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  • The Therapeutic Benefits of Crafting

    Are you in a mental rut? Are the winter blues getting to you? Do you want to celebrate National Craft Month in a relaxing way? Maybe you’ve been working hard and deserve a break. No matter the reason, it’s always a good time to explore the therapeutic benefits of crafting.  Even if your everyday life is filled with mental activity, crafting and the act of creating uses a different part of the brain, relieving your mind and preventing burn out. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just looking for a way to unwind, these activities are sure to do the trick. 

    Think Abstract

    Book #7412

    You don’t have to be Van Gogh to make great paintings. Happy Abstracts shows you how to be fearless with color, texture, and technique. Go beyond the classic still life painting and play with whatever shapes and colors you want. While this book will guide you through each painting, it also teaches you how to take risks with creativity and create your own works of art. Give yourself the gift of a free imagination. 

    Heavy Petal Artist

    Book #7241

     The repetitive action of crafting is scientifically proven to reduce stress. Working with paper is a great way to use that repetition to make something beautiful. You can start with a simple flower arrangement or jump right into projects like this shadowboxed set seen above. The art of paper crafting has been around for a long time, but this is a fresh and modern take on it. 

    I Can Smell the Relaxation From Here

    Book #7311

    This one is a twofer: a craft that’s relaxing to make and to use. Making your own candles is a fun and relaxing way to create your own ambience. Use found and collected items to make your candles, like jars, shells, coffee cups, and more. Whatever you use, this book is there to guide you to delicious scents, beautiful presentations, and inspiration to keep you making! 

    Lava Yourself

    Book #7353

    Jewelry isn’t usually thought of as a self-care necessity, unless you do a lot of retail therapy, but these projects were designed to take care of you! Aromatherapy has been used for centuries as a method of healing, and today it’s no different. With lava beads and essential oils, you can have relaxation on the go in a stylish little accessory. 

    Punch It

    Book #7513

    Is your growing yarn stash overwhelming you? Try something new with all that yarn. Punch needling is super easy to master and beautiful to look at. Full of color and texture, the options are endless when you pick up a punch needle. Even if you've never done it before, this book will help you learn the basics and progressively build your skills until you can freestyle your next punch needle project!

    However you like to relax, there’s always a way to bring crafting into it. It’s just about finding the right activity for you. Next time you craft yourself some self-care, be sure to tag us @leisureartsinc or #leisurearts, we love seeing what’s happening in your crafty corner! 

    Happy Relaxing! 

    -Leisure Arts Team 

  • Light Up Your Fall - National LED Light Day!

    October 7th is National LED Light Day -- so light up your surroundings! Fabulous fall decor from colorful leaves and pumpkins, to flying bats and ghosts, who couldn't use an extra candle or two, or three, to add a little glow to their seasonal surroundings? Leisure Arts has an LED 3-Pack Candle Set just for you - and it's being offered at a reduced price! These candles are fake, or faux, and are a great solution for ease of use and enhanced safety; fake means no candle flames ignited or melted wax! Look at what's included in the LED 3-Pack Candle Set along with some of our decorating ideas for you to incorporate into your seasonal decor!

    LED 3-Pack Candle Set includes a remote that offers 12 different color settings, two timer settings and a flickering-light mode. LED 3-Pack Candle Set includes a remote that offers 12 different color settings, two timer settings and a flickering-light mode.

    This is the first "fake" set of  LED Light candles that has gotten me excited to use. Not only do the faux candles feel like wax, each can be illuminated in a different color using the included remote. The remote control offers so many options, including two timer settings.

    LED Light - Unboxed 3 Set The candle heights are 3.9" (10 cm), 4.9" (12.5 cm) and 5.9" (15 cm); the diameter for each is 3" (7.6 cm). Each candle requires three AAA batteries.

    I like the fact that I can decorate each LED Light candle individually and use them as a coordinated theme, or display them separately around the house, or on the covered porch, or other area to be determined by my seasonal decor.

    Decorated LED Light for Fall Decorating each candle with a button garland. No need to worry about this decoration melting!

    As your decorating theme or mood changes, so can the color of the LED Light candles so that you can project your feelings or home's ambience as is suited from moment-to-moment!

    A beautiful amber glow setting LED Light for an evening setting. A beautiful amber glow for an evening setting.

    I have started with a simple tabletop decoration. It projects the change of the fall season into early winter by using leaves and ribbons in different colored patterns, along with the additional  button garlands I used as additional candle embellishments.

    A beautiful LED Light trio displaying various embellishments to use with your tabletop decorations! A beautiful trio displaying various embellishments to use with your tabletop decorations!

    Have fun exploring what type of seasonal decorations you can enhance by incorporating this LED Light candle trio into your lifestyle!


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