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  • Homemade Accessories That Are Cooler Than A Diamond Bracelet.

    As Marilyn Monroe once sang, diamonds are a girls best friend! Except for today, because this post is about homemade accessories that are way cooler than wearing a boring and cold diamond bracelet on your wrist.

    Making your own accessories sets you apart from the crowd, and brings out the creative monster inside of you. Some people make a living out of selling their homemade jewelry, and others just don't want to look like everyone else. No matter how you look at it, there are multiple reasons to start making your own stylish accessories. Let us help you make the coolest ones! Here are some of the best accessories that you can make yourself, that'll go with any outfit.


    Quick and Simple Stringing - SKU # 7212

    A beaded jewelry technique made from stringing a variety of beads together, this technique can turn a simple thread into modern magic. Just look at some of the designs you can create from our patterns!


    Homemade Accessories Classic Pearl Strung Necklace
    Multi-Colored Stacked Necklaces Multi-Colored Stacked Necklaces
    Homemade Accessories Retro Sunburst Turquoise Necklace












    Just look at that pearl necklace! It looks like you could get that at any fashionable jewelry store. But if your style is more subtle, you can make something simple that makes a statement, like the stacked necklaces.


    Quick and Simple Linking - SKU # 7213

    Similar to any chain link technique, this method lets you link jewels with metals or beads, or really any shiny thing you think would look good. This method can give you the chance to make grand statements, and let's you keep adding to your piece if you wanted. here are some striking examples!


    Homemade Accessories Stacked and Linked Amber Necklace
    Homemade Accessories Simple Citrine Linked Necklace
    Homemade Accessories Subtle and Simple Stacking Necklace











    These designs are perfect for the one who doesn't want to wear diamonds, but still wants to feel luxurious. Plus, it's a definite bonus that these beautiful baubles won't break your bank.


    Quick and Simple Wirework - SKU #7214

    Wire wrapping! An extremely intricate looking jewelry style, that is a lot easier than you think. This is a style that can really make any kind of jewelry, because you are actually forming most of the metal products yourself. This is by far the most creative and eccentric method of the three, and for good reason! Check out some of our examples from the book.

    Homemade Accessories Wire Wrapped Crystal Gemstone Necklace
    Homemade Accessories Beaded Silver Wirework Bracelet
    Homemade Accessories Wire Wrapped Bracelet and Broach Set


    You can tell how much work is put into each of these designs - and how unique it make them. This Jewelry type is for the stand outs, the ones who know they are making a statement when they wear it, and love it.


    Bonus Accessories!

    The bonus this week is a book that's gotten a lot of attention lately, so how could I not include it (again). You may or may not remember this book from last week's post on homemade spa materials.


    Aromatherapy Jewelry with Lava Beads - SKU # 7353

    The designs in this book merit a mention in this week's post, because of how simple but striking the designs are. Not only that, but they are unique because of what you can do with them. The lava beads are porous enough to absorb your favorite scented oils and fragrances so you get a two for one deal! They deserve to be put into this sophisticated self-made jewelry category. Check out our examples!

    Homemade Accessories Simple Strung Lava Bead Necklace
    Homemade Accessories Lava Bead and Gold Necklace
    Homemade Accessories Stacked Beaded Necklace












    These may not be diamonds, but they look luxurious without them.

    So, the next time you think about going to an expensive big brand retailer for high end jewelry, think about the options you have for making your own. You don't need to spend a fortune!


    Have you made any of these before? If so, post them to our social pages! We love to see what's going on in your studios.


    Happy Crafting!

    -Leisure Arts Team




  • Summer Yarn: Finger Crochet a Scarf or Necklace in Cotton

    I do love scarves as a great embellishment to most outfits. They can be fun and funky, or sleek and classic; chunky for coats, silky for dresses. Now that summer temperatures and humidity are looming, I don't want anything heavy, bulky or scratchy around my neck.  But I do want to wear a little extra color and pizzazz to more casual outfits. The perfect solution is a light-weight, airy Finger Crochet Scarf or Necklace in cotton yarn!

    After choosing my yarn colors, I was off making chain after chain. I did hold my yarn a little differently than demonstrated in Leisure Arts' Finger Crochet video, (this video is found as an additional video listed with the, "Learn to Arm Knit" video. Scroll down below the initial viewing window and select the Finger Crochet video). Once I got comfortable with how I was finger crocheting, I easily fell into a rythym.

    Make chain stitches one after another creating a long chain for your Finger Crochet Scarf or Necklace. Make crochet chain stitches one after another creating a long chain for your Finger Crochet Scarf or Necklace.

    I knew Leisure Arts had both a video tutorial and pattern associated with finger crocheting, so all I had to do was to rummage through my cotton yarn stash and choose some colors. When I learned how to arm knit, I remember seeing a bonus finger crochet pattern shown in the leaflet, 75517 - Learn How to Arm Knit. If you don't have a stash of yarn but are quite intrigued by arm knitting and finger crocheting, you might consider purchasing a kit that has all needed supplies included! The kit's contents found in 47134 - Learn to Arm Knit includes yarn, an instruction booklet with a finger crochet scarf pattern and tassel/pom-pom making techniques.

    My Finger Crochet Scarf or Necklace is growing. Finger Crochet is described in several Leisure Arts' items: 47134 - Learn to Arm Knit Kit and 75517 - Learn How to Arm Knit. My Finger Crochet Scarf or Necklace is growing. Finger Crochet is described in Leisure Arts' items 47134 - Learn to Arm Knit Kit and 75517 - Learn How to Arm Knit.

    I chose colors that were definitely summery that elicited thoughts of beach breezes, mild winds, shoreline discoveries, porch swings, bare feet...relaxed fun. Trying to look fresh and cool during the summer can sometimes be difficult. In order to remain comfortable while adding some relaxed embellishment to my outfits, I wanted to use cotton yarn. It is light-weight and breathable. Both of these characteristics were necessities for my scarf or necklace that I planned to drape around my neck during the summer!

    Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn in colors Cornflower Blue and Cool Breeze Ombre. The Learn to Arm Knit booklet that is included in the kit; note the Bonus items listed on the front cover. Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn in colors Cornflower Blue and Cool Breeze Ombre. The Learn to Arm Knit booklet standing next to the box is included in the KIT; note the Bonus items listed on the front cover.

    I knew I had to have a very long chain to loop multiple times around my head in order to drape properly. I just kept in the zone of chaining; it was much easier to keep going once I started rather than breaking my time up into crocheting segments. I never did measure my final length of chain; I can only guess how long it was if the inside loop measures 27" in diameter when I laid it on the table.

    Close-up of the length of chain looped around and around trying to determine the final appearance of the scarf or necklace. Close-up of the length of chain looped around and around trying to determine the final appearance of the Finger Crochet Scarf or Necklace.
    Finger crochet chain - chain - chain to whatever length you desire! The inside circle loop measures 27". Finger crochet: chain - chain - chain to whatever length you desire! The inside circle loop measures 27" inches in diameter.

    As I was crocheting, I thought of adding a little something more to finish the scarf a little differently than the examples that I had seen showing bulky yarns. I did not want to add weight to my project because that would defeat the purpose of the scarf or necklace being light-weight. I returned to my stash and found a solution!

    Other supplies used: 7-9mm Freshwater Pearls, Stretch Magic bead and jewelry cord (0.7 mm / 0.28 in), and a wooden button (1.5" in diameter). Other supplies used: 7-9mm Freshwater Pearls, Stretch Magic Bead and Jewelry Cord (0.7 mm / 0.28 in), and a wooden button (1.5" in diameter).

    I strung some Freshwater Pearls onto Stretch Magic Bead and Jewelry Cord before weaving into one section of my project.

    Fresh water pearls strung on the Stretch Magic cord to add a little glimmer to the chain. Freshwater Pearls strung on the Stretch Magic Bead and Jewelry Cord to add a little glimmer to the chain.

    I attached the scarf or necklace together as described in leaflet 75517 - Learn to Arm Knit or instruction booklet contained in the 47134 - Learn to Arm Knit KIT. Then, I added a wooden button as my signature - I love buttons, too!

    The final Finger Crochet Scarf / Necklace has seven loops, not six as pictured when the innermost loop measured 27" inches in diameter. The final Finger Crochet Scarf or Necklace has seven loops, not six as pictured when the innermost loop measured 27" inches in diameter.

    The Finger Crochet Scarf or Necklace is in summer colors and is a free-flowing pattern of loops. it is light-weight even with its added Freshwater Pearls and wooden button, and will feel cool hanging around my neck since it is made using cotton yarn.

    A snapshot at the end of the day; the necklace is a good length. A snapshot at the end of the day; the necklace is a good length.

    This is a great way to end a few long, hot days -- and summer hasn't officially begun! Until next time, stay cool!


  • Birthday Earrings or Charms for Wine Glasses

    I just remembered that I have a friend’s birthday dinner Sunday evening. I was looking at the Hoop Earrings in Leisure Arts book called Easy DIY Jewelry Book 2. I decided that I would make her some charms for her wine glasses. She can use them on her glasses or wear them as earrings.

    FullSizeRender (2)

    For this project I used needle nose pliers, wire cutters, 4 hoop earrings with an eye, several silver spacers, 4 headpins, 16 small glass beads, and 8 slightly bigger glass beads. I used two bigger beads on the headpins with a spacer in between and one on top and wrap and making a little hoop to be able to slide onto the earring. So after I made my bobbin I took a small glass bead and placed it onto the hoop then a spacer, then another small glass bead, the bobbin and repeated what I put on before the bobbin I did this to all four. Because my bobbins on this project are all different she might not want to wear them as earrings. After all the beads, spacers, and bobbins are all on I then closed the earring by putting the post through the eye of the earring and bent the end of the earring. This will keep the earring from coming off and everything falling off. I only bent one so you could tell the difference.

    IMG_8040 (1)

  • Fourth of July Bracelet

    I cannot believe that it is July and in just two days it will be Independence Day. This year is just flying by so quickly. Any who! I realized I do not own anything patriotic. So I wanted to make something that I could wear on my wrist. I used some of my beads that I got at the antique mall. I had some old red, white, and blue buttons that I thought would be prefect for this project. I didn’t use a book for this I just winged it. I think that it turned out well. Here are a couple of books that I love and inspire me by Leisure Arts Easy DIY Jewelry Book 2 and DIY Jewelry Pendants. I bought some 19 gauge wire this morning at my local hardware store that has been around since before I was born. I just love going to hardware stores. I went to get a key made and came out with a new key and a couple different gauge wires. The one thing about using regular wire is that after you use it or wear it, it oxidizes and starts to lose its shine.


    The tools that I used are needle nose pliers, and wire cutters. The supplies were 6 buttons two red, two white, and two blue. I used toggle, clasp, and a few jump rings. I cute a good 5-7 inch length for both sides of the button to wrap and make an eye to join the next button or eye for the jump ring. I know that I usually use head pins but I thought I would see what the wire would look like. I like the wire. Make sure that you feel around on the end of the wire so that it doesn’t have a sharp end, or a tiny bit of an end that can get snagged on say your shorts and cannot move your arm and have to ask a stranger at the grocery store if she could unsnag you. Yes!! Yes!! This actually happened a couple weeks ago.


  • Emerald Necklace

    Easy DIY Jewelry


    One of my good family friends is having their 35th anniversary this weekend. I had to google what the anniversary gift is for one 35th anniversary and it is emerald or coral. So I decided since I couldn’t afford emeralds I would go into my bead and button boxes to see what I could find that was emerald or as close to emerald as I could get and to make her something special. I also looked through my favorite jewelry book for an idea. The book is called Easy DIY Jewelry Book 2. I found that Green Dangles Necklace was something that I was inspired by.

    I used a small silver decorative ring and on this ring I used one eye pin for the green button. For the other three I used two different kinds of decorative silver headpins with glass beads on two, and a peace sign with a silver bead. I used a small leather cord for the necklace to tie it all together. I also got a silver chain to go with it so that she can wear it on a dressy occasion. Make sure that when you are doing your finishing touches of wrapping your wires that you feel around the ends to make sure that you have no sharp ends. The only tools that I needed to use were my needle nose pliers. Have fun making your jewelry.

    Green Dangles Necklace

  • Key Fob

    Playing with my beads and buttons again this week I was wondering what new pretty things that I could make. Then I remembered that I recently went through my keys and cleaned out all the old keys that I didn’t need any more and after cleaning out my old keys I had empty key rings that were sitting on my bedside table taunting me because they were empty and I didn’t know what to do with them. If I throw them away then I would need one. So I got out my button box and then my bead box. I remembered a pair of Dangling Earrings from my Leisure Arts book called Easy DIY Jewelry Book 2 and thought something like that would look really cute on a key chain. The back of the book has easy to follow directions and photos to help. I found them very useful.

    IMG_7686 (1) Key Fob

    I chose buttons and beads that didn’t have a mate. I should have thought to go into my arts cabinet and get a spool of wire to make them longer than in the photo. I will do this next time and oh yes there will be a next time. These were quick and easy to make and would make great little gifts. For the one with the buttons, small silver spacers, and glass beads I used a hoop earring with an eye. I used needle nose pliers to pull really tight after putting on the buttons on the hoop and around through the eye. Then I added the glass beads and small silver spacers. You want to make sure that you save enough space on the hoop earring to go around your key chain and are able to wrap it a few times and use your needle nose pliers to make sure that your ends aren’t sticking out so nothing can grab on to it. The other fob is basically the same glass beads, silver spacers, and fancy headpins posts.

  • Button and Glass Bead Bracelet

    I am having so much fun playing with my beads and my buttons so I was wondering what they would look like together. Thinking about which buttons to use I remembered I had several silver buttons. It took a couple attempts to join the two different type’s material. I used the White & Gold Bracelet from the Leisure Arts book called Easy DIY Jewelry Book 2. The only thing that I do not like is how my fingertips hurt when I am finished.

    FullSizeRender (23)

    I ran out of eye pins making another bracelet like I made the other day.  So I used some hoop earrings that have an eye and these are easy to wrap than the eye pin. The only thing is they are bent so I had to gently straighten then to slide the beads on. I used toggle clasps and two jump rings. I almost used the jump rings to connect the wrapped buttons to the eye of the eye pin of the wrapped beads I would just have to remember to make an eye hole at the end of the wrapped bead. I think I might try wrapping some for some earrings to.

  • Bead Bracelet

    I got some new books from Leisure Arts. The book that I was most inspired by is the Easy DIY Jewelry Book 2. You know how much I like buttons. Well getting to play with beads to me is equally fun. I wish I had some silver peace signs like in the book's project, Peace Sign Bracelet.  It was the one that I really liked. I have wrapped beads, made earrings and wine charms as gifts but I rarely make things for myself. This is my first bracelet and I chose real pretty green glass beads, and a couple of green gemstones with silver beads on both sides. I usually give the things that I make away as birthday, Christmas, and just-because-it-made-me-think-of-you gifts. This bracelet would make a great gift for a friend or family member for any occasion.


    I wrapped my beads on an eye pin, but before you wrap, put on another eye pin to make a chain for your next set of beads to wrap. Continue until you have the desired length you want. I used my wrist and a friend’s wrist to measure so that it’s not too small or tight. I used two pairs of needle nose pliers, a very small set that I found at Hobby Lobby several years ago, and another pair that I got at my local hardware store along with my wire cutters. The only thing that I did not have in my bead box were clasps. I will have to pick up some tomorrow at my craft store. I will then use two jump rings which I call o – rings. Have fun playing with your beads. I know that I will be after I restock a few things.

  • Hair Wraps

    I had a flashback moment to my junior high school days today. While flipping through Friendship Crafts by Leisure Arts I was looking for a quick project that I could do with kids on a rainy day like today. I pulled out some DMC embroidery floss and found an old clip barrette and set to work. It took about an hour to make. I have charms in my bead box that I will have to remember to get out when I do these with the kids. These are hair wraps without actually wrapping it around your hair that you have to cut out when you are tired of them. Continue reading

  • Easy DIY Jewelry e-Books!

    Like almost every girl out there, I love a little bling, but while diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, they don’t fit in my budget. Consequently, I’ve been thinking of seriously trying my hand at making my own jewelry. Problem is…I spend a lot of time in the bead aisle at my favorite craft store just coveting all those gorgeous, brilliantly colored beads only to finally wander away because I don’t really have a clue what to do with them. I find myself simply overwhelmed with all the goodness to choose from… Where do I start? I need guidance, and, once again, Leisure Arts has my solution (and it’s a solution all you download fans are gonna love):

    Leisure Arts has just released their line of 12 new Easy DIY Jewelry e-Books—some of the prettiest and coolest beading how-to books I’ve seen in years, and, right now, you can only get them on our website as downloadable e-Books! Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more, oh my! Check them out—
    Make Jewelry Easy DIY Jewelry eBook
    You’ll learn the basics of jewelry making and be creating the 8 projects in this book in no time!
    Charmed Easy DIY Jewelry eBook
    You’ve seen those gorgeous charm beads in jewelry stores! Now you can be wearing them at a fraction of the cost with these 16 projects.
    Hippie Easy DIY Jewelry eBook
    I’m loving the natural look of the leather, wood, colorful cords, and jute featured in the 22 jewelry projects!
    Classic Easy DIY Jewelry eBook
    Lots of great blacks, whites, greys and silvers used in the 17 classy jewelry projects!
    Sweetness Easy DIY Jewelry eBook
    Ahh, 21 candy-colored jewelry pieces to tempt the sweet side of my fashion sense!
    Spicy Easy DIY Jewelry eBook
    Cinnamon, chili peppers, and curry are the colors you’ll find in the 21 spicy jewelry projects!
    Ocean Easy DIY Jewelry eBook
    Imagine yourself by the sea while wearing these 15 aquatic-themed jewelry projects!
    Romance Easy DIY Jewelry eBook
    You’re destined to fall in love with this bling—18 jewelry projects just perfect for all of life's special occasions!
    Glam Easy DIY Jewelry eBook
    22 jewelry projects ideal for adding a little glamour to a boring wardrobe!
    Flirty Easy DIY Jewelry eBook
    There’s a little flirt in every girl! Get everyone's attention with 15 eye-catching jewelry projects!
    Rocker Easy DIY Jewelry eBook
    Give your inner rocker a treat with 17 rocking jewelry projects!
    Latte Easy DIY Jewelry eBook
    Light caramel, rich mocha, dark espresso—these inviting colors are anything but neutral in these 16 jewelry projects!
    Think about it…if you made every project in these 12 new Easy DIY Jewelry eBooks, you’d have over 200 treasures to stuff in your jewelry box plus bragging rights! How cool is that!!! Plus, I’m thinking the girls in my family are gonna be getting jewelry this Christmas…

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