complete crochet instructions plus finishing and blocking information will ensure that your creations become a favorite part of your family's Yuletide season for many years to come.
    Ornaments to Crochet 3 Ways
    Oh, what fun it is to crochet a sleighful of festive Christmas ornaments! And it's especially delightful to create these happy designs in three different sizes -- just choose from worsted weight yarn, sport weight yarn, or cotton thread. If you can work a slip stitch, single crochet, and double crochet, you can create all of these designs. Bells, pom-poms, beads, and other small items are added for quick color and enchanting detail. And because these designs are simple, you can make plenty of decorations before the holidays arrive! Each of the 12 ornaments is shown three ways: angel, stocking, toy soldier, skate, Santa, gingerbread man, wreath, snowman, ski hat, sweater, bell, and candy cane.
    Beaded Ornaments to Knit
    Whether you've just started knitting or been knitting for years, you'll love fashioning these sparkling orbs! Each of the twelve designs cradles a clear glass ornament inside, and each knitted creation is highlighted by dozens of beads. Use yarn enhanced with a metallic thread to make your knitted orbs glow with reflected light. Display them near a window, heap them in bowls or vases, or hang them on ornament stands. These decorator items are beautiful year-round, and they make wonderful gifts! Each is knit of light/sport weight yarn using four double-pointed needles in size 5 (3.75mm).
    Best of Dick Martin – Christmas
    Whether you're a seasoned plastic canvas stitcher, or just getting started, you'll love these beautiful Yuletide pieces by designer Dick Martin. From adorable Christmas ornaments to glittery tissue box covers, you're sure to find the perfect decoration!
    Big Book of Beaded Ornaments
    Choose your decorating style from 71 elegant, fun & funky, snow & ice, or new traditions designs, and create dozens of sparkling Christmas ornaments to fit the theme of your tree. Make stars, icicles, snowflakes, and whimsical characters.
    Ornamental Magic 2
    Turn a glass Christmas ornament into a designer accessory that will add sparkle to your home year-round! All it takes is a little paint and your favorite decorative elements, such as buttons, wire, jewelry, seashells, lace, or feathers. Not just for Christmas, these gorgeous ornaments by Martha Kenton feature a combination of products and techniques. Includes 33 ornaments and 15 techniques: spatter; spritz; drizzle; masking; alcohol drops; mesh pouf; cheesecloth; plastic wrap; string; rubber bands; dry brush; screen; comb; crinkled tissue paper; and textures.
    Modern Crafter Jolly Stuff
    Want things to look different at your house this Christmas? Let Linda Lum DeBono help you make the holidays simple, fun, modern, and fresh by surrounding yourself with happy fabrics in contemporary colors. Her very cool collection of sewing projects includes ornaments, tags, a banner, pillow, tree skirt, stockings, and table decor. The unexpected hues and fast appliqués are just so much fun! Features 14 Projects: strip-pieced Peace quilt, ruffled table runner with appliqué hexagons, dove appliqué placemat, reindeer appliqué pillow, tree skirt (red felt with simple embroidery snowflakes and the words Hope, Joy, Noel, Peace), flower stocking, ruched stocking, dove stocking, J-O-Y banner, reindeer and flower tags, and owl, flower, and dove ornaments.
    New Noel
    Make your holidays extraordinary with the exciting colors in Linda Lum DeBono's home decor creations! From a curly-toed stocking that will tickle Santa's funny bone to a fun flurry of red-white-and-black ornaments, you're going to set an all-new Yuletide scene. The machine appliqué and sewing are supremely easy, and the results are simply spectacular! Offers up 22 fun designs to deck the halls: pillowcases (ho ho ho and be merry), pillows (poinsettia, noel, and ho ho ho), stockings (jester, star, snowflake, and patchwork), ornaments (stocking, joy, snowflake, poinsettia), ho ho ho garland, peace & joy placemats, box, table runner, noel apron, and be merry cardholder.
    Ornaments Galore
    Trim the tree and deck the wall with 50 cross stitch designs for Christmas ornaments by Ursula Michael. There are snowmen, gingerbread folk, bears, a dog, a cat, Baby's first Christmas, Santas, a tree, angels, Nativity figures, stockings, a star, reindeer, snowflakes, a hat, a mitten, a wreath, a gingerbread house, a rocking horse, and holiday greetings. Includes a backstitch alphabet and numbers for personalizing. Includes large, easy-to-read black-and-white cross stitch charts with red highlights. Individual color keys.
    Ornaments Galore, Volume 2
    Ursula Michael's #3980 Ornaments Galore cross stitch pattern book has been so well-received that we are elated to present Ornaments Galore, Volume 2! This second collection of Christmas designs includes cheerful elves, bears, birds, angels, reindeer, Santas--48 festive images to brighten your holidays. Use these little creations to trim the tree, or tie them to packages for cheery presentations. They're also perfect for ornament exchanges or secret pal surprises! Dozens of fun holiday ornaments are just stitches away!
    The Big Book of Christmas Quickies
    Make all your Christmases bright with this fabulous collection of quick-to-complete cross stitch projects. There are over 250 merry projects from which to choose, featuring ornaments, fashions, home accents, and gifts.
    Beat the summer heat! Seek refuge under the air conditioner, think cool thoughts, and start your Christmas creativity now with our Christmas in July Ornament Extravaganza! Remember, our Christmas in July promotion will only be available until July 31!

  • Patriotic Craft Digital Download Patterns

    With a digital download pattern, you’ve still got time to get crafty on these fun little paint, plastic canvas, no-sew, and paper craft projects for the 4th of July!
    For a fun and inexpensive holiday decor accessory or gift, try out our digital download to paint Uncle Sam for Independence Day or any other patriotic occasion. Our design calls for Delta PermEnamel and Ceramcoat paints to be used on a readily available glass ivy bowl. Pattern and full instructions are included.
    Hurray for the red, white, and blue! And for our patriotic tissue box cover, too! Designed with Smyrna Cross Stitch stars and lots of stripes, this digital download is a spirited way to salute the Fourth of July or to honor friends and family in the military. The design is stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.
    These little creations are easy to make and versatile to use. Try working the digital download designs on 7 or 10 mesh plastic canvas to decorate baskets, jars, wreaths, bags, and other items. They also can be made into package ties, plant pokes, magnets, coasters, and more.
    Show your pride in the red, white, and blue with our patriotic table runner! Created using a no-sew strip piecing method, it can also be draped across the table to serve as two place mats. Digital download includes patterns and full instructions.
    Pledge your allegiance to the land that you love with a stirring collage. Fashion a landscape with bits of paper torn from out-of-date magazines or advertising circulars, then add a sprinkling of words that express what America means to you. We placed ours in a store-bought mat and frame. Digital download includes pattern and full instructions.
    Affordable and portable, our instant digital download patterns are perfect for last minute patriotic crafts!
  • BOGO Download Event

    Here’s that update I was babbling about in my last post!
    It’s Buy 1 Get 1 Free Weekend at—June 15-17 only! Buy one of our select digital download ePatterns or eBooks and get a second of equal or lesser value free!
    We’ve got something for everybody in this BOGO Event: plastic canvas, embroidery, crafts, cross stitch, paper crafts, knit, crochet and quilt. It’s a great opportunity for a good deal on affordable, portable ePatterns and eBooks from Leisure Arts! Don’t miss it!
    Happy downloading!
    Wanna know more about digital downloads from Leisure Arts? Click on over and read, “What do I need to read a digital download and how?” for all the details!
  • School’s Out! You Need Crafts To Keep The Kids Occupied!

    Moms, for real, how many of you are shuddering just a little bit ’cause school’s about to be out for summer? Your precious, darling, baby angels are going to be right there by your side, chanting, “I’m bored…” just any day now! Have you started your search yet for worthwhile activities to keep them entertained?
    Try some of our crafts books for kids!
    Teach Me To Stitch
    Begin a pastime that will last a lifetime! This simple how-to book offers extra-easy instructions, how-to photos, and 15 fun designs for helping youngsters learn to cross stitch using 11 count Aida.
    ‘Teach Me” Plastic Canvas
    Kids will be ready to stitch their first plastic canvas project in no time with this handy guide. They’'ll learn about needed supplies, basic stitches, overcast stitches, and special touches before choosing from 13 easy-to-do projects.
    Scrapbooking with Your Kids
    Looking for fun ways to introduce children to America’s favorite hobby? Scrapbooking is a creative, inspiring, and educational way to encourage children to express themselves, and it’s also a fantastic way for families to spend quality time together! This all-new book from the editors of Creating Keepsakes scrapbook magazine is packed with 200 kid-tested ideas for birthdays, holidays, and every day! Scrapbook favorite family photographs. Make delightful gifts, such as purse notebooks and mosaic frames. Play learning games, like alphabet and word bingo. Fill a rainy day making a secret decoder or playing a treasure hunt game. Create family-friendly projects, such as a gratitude jar or a homework helper. And more!
    From Felt to Fabulous
    Felt crafting is easy, inexpensive, and fun for the whole family—and you can make things that are as practical as they are pretty. How about a Coffee Cup Cozy or a Hair Clip Holder? There’s also a cute iPod/MP3 Player Cozy, a Hunny Bunny, Tote Bag, Purse, Project Envelope, Needlebook, Greeting Card, Garlands, Hair Clips, Necklaces, Pins, Ornaments, Tags, and more. The patterns are interchangeable, and each can be enlarged or reduced to any size, whether it’s for a necklace pendant, ornament, or stuffed toy. Once you get started with these 34 designs by Kimberly Layton, you’ll probably think of dozens of additional ideas to create and share with family and friends! (Available in print or pdf download!)
    Just Duct Tape It!
    “Wild” flowers featuring animal print petals. Bold bracelets, funky flip-flops, and hip purses. Who knew that duct tape could create such cool projects? American teens have embraced this hot trend and will go ga-ga for this creative guide to crafting with duct tape. More than 25 projects for gals and guys include wallets, jewelry, locker decor, flowers, and more. 
    (Available in print or pdf download!)
    You might also check out the craft category at for more cool ideas for keeping those kids busy being creative! Good luck and enjoy the summer!
  • Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns Deal Part 2

    Did you see yesterday’s Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns Deal Part 1? Well, here we go as promised with our Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns Deal Part 2. Check out these very cute designs:

    Easter Ensemble Plastic Canvas Patterns
    Welcome Easter with these “eggs-tra” special accents! The coordinating set will fill your home with springtime delights, such as colorful eggs, a sweet bunny, and a “basket” full of bright blossoms. The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 and 10 mesh plastic canvas.

    Bunny & Easter Egg Plastic Canvas Patterns
    These little creations are easy to make and versatile to use. Try working stitched pieces on 7 or 10 mesh plastic canvas to decorate baskets, jars, wreaths, bags, and other items. They also can be made into package ties, plant pokes, magnets, coasters, and more.

    Easter Party Ducks Plastic Canvas Patterns
    For an Easter gathering that will delight youngsters, decorate your table with our cute party favors. Terrific treats can be presented in the duck nut cup, and the matching napkin tie is a sweet accent for the place setting. The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

    Easter Bunnies Plastic Canvas Patterns
    Our “hoppy-go-lucky” bunnies will bring charm to your Easter celebrations. Stitched in soft pastels, the stuffed shapes will inspire lots of creative ideas like these plant pokes. You can also add them to an Easter basket or make a garland of bunnies to decorate a wall or shelf. Each is worked on 7 mesh plastic canvas using worsted weight yarn and is stuffed with fiberfill.

    Easter Rabbit Basket Plastic Canvas Pattern
    A whimsical finishing touch for an Easter basket, this flop-eared fellow will make a cute accent for the rest of the year, too! The design is stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas. The bunny is finished with two 9 mm animal eyes and ribbons and attached to a painted basket.

    Easter Friends Plastic Canvas Patterns
    Hop hop hurray! These fun-loving bunnies are ready to turn your Easter party into a more colorful occasion. Adorning candy cups, a banner, and more, the playful collection will delight youngsters year after year. The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

    Easter Basket Boutique Plastic Canvas Pattern
    Covered with dimensional baskets full of colorful eggs, this tissue box cover brings happy Easter greetings. The unique cover would also make a nice gift for “somebunny” special! The design is stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas and accented with satin ribbon bows.

    Enjoy your Easter creativity! If you need more on sale, downloadable, Easter inspiration, see our Easter Deals!

  • Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns Deal Part 1

    I just love plastic canvas projects for Easter decorating. The bright colors and cheerful designs just seem to go with the season for me, and kids love them. Plus most of them are small and quick to stitch which is a bonus for me since I seem to be a last minute crafter. If plastic canvas appeals to you, too, check out Part 1 of our Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns. They’re on sale for only $1.00!

    Perky Easter Pair Plastic Canvas Patterns
    This cute bunny frame and coordinating tissue box cover make a delightful duo. Whether displayed together or separately, they’ll bring a touch of happiness to any room for the Easter holiday or even year ’round. The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

    Easter Kisses Plastic Canvas Patterns
    With candy surprises tucked in their cheeks, Mr. and Mrs. Mouse Kiss will add fun to a basket of Easter treats! The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

    Easter Bunny Coaster Set Plastic Canvas Pattern
    With our clever coaster set, you and your guests can toast springtime in the company of the Easter Bunny himself! The cottontail coasters make handy accents that are sure to get your holiday hoppin’! The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

    Easter Surprises Bunny, Duck, Chick & Egg Plastic Canvas Patterns
    Cute for creating a tabletop arrangement or using as party favors, these little spring animals will help you spread the joy of Easter. The ornate egg can be used as a magnet or as an accent on a basket or other item. Each design is worked on 7 mesh plastic canvas using worsted weight yarn.

    Easter Cross Bookmark Plastic Canvas Pattern
    Stitched with pearl cotton in pretty pastels, this elegant bookmark will be a lovely reminder of the hope and joy we feel each spring as the miraculous events of the Easter story are retold. Our design is stitched using #3 pearl cotton and white 10 mesh plastic canvas. Twelve stands of embroidery floss may be substituted for the pearl cotton.

    Mini Easter Baskets Plastic Canvas Pattern
    Have a “hoppy” Easter with these mini Easter baskets! They’re great for holding party favors or for adding colorful accents to your spring table. Each is worked on 7 mesh plastic canvas using worsted weight yarn.

    Easter Chicks Plastic Canvas Patterns
    Let our “egg-stra” special family come roost at your house! Whether used as magnets, wreath accents, or plant pokes, this hen and her spring chicks will have everyone cracking smiles. The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas. The baby chicks have 8 mm oval moving eyes.

    Easter Favors Plastic Canvas Patterns
    These cute party favors make charming decorations for your Easter gatherings, baby showers, or children’s parties. The little lamb nut cup is a fun way to share tiny treats. And his “baa-shful” buddy adds a playful touch to name tags, place cards, and baskets. For a really sweet idea, use toothpicks to place little lambs on cupcakes! The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

    Since there are too many fun Easter Plastic Canvas Downloadable patterns on the Leisure Arts site for just one post, come back tomorrow for Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns Deal Part 2 or check them all out (including our cross stitch, crochet, and craft downloadable Easter patterns) at Easter Deals! Each one is only a $1.00!!

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