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fall decor

  • Create Your Own Pumpkin Wall Art

    Add designer touches and show off your joyful personality with Diamond Art by Leisure Arts™ and Diamond Dotz® Freestyle. Diamond dotting is not only fun and calming, it results in beautiful sparkly art. Today's tutorial takes you step-by-step through this pumpkin project, and before you know it, you'll have a great addition to your fall décor.

    I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, then be crowned on a velvet cushion.

    – Henry David Thoreau, Author

    Give 'Em Pumpkin To Talk About

    Anyone can hang fall decorations on the wall for a great look, but creating your own works of art adds that personal touch, and a bit of pride, to your home décor. It would also be a perfect gift for a fall-loving loved one! Read on for everything you'll need to create this charming and quaint Pumpkin on Metal.

    Supplies And Tools:

    • Diamond Dotz® Gems - Colors: 8001 , 8335, 8431
    • Diamond Dotz® Accessory Pack - 1-Comfort Grip Stylus, Pick-Up Wax, Sorting Tray
    • Dotz® Stick Adhesive - Liquid Diamond Dotting Adhesive
    • 3-Piece Dotz® Deluxe Brush Set
    • 12” x 12” 28 Gauge Tin Sheet
    • Burlap Ribbon
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • Graphite Transfer Paper
    • Black Pen

    Many of these supplies can be found on in the freestyle section.

    Get Started On Your Work Of Art

    1. Download and print the pumpkin and welcome design sheets (see above) on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. Place them on your metal and sandwich the transfer paper between the two. Using a black pen, trace over the design. The transferred lines will be light and thin.
    2. Carefully brush the adhesive within the the black lines on the areas you want to apply gems to; you should see a milky white layer of adhesive on the surface. You can apply the adhesive to one section at a time or to the entire design.
    3. Allow the adhesive to dry until it is clear. When adhesive clears completely it is ready for long term adhesion. On non-porous surfaces such metal, this may take up to 9-15 hours. Cover the design and adhesive with a piece of protective film if you will not be applying gems right away.
    4. Remove the clear covering on the adhesive.
    5. Start dotting! Apply the gems to the adhesive as desired.
    6. When you are not working on your project, place a sheet of protective film over the adhesive to protect it from dust.
    7. When you have completed your project, place the protective film over the gems and firmly roll over the whole design with a brayer or rolling pin. This ensures that the gems are firmly adhered.
    8. Attach the burlap ribbon to the back of the tin sheet with a hot glue gun.

    Craft Hacks & Tips

    • The liquid adhesive allows you to add gems art to any surface.
    • A bottle of liquid adhesive is enough to complete 4 full-coverage 9” x 12” artist canvases.

    Skill Level


    Estimated Crafting Time

    3-5 hours plus drying time

    Gourd-geous Results In An Afternoon

    Once you start creating, please share your progress to our Diamond Art Facebook Page! Or share your photos by tagging @leisureartsinc or using #leisurearts on your social channels. We love to see what's going on in your studio.

    Want more DIY Diamond Art projects? Check out our other projects at DIYDiamondArtTutorials and take a look at this video for more inspiration!

    Happy Dazzling!

    -Leisure Arts Team

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