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  • Stylish Texture, 8 crochet afghans

    On my way home for the evening, I walked past the lunchroom where a beautiful wave of color and texture stopped me in my tracks. I had to stop for a closer look and of course, to touch. Draped across a large table was a group of crochet afghans displayed together that made such a pretty picture I had to share it! No one was around at that precise moment but I soon learned these afghans were all made from patterns in the new Leisure Arts leaflet, Stylish Texture, 8 crochet afghans. I want them all, but realistically I have to start with one and think my choice will be the one called “Tranquility”. Soft, puffy popcorn stitches made in Vanna’s Choice™ Baby – the color: Sweet Pea. I even like the yarn color name, so it’s decided.

    Stylish Textured Afghans

    At least once a month, our editors have a show & tell where they share all of the finished projects from new books that are on their way to the printer. It’s a tradition that everyone enjoys and an opportunity for learning about all sorts of arts and crafts. The room was filled with a variety of other handcrafted items too, in the preparation for the event to be held the next morning – but this time, I was drawn in early by the crochet afghans and the color palette.

    4464 Stylish Textured Afghans
    Fantastic Yarn!

    The back inside cover of the afghan book lists all of the yarns our pattern testers used for photo models. If you love them like I did, check out this handy reference. Of course you can choose your own favorites for these stylish crochet patterns designed by Barbara Shaffer.

  • Patricia Lee | The Wrapping Scarf Revolution

    What a thrill to be blogging for Leisure Arts! It has been such a pleasure to work with the wonderful staff to get The Wrapping Scarf Revolution published and I have become thoroughly convinced that the world would be a much better place if we all had the lovely manners of the southern ladies down in Little Rock.

    Yesterday was a beautiful crisp autumn day here in Connecticut. My friend Tracy invited some friends over for lunch and I decided to bring some mandu which are tasty Korean dumplings. You may have tried Japanese or Chinese dumplings which are similar to mandu but I highly recommend you try Korean dumplings if you ever get the chance.
    Mandu is delicious steamed or boiled in a soup, but for Tracy's, I decided to pan fry in healthy grapeseed oil, so that the ladies could enjoy a fun finger food. To make things easy for the hostess, I love to bring food that is already nicely displayed in a dish. Transporting odd shaped dishes of food is a cinch with a wrapping scarf. I was also bringing some cookies in a separate covered container so I stacked the mandu on top of the cookies and wrapped it all up with a wrapping scarf. I used the lotus wrap which you can see demonstrated in this video.
    We had a ball catching up with each other's most recent sagas of childrearing disasters and workplace woes. The mandu was a big hit and I'd love to share the recipe with you sometime in a future post! Until next time, happy wrapping!

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