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  • Breathe Easier with these DIY Masks

    In addition to social distancing, wearing cloth face masks out in public has been recommended to help slow the spread of COVID-19. These quick and cute projects will bring you pride while they keep the people around you safe.

    Breathe Easy - 8 Simple Sew and Appliqué Particle Mask and Cap Projects - eBook #36007737

    Wear your DIY masks with pride.

    According to the CDC, masks should 

    • fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
    • be secured with ties or ear loops
    • include multiple layers of fabric
    • allow for breathing without restriction
    • be able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape

    Our designers have been working on easy-to-make patterns for masks that fit the CDC recommendations. They are intended for your personal use, and won't take away from the supply of medical masks for healthcare workers. We are offering a free Tie-On Pleated Mask ePattern so you can outfit your family and/or friends.

    Tie-On Pleated Mask - ePattern

    Tie-On Pleated Mask - ePattern

    Masks above: Free Tie-On Pleated Mask #808706

    This pattern is also in Breathe Easy - 8 Simple Sew and Appliqué Particle Mask and Cap Projects - eBook, available to download for $5.99. This book includes eight mask and cap designs, with embellishments, special features and extra tips. Cute cat, dog, emoji masks are quick and easy. We threw in some surgical caps as well to inspire some fun options for our healthcare folks.

    Breathe Easy - 8 Simple Sew and Appliqué Particle Mask and Cap Projects - eBook #36007737

    Breathe Easy - 8 Simple Sew and Appliqué Particle Mask and Cap Projects - eBook #36007737

    You can personalize the masks with as far as your imagination takes you! Paint or stencil a simple design, use decorative stitches, mix and match fabrics, or sparkle it up with Diamond Dotz.

    Breathe Easy - 8 Simple Sew and Appliqué Particle Mask and Cap Projects - eBook #36007737

    Breathe Easy - 8 Simple Sew and Appliqué Particle Mask and Cap Projects - eBook #36007737

    So grab your favorite materials and your creativity and get to masking!

    NOTE: The masks are intended to protect other people from you, so they do not take the place of diligent social distancing and hand washing, etc. Wear a mask, save a life!

  • Free Flower Patterns for Mother’s Day

    Happy Sunday Y’all! Did you know that Mother’s Day is next Sunday, May 13? Have you been procrastinating on her present? How about making mom some flowers for Mother’s Day with our free downloadable patterns?

    Tissue Paper Flowers—These pretties are super-easy to make for mom!
    Pick a bouquet of Button & Felt Flowers for mom!
    Create a place of relaxation for mom with these beautiful no-sew Flower Power Pillows.
    Meadow Luminaries—Bring the vibrant colors of the meadow to mom’s deck or patio with these charming and easy glass lanterns. They make great flower vases, too!
    Novel Marker—Whether reading for relaxation or inspiration, mom can always use a new floral-embellished bookmark.
    Crochet a Rose—Roses are always popular with mom, and our crocheted design by Terry Kimbrough lets you make them any size you want.
    This Ribbon Flower Necklace is one of 11 tantalizing designs in Lisa Gentry’s book, Teach Yourself Crochet Ribbon Accents. Mom will love this unique, beaded ribbon design.
    Roses Remembered Afghan—The beauty of roses will be forever fresh when mom wraps up in this elegant afghan.
    Bundle mom in vintage luxury with this Flower Patch Quilt from Alda Ellis’ Sentimental Living From the Porch!
    Now get busy and enjoy being creative for Mother’s Day!
  • Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns Deal Part 2

    Did you see yesterday’s Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns Deal Part 1? Well, here we go as promised with our Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns Deal Part 2. Check out these very cute designs:

    Easter Ensemble Plastic Canvas Patterns
    Welcome Easter with these “eggs-tra” special accents! The coordinating set will fill your home with springtime delights, such as colorful eggs, a sweet bunny, and a “basket” full of bright blossoms. The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 and 10 mesh plastic canvas.

    Bunny & Easter Egg Plastic Canvas Patterns
    These little creations are easy to make and versatile to use. Try working stitched pieces on 7 or 10 mesh plastic canvas to decorate baskets, jars, wreaths, bags, and other items. They also can be made into package ties, plant pokes, magnets, coasters, and more.

    Easter Party Ducks Plastic Canvas Patterns
    For an Easter gathering that will delight youngsters, decorate your table with our cute party favors. Terrific treats can be presented in the duck nut cup, and the matching napkin tie is a sweet accent for the place setting. The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

    Easter Bunnies Plastic Canvas Patterns
    Our “hoppy-go-lucky” bunnies will bring charm to your Easter celebrations. Stitched in soft pastels, the stuffed shapes will inspire lots of creative ideas like these plant pokes. You can also add them to an Easter basket or make a garland of bunnies to decorate a wall or shelf. Each is worked on 7 mesh plastic canvas using worsted weight yarn and is stuffed with fiberfill.

    Easter Rabbit Basket Plastic Canvas Pattern
    A whimsical finishing touch for an Easter basket, this flop-eared fellow will make a cute accent for the rest of the year, too! The design is stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas. The bunny is finished with two 9 mm animal eyes and ribbons and attached to a painted basket.

    Easter Friends Plastic Canvas Patterns
    Hop hop hurray! These fun-loving bunnies are ready to turn your Easter party into a more colorful occasion. Adorning candy cups, a banner, and more, the playful collection will delight youngsters year after year. The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

    Easter Basket Boutique Plastic Canvas Pattern
    Covered with dimensional baskets full of colorful eggs, this tissue box cover brings happy Easter greetings. The unique cover would also make a nice gift for “somebunny” special! The design is stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas and accented with satin ribbon bows.

    Enjoy your Easter creativity! If you need more on sale, downloadable, Easter inspiration, see our Easter Deals!

  • Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns Deal Part 1

    I just love plastic canvas projects for Easter decorating. The bright colors and cheerful designs just seem to go with the season for me, and kids love them. Plus most of them are small and quick to stitch which is a bonus for me since I seem to be a last minute crafter. If plastic canvas appeals to you, too, check out Part 1 of our Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns. They’re on sale for only $1.00!

    Perky Easter Pair Plastic Canvas Patterns
    This cute bunny frame and coordinating tissue box cover make a delightful duo. Whether displayed together or separately, they’ll bring a touch of happiness to any room for the Easter holiday or even year ’round. The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

    Easter Kisses Plastic Canvas Patterns
    With candy surprises tucked in their cheeks, Mr. and Mrs. Mouse Kiss will add fun to a basket of Easter treats! The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

    Easter Bunny Coaster Set Plastic Canvas Pattern
    With our clever coaster set, you and your guests can toast springtime in the company of the Easter Bunny himself! The cottontail coasters make handy accents that are sure to get your holiday hoppin’! The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

    Easter Surprises Bunny, Duck, Chick & Egg Plastic Canvas Patterns
    Cute for creating a tabletop arrangement or using as party favors, these little spring animals will help you spread the joy of Easter. The ornate egg can be used as a magnet or as an accent on a basket or other item. Each design is worked on 7 mesh plastic canvas using worsted weight yarn.

    Easter Cross Bookmark Plastic Canvas Pattern
    Stitched with pearl cotton in pretty pastels, this elegant bookmark will be a lovely reminder of the hope and joy we feel each spring as the miraculous events of the Easter story are retold. Our design is stitched using #3 pearl cotton and white 10 mesh plastic canvas. Twelve stands of embroidery floss may be substituted for the pearl cotton.

    Mini Easter Baskets Plastic Canvas Pattern
    Have a “hoppy” Easter with these mini Easter baskets! They’re great for holding party favors or for adding colorful accents to your spring table. Each is worked on 7 mesh plastic canvas using worsted weight yarn.

    Easter Chicks Plastic Canvas Patterns
    Let our “egg-stra” special family come roost at your house! Whether used as magnets, wreath accents, or plant pokes, this hen and her spring chicks will have everyone cracking smiles. The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas. The baby chicks have 8 mm oval moving eyes.

    Easter Favors Plastic Canvas Patterns
    These cute party favors make charming decorations for your Easter gatherings, baby showers, or children’s parties. The little lamb nut cup is a fun way to share tiny treats. And his “baa-shful” buddy adds a playful touch to name tags, place cards, and baskets. For a really sweet idea, use toothpicks to place little lambs on cupcakes! The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

    Since there are too many fun Easter Plastic Canvas Downloadable patterns on the Leisure Arts site for just one post, come back tomorrow for Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns Deal Part 2 or check them all out (including our cross stitch, crochet, and craft downloadable Easter patterns) at Easter Deals! Each one is only a $1.00!!

  • Downloadable Easter Craft Patterns & A Story…

    I know there are creative folks out there looking for just a little something to get crafty with for Easter! Take a peek at these downloadable Easter craft patterns from Leisure Arts. They’re on sale for only a $1.00 each!

    Herbal Easter Eggs Craft Patterns
    You can give your Easter celebration a new twist with our herbal eggs! We’ll show you how to make theses pretty surprises in no time. They’re perfect for grouping in a bowl or basket and showcased throughout the year! Full instructions are included.

    Easter Ornaments Craft Patterns
    Symbolizing love, new life, and traditional bunny fun, these simple ornaments will help you have a bright and cheerful Easter. Display them on a tabletop tree for an easy Easter centerpiece. Patterns and full instructions are included.

    A Tree for Easter Craft Patterns
    Why not start a new tradition this year and decorate a tree for Easter! Trimmed with painted wooden bunnies, dainty flowers, and colorful ribbons, our miniature tree is a charming addition to your holiday celebration.

    Oh, and I promised you a story…
    I decorated an Easter tree for my kids when they were tiny. It was a little 5’ live sweet gum tree in our front yard. I simply used a straight pin to melt holes in plastic Easter eggs, stuck paperclip hangers in the holes, and hung them on the tree. Fast forward twenty years…there’s still an Easter egg hanging in the top of that tree that I missed when I took the rest down…and the kids still talk about the year we had the Easter tree!

    What’s your favorite Easter story about your family? Please share…I had to promise my eldest daughter that I wouldn’t post a picture or tell the story about the time I made her wear an Easter hat…

  • Downloadable Easter Cross Stitch Patterns

    Need some inspiration to get you started on your Easter cross stitching? Check out these downloadable Easter-themed cross stitch patterns from Leisure Arts! They’re all on sale for $1.00 each!

    Easter Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
    Especially for Easter, our sampler features the inspirational words of John 3:16. Decorative stitches and beads add to its simple beauty. This design was cross stitched over two fabric threads on Cream Belfast Linen (32 count) and custom framed. The stitched wording says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting Life.”

    Easter Jar Lids Cross Stitch Patterns
    A jar of treats topped with one of our Easter motifs is a sweet way to say “Happy Easter.” Stitched in spring colors, the fun collection is sure to bring a bit of sunshine to a friend’s day. The designs were cross stitched on Antique White Aida (14 count) and inserted in large mouth jar lids.

    Easter Bunny Cross Stitch Pattern
    Celebrate Easter by stitching this charming bunny design. It’s sure to become a treasured family heirloom in your holiday home. Our design was cross stitched over two fabric threads on a 20" x 14" piece Antique White Lugana (25 count) and custom framed.

    Happy Easter Pockets Cross Stitch Patterns
    Fresh-faced children and amiable bunnies lend an old-fashioned air to lovely little bags. Filled with colored “grass” and candy treats, these delightful hanging pockets are a wonderful way to spread a little “hoppiness” this Easter. The designs were cross stitched on White Aida (14 count) and made into hanging pockets. Instructions included for sewing the pockets with cording at the top edge and ribbon hangers.

    Ready for Easter Cross Stitch Pattern
    Embellished with a bunny, a basket of eggs, and a precious girl in a bonnet, this sweatshirt will have a special young lady ready for Easter! The delightful shirt will be just right to wear for an egg hunt. Our design was cross stitched on 12 mesh waste canvas on a purchased child’s sweatshirt.

    Download them now for only a $1.00 each and get busy stitching if you want to be done by Easter!

  • Welcome Spring: Daffodils

    Happy Sunday, Everybody! It’s a beautiful day where I am. In two days, it will officially be Spring on the calendar, but the flowers in my Arkansas yard have been convinced that Spring has already sprung for about three weeks now! Check out my favorite part of Spring—my daffodils:

    Now that I’ve taken bunches of pictures of them, I have to go pick some for the middle of the dining table…

    I'm also thinking about crocheting this Daffodil Sachet. It’s from a low-priced, downloadable Leisure Arts pattern, so I could start right now if I wanted to!

    Enjoy today! I am!

  • Downloadable Irish-Themed Patterns

    Looking for some great low-priced downloadable Irish-themed patterns to work on while you're celebrating St. Patrick's Day? We're got some nice ones for plastic canvas, quilting, cross stitch, and knit:
  • Downloadable St. Patrick's Day Plastic Canvas Patterns

    St. Patrick's Day is coming up soon - March 17th in fact! If you're like me, you're probably thinking about making some little St. Patrick's-themed something to give your friends. Low-priced, instant downloadable patterns are coming to my rescue yet again with some really cute plastic canvas projects!
    All four of these designs would make adorable pins (so you won't leave the house without your green), plant pokes (imagine one of them on a dowel stuck down in a pot of shamrocks), magnets (to add a touch of holiday fun to the fridge), and more!
    And best of all, they're downloadable, so you can start stitching them right now!
  • Fashion Doll Fashions to Crochet

    Do little girls still play with fashion dolls? I know I did, and both of my daughters had a closet full! My grandmother first introduced me to crochet by way of the clothes she crocheted for my dolls. Designs very much like these downloadable patterns for fashion doll fashions to crochet from Leisure Arts:

    Beautiful Bridal Gown & Bridesmaid Dress

    Lacy-Ruffles Outfit


    Beach Outfits & Accessories

    Poncho Set

    Ballet Tutu

    Party Dress



    Country Dress & Accessories

    I especially loved the frilly dresses. Bet some little girls in your world would, too! Wish I still had the ones my grandmother made for my dolls…Are any of you that lucky?

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