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  • Free Knook Pattern: Ridges Baby Hat



    Unfortunately, the baby does not come with the book.  Sorry.


  • One-Of-A-Kind Fall Leaf Pincushions

    Now that it’s officially Fall, I can’t wait for the leaves to start changing colors.

    In the meantime, I’ve developed a yen to bring a little of the season in the house with some handmade Fall Leaf Pincushions. I consulted with Anne and Becky, the clever ladies in our design department, and here’s how to recreate the One-Of-A-Kind Pincushions that they came up with:

    Felt Leaf Pincushion

    You’ll need:
    • a leaf
    • two colors of green felt
    • gold, rust, lt green, & brown embroidery floss
    • embroidery needle
    • fiberfill
    • a real acorn cap
    • a felt ball
    • craft glue

    Use 3 strands of floss for all stitching.
    1. Find a leaf that makes you happy.

    2. Trace around leaf to make a Leaf Front/Back Pattern.
    3. Trace around the inside of the Leaf Front/Back Pattern to create a Center Pattern.
    4. Using Leaf Front/Back Pattern, cut Leaf Front and Leaf Back from darker green felt.
    5. Using Center Pattern, cut one Center from lighter green felt.
    6. Pin Center to Leaf Front and use gold running stitches to sew in place.

    7. Use rust stem stitches to freehand veins in Center and stem.
    8. Use lt green running stitches to sew Leaf Front to Leaf Back, leaving a small opening for stuffing. Stuff and close opening.
    9. Sew around the edge of the Leaf with brown whipstitches, leaving a long end of floss at the stem end.

    10. Thread long end of floss through acorn cap and felt ball. Glue ball in cap. Knot floss and trim end.

    Fabric Leaf Pincushion

    You’ll need:
    • a leaf
    • stripe & solid fabric
    • pinking shears
    • brown embroidery floss
    • embroidery needle
    • fusible web
    • brown rick rack
    • fiberfill
    • sewing machine & brown thread

    1. Find a leaf you like.

    2. Trace around leaf to make a Leaf Pattern.
    3. Using Leaf Pattern, cut Leaf from solid fabric.
    4. Based on the size of your Leaf, decide how big you want your pincushion to be and draw an appropriately sized square for a Top/Bottom Pattern.
    5. Cut Top from stripe fabric and Bottom from solid fabric.
    6. Follow package directions and use fusible web to adhere Leaf to Top.

    7. Machine stitch edges of Leaf to Top and create Leaf veins. Add accents to Leaf veins with one strand of brown floss.
    8. Stack Front and Back with right sides together and rick rack sandwiched in between. Sew Front and Back together, leaving an opening for turning. Turn, stuff, and sew opening closed.

  • Dyeing Wool Yarn with Kool-Aid®

    I’ve discovered a new obsession—Yes, it’s true! YOU can custom dye your own wool yarn with Kool-Aid®! It’s quick, easy, and fun. Experiment with your favorite colors and then knit something cool like our Felted Mini Clutch.
    You’ll Need:
    • Kool-Aid® unsweetened drink mix in desired color
    (1 package per ounce of yarn)
    • Liquid dishwashing detergent
    • Large microwave safe dish
    • Microwave
    • Light colored 100% wool yarn (white or ivory works best) We used Patons® Classic Wool Merino - Aran #0202
    Prepare Yarn:
    1. Wrap yarn into a ring approx. 36" across. We used approximately two ounces of yarn. To keep strands from tangling, use 6" pieces of yarn to tie the ring together in at least four places.
    2. Fill the dish with warm (not hot) water. Add a few drops of dish detergent; gently mix (a few bubbles are OK, but you don’t want a fluffy bubble bath). Place the yarn ring into the dish. Gently submerge the yarn in the water. Be sure to fully saturate the yarn. Allow to sit for 30 minutes. This opens up the yarn scales to accept the dye. Do not stir the yarn; this can cause felting. After 30 minutes, gently squeeze the water out of the yarn. Do not rub the yarn. Rinse the yarn in the same temperature water as it was soaking. Squeeze water out of yarn.
    Mix & Dye:
    You can dye with one or more colors. We used two colors – Berry Blue and Orange. Beautiful greens and golds resulted where the two ran together. Have fun and experiment with your favorite colors!
    3-4. Empty a package of Kool-Aid® into a cup; add 8 oz. of water and stir to dissolve. Place the yarn back in the dish and spoon dye onto yarn. Be sure the yarn is completely saturated.
    5. Place the dish in the microwave and heat on HIGH for 2 minutes. Allow the yarn to “rest” for 2 minutes. Repeat this process until the water in the container is either clear or only slightly cloudy (ours only needed one heating). This means that all of the dye has been absorbed into the yarn. Allow the yarn and water to cool. Rinse the yarn in the same temperature water as the cooled water (shocking the yarn with cold water can cause felting). Gently squeeze out water and hang yarn to dry.
    6. Once it is dry, wrap your yarn into a ball and you are ready to knit, crochet, or knook!
    Click here for a download of our Dyeing Wool Yarn with Kool-Aid® tutorial and here for our Felted Mini Clutch downloadable pattern to knit. Enjoy!
  • Easy DIY Jewelry e-Books: Free Jewelry Pattern

    I have to tell you! I got so excited writing about the 12 new Leisure Arts Easy DIY Jewelry e-Books yesterday that I had to go home and download all of them! Then, the daughters and I settled in for a great time trying to decide which design to make first! I have to admit that I got so busy looking at all those great jewelry photos that I haven’t actually gotten around to making anything…yet, but (instead of Win It Wednesday) I did get permission to share a free pattern with you for one of my favorite designs—the Heart Pendant Necklace from the Latte Easy DIY Jewelry eBook!!


    Approx. length: 30", excluding pendant

    You’ll need:
    • large antique copper heart bead
    • assorted beads and charms
    • small bronze crystal bead
    • antique copper chain
    • silver head pins
    • silver jump rings
    • antique copper large oval jump ring
    • bronze nylon-coated beading wire
    • bronze crimp beads & crimp tool
    • chain-nose pliers, round-nose pliers, & wire cutters

    Basic Techniques You’ll Need to Learn:
    Opening and Closing Jump Rings and Loops on Head Pins

    Whether you need to attach a clasp, a charm or dangle, or other jewelry component, you’ll probably use jump rings. Here’s how to properly open and close them.

    Pick up a jump ring with chain-nose pliers. With a second pair of chain-nose pliers, gently hold the other side of the ring. Open the ring by pulling one pair of pliers toward you while pushing the other away.

    Close the ring by pushing and pulling the pliers in the opposite direction, bringing the ring ends back together.

    You’ll also open and close the loops on head pins and eye pins the same way.

    Securing Crimp Beads
    String crimp bead on wire and place the crimp bead on the inner groove of the crimp tool and squeeze.

    Release the tool, turn the crimp bead a quarter turn, and place it in the outer groove.

    Squeeze the tool to round out the crimp bead.

    Making Bead Dangles on Head Pins
    Slide your beads onto a head pin. Leaving about 1/2", cut off the excess wire. If you are making a large loop, leave more wire at the end.

    Using the chain-nose pliers, bend the wire at a 90° angle. Grasp the wire end with the round-nose pliers. Turn the pliers and bend the wire into a loop. Release the pliers. Straighten or twist the loop further if necessary.

    To make the necklace:
    1. Cut a 30” length of chain. Join the chain with the oval jump ring.
    2. For the heart pendant, attach a jump ring to a charm. Thread the jump ring on a 10” wire length and fold the wire in half. Thread the wire ends through the crystal bead, the heart bead, a crimp bead, and a jump ring. Thread the wire ends back through the crimp bead and the heart bead. Secure the crimp bead and trim the excess wire.

    3. Use the pendant jump ring to attach the pendant to the chain center.

    4. Make bead dangles using the beads and head pins. Attach the bead dangles and charms to the chain with the silver jump rings.  

    Hope you 

    enjoy creating this pretty jewelry design as I plan to! Be sure to take a look at all 12 of our new Easy DIY Jewelry e-Books! They’ll inspire you to bring out the bling!

  • Free Duct Tape Halloween Spider Project

    {Happy Saturday Everybody! Patti Wallenfang, Leisure Arts designer and resident duct tape diva, is back again today as a guest blogger here on Everyday Life at Leisure! Check out her fun tutorial for making a Duct Tape Halloween Spider!}

    Hey all you "tapers"!

    It's here! Fall! Halloween! Get ready for stick or treat...

    I guess you have seen the really cool Halloween duct tape patterns. I was shopping at my favorite craft store and there they were in a giant bin of duct tape.

    Candy corn pattern...CUTE!

    Purple duct tape pattern with google-y eyed spiders on it...FUH-UNNNN!

    When I saw the purple tape I was inspired to make my own google-y spider.

    Super simple. 

    You should make one (or ten).  

    Duct Tape Halloween Spider

    Here's what you'll need:
    Wiggle eyes, colored duct tape and fuzzy sticks (aka pipe cleaners). Plus, some newspaper, foil, a plastic bag, or anything you can wad up to make the spider's body.

    OK. Start.
    Cover the 4 fuzzy sticks with duct tape. I used the zebra duct tape. Once they are covered, stack em up and twist them together in the middle. Voila! 8 spider legs.

    Next, to make the spider body, wad up newspaper or a plastic bag to resemble a sort of flattened tennis ball. Cover this with duct tape. I used purple, obviously. 

    Tape the legs on the underside of the body. Make the legs all bendy like in the pic.

    Add wiggle eyes. DONE!!!!

    Here's a pic of the one I made. Notice the excellent spooky hand in the photo. This is a fav thing I dig out of my Halloween stash every year. It shows up in some crazy places and is always good for a scream from some unsuspecting victim. You can do the same thing with duct tape spiders. Put em everywhere in the house, the car, the yard. Get creative and try different color combinations, too.

    Speaking of spiders, check out the GIANT yard spider in my book—Stick or Treat. His body is a large black trash bag and his legs are duct tape-covered swimming "noodles". He is even wearing shoes. Look at the photo closely, and you will see some Spider-Man shoes on his feet! How funny is that!!!!? The detailed instructions and the pattern for making the spider's fierce face are in the book. Check it out!!!! We’ve got an eBook version and a version for your iPad, too!

    Have fun making spiders and...

    Keep on taping!

    Duct Tape Diva,
    Patti Wallenfang

    {And, oh hey, have you got your Duct Tape Creativity Pinterest board ready to enter in our Pin To Win Leisure Arts Duct Tape Creativity Giveaway? Don’t miss your chance to win your very own Trust E. Duck, 35 rolls of assorted Duck Brand Duck Tape, a copy of The Official Duck Tape Craft Book, plus copies of all three of our duct tape craft pattern books—Just Duct Tape It!, Go Crazy with Duct Tape, and the just released Stick or Treat! Giveaway ends September 30! That’s tomorrow!!!}
  • Halloween, Duct Tape, & More — Sept. 12 Leisure Arts Newsletter

    The weather’s been a little cooler here in Arkansas lately—and we’re very grateful! Could it be that Autumn’s on its way? Is it time to start thinking about Halloween with a great BOGO deal on our Halloween-themed Stick or Treat duct tape pattern book or maybe just about all the fun you can have with duct tape by playing Pin to Win with us?
    Pin To Win Leisure Arts Duct Tape Creativity Giveaway
    To inspire that duct tape fun, we'd like to invite you to participate in our Pin To Win Leisure Arts Duct Tape Creativity Giveaway—running September 10-September 30! We’re thrilled to announce that we will award a Duct Tape Prize Package to one Grand-Prize Winner of our Pin to Win Duct Tape Creativity Giveaway. Read more…
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    Editor's Corner:
    Just Released—Decorate with Burlap!
    Whether your home is cottage chic or traditional, the natural look of burlap adds casual style that's both modern and relaxed. This inspiring book from the O'Neil Sisters (Jennifer and Kitty) shows just how easy and versatile decorating with burlap can be. Decorate with Burlap is also available to download digitally! Read more…

    See photos on our blog... (Everyday Life at Leisure's got a copy of the book to give away!)
    September Free Project!
    Our very own duct tape diva, Leisure Arts designer Patti Wallenfang's offering up a free project in a special guest post on Everyday Life at Leisure to help you get in the Halloween spirit — Duct Tape Frankenfingers! She's also sharing a peek at some of her fave projects from her just released Halloween duct tape pattern book — Stick or Treat! The Stick or Treat eBook is also now available!

    New Quilt Releases In the Spotlight:
    Hey Quilters! The spotlight in this issue is just for you! We’re taking a peek at the three newest additions to the Leisure Arts Best of Fons & Porter quilt pattern book series. Meet the designers—Marianne Fons and Liz Porter have been working together for more than 30 years. From teaching quilting classes in the 1970s and 80s, they went on to host the No. 1 quilting show on public television and establish the popular magazine, Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting. They also operate a quilt shop in Winterset, Iowa, and a web site, Now, check out their new quilt pattern books:

    Best of Fons & Porter: Tips and Techniques
    The editors of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine share 225 tips and Sew Easy lessons to make quilting easier and more accurate. Also included are 13 quilt projects that use the skills covered in the lessons. Read more…
    See photos on our blog...
    Best of Fons & Porter: Fun Quilts for Kids
    This fun collection of quilts that kids will love compiles 27 of the best quilts from Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine. Designs feature themes on space, cowboys, penguins, charming flowers, fairies, vibrant geometrics, and more. And more fun still...this book includes a great design for Halloween—Black Cats Prowling! Read more…
    See photos on our blog...

    Best of Fons & Porter: Star Quilts
    Star quilts are one of the most popular patterns with quilters, and the sky's the limit when it comes to the variety of star patterns that can be found. Quilts in this book from the editors of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine and its special editions include a spectacular Mariner's Compass, a beloved Lone Star, a unique slanted star, and a variety of other traditional Star patterns for all skill levels. Read more…
    See photos on our blog...

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  • Duct Tape Halloween — Frankenfingers Free Project

    {Hope you're all having a fabulous day! Thinking ahead to Halloween, our duct tape diva, Patti Wallenfang, Leisure Arts designer and creator of cool duct tape projects, is back again today with this special guest post to offer up her free project idea for duct tape Frankenfingers!}

    Well, it's already September. Back to school and all that jazz...Actually, it's really October and duct tape that are on my mind. Kinda like most kids that can't wait till Christmas, I can hardly wait for my fave holiday... Halloween!!

    I guess I like Halloween so much because on that one day a year, the world says it’s ok to be crazy mad. You can dress up in off-the-wall outfits, knock on the door of strangers, get free candy, and you can carve up orange vegetables any way you want!!! I think a pumpkin is a vegetable???

    As the duct tape diva, of course, my crazy mad Halloween involves lots of duct tape. Was there ever a more perfect pair, made for especially for each other, as duct tape and Halloween? Not! So, in honor of the upcoming, bestest holiday of the entire year, I’ve got a duct tape idea to share with you—a candy thing. Funny, cute, and easy to candy bars covered with duct tape to look like Frankenstein's fingers, aka, Frankenfingers! Ha!

    Here's how to do it:

    1. Take some bright green duct tape and wrap it around a candy bar, but be sure to leave a strip of the candy bar wrapper exposed on the back. As we all know, duct tape is some indestructible sticky stuff, so leave some of the wrapper showing so the candy bar can be torn open (to eat it, of course!).
    2. Wrap a narrow piece of red duct tape around the bottom edge and trim in a zig-zag pattern. You know...Kinda like it was just ripped off of Frankenstein's hand. Yeah!!!!
    3. Next, you gotta add a fingernail. An ugly black duct tape nail, Uhhh huh.
    4. To complete the Frankenfinger, use a permanent pen to add some creepy wrinkles like in the photo.

    Are you in the duct tape Halloween groove yet? Well, here's a way to really take you to crazy mad Halloween level...

    Check out all the scary, cool, fun, great ideas in my newest book Stick or Treat —An entire Halloween book of stuff made using duct tape, of course!!!

    There are duct tape costume ideas (Sassy Witch! Zombie Nurse!).

    How about some twisted, duct tape covered pumpkins (Camo Pumpkin on spinners and an Eyeball Poppin' Skeleton Face)

    Duct tape yard art (crazy mad Giant Spider wearing sneakers!)

    So hey, duct tape fans and fanatics, check it out all the Halloween stuff to make. Stick or Treat was just released and is guaranteed to be a sell-out. Get one before they're gone and start getting crazy mad for a duct tape Halloween!! (Oh an we’ve got a Stick or Treat eBook now, too! 

    Stick or treat everybody!!!
    Halloween...the bestest holiday evvverrr!
    Patti, the Halloween Duct Tape Diva
  • August 1 Leisure Arts Newsletter—Something For Everybody!

    Just in case you missed it, here’s all the news that went out in our August 1 Issue of the Leisure Arts Newsletter: We've got something for everybody!

    First, we need to do a little light housekeeping before we get to the good stuff! We’re asking all subscribers to the Leisure Arts Newsletter to update their subscription preferences! Let us know what categories you’re interested in (knit, crochet, cross stitch…), so that we can better share the info that you’re interested in. Just click HERE to select your interest categories and update your preferences. We’ll give you a FREE DOWNLOAD of Celebrating Cookies (normally $7.48) just for updating!
    Now for the good stuff…Take a look at all your new options for creativity!!! You could get an early start on Halloween with our new duct tape craft pattern book, discover crocheting in the round, create pretty embroidered wool pillows, sew simple dresses for your fav little girls, or even go a little wild adding some quilted color to your life! Plus, we’ve got an absolutely adorable free Knook Piggy amigurumi project for you this month from designer Amy Gaines!
    And Deals…We’ve got 10% off on everything Knit, free shipping on orders $25 and over from our site, buy a book/get its download free, and more!
    For more bargains, browse all the different skill categories in our Current Promotions list. For more info about what’s happening at Leisure Arts, our Facebook page and Everyday Life at Leisure daily blog always have the latest news, so bookmark those sites and visit often.

    Editor's Corner: Stick or Treat (5929)
    This Halloween, use the powerful magic of Duck Tape® to mutate into a horrifying swamp creature! Or follow our simple instructions to become a hair-raising zombie nurse or any of 11 fun or fiendish characters. Costumes include Be a Giant Roll of Duct Tape, Skeleton Bride, Hippie, Pirate, Punker, Duck, Swamp Monster, Zombie Nurse, Princess, Sassy Witch, and Ghoulish Greeter. Duck Tape® casts its awesome spell on pumpkins, too. And you can conjure your own cool accessories like masks, treat bags, and candy buckets. Want the eeriest house in the neighborhood? Put a gruesome guy or a giant spider in your front yard. Read more…

    Our August Free Project is this adorable LITTLE PIG TO KNOOK!
    Amy Gaines has a knack for making little animals in knit and crochet, and this cute pig free project is something she whipped up while playing around with the Knook, the tool from Leisure Arts that lets you knit with a crochet hook. Don’t you just love that little face! Check out Amy’s Leisure Arts knit and crochet pattern books: Little Knitted CreaturesCute Little Animals, and More Cute Little Animals and visit her on Facebook to see more of her delightful amigurumi designs!
    And while you’re online, take a look at all of our Knook tools, pattern books, and downloads! Just click HERE!

    In the Spotlight: Crochet, Embroidery, Sewing, & Quilts!
    Take a look all some of our new pattern book releases for crochet, embroidery, sewing, and quilting. There's a little something for everybody!

    Crocheting in Circles (5602) You can accomplish something marvelous by crocheting in circles! All ten of these amazing accessories include crocheting in rounds. The Encircled Wrap is accented by more than a dozen disc-shaped motifs, and more big dots add color to the Orange Pop Purse. Crocheting in the round also gives shape to a fashionable Josephine hat, Retro Rocket Market Bag, E-Reader Sweater, Bluebonnet Beret, Running in Circles Slippers, Fingerless Mitts, A Bushel and a Peck Scarf, and Cozy Toes Tube Slippers. Read more…

    Cozy Wool Applique Pillows (5647) What's more refreshing than a sunny day on the farm? Creating country landscapes with wool appliques and embroidery, of course! Seven farmland scenes invite your admiration on six pillows and a box lid. Just for fun, designer Elizabeth Angus also included an eighth design—a pillow featuring pretty heart appliques. Read more…

    Quick and Easy Dresses to Sew (5786) It's so sweet to see a baby, toddler, or girl in a pretty dress, especially when you've sewn that dress yourself. With these designs by Laurie Malm, you can quickly make an entire wardrobe of little warm-weather dresses! Most are as simple as sewing plain seams and cuffs or ruffles, while using binding to finish the armholes and shoulder ties. For an older girl, there's also a handy little bag that's so adorable when made to match her dress. Read more…

    Quilt Blocks Go Wild! (5652) Take a tame, familiar quilt block and unleash it to create a fresh, modern look. Eleanor Levie and five quilters famous for innovation put their spins on well-loved classics. Gorgeous photos make you gaga for wonky hearts, skewed nine-patches, a crazy-quilted star, split Log Cabins, a basket gone bonkers, and more. Guided by easy how-to’s and more than 120 step-by-step photos, even beginning quilters can make super-cool pillows, quilts, wall hangings, and bags. Read more…

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  • Duct Tape Flip Flops Craft Pattern

    {Patti Wallenfang, Leisure Arts designer and creator of all the cool duct tape projects in our craft pattern books—Go Crazy with Duct Tape and Just Duct Tape It!, is here today as a guest blogger here on Everyday Life at Leisure! Check out her cool idea for making fun duct tape flip flops!}

    It’s summer.

    It’s HOT!

    Don’t know where u live, but 107 degrees is ridiculousness...

    Best thing 2 do is get a cold drink and hang inside n get out ur duct tape.

    What 2 make...Hmmmmm

    By now you’ve made duct tape wallets for u and everyone u know. Yep.

    You’ve made flowers in every color and even made those itty bitty teenie weenie ones, too. Yep.

    Hey! Have you tried making duct tape flip flops yet?

    I made some, and they are sooooo comfortable (and cheap!). U should try making a pair (or two or three).

    They’re pretty fast-n-easy and u can use stuff you already have around the house. Really all ya need is some cardboard and duct tape. If you wanna get all “designer crazy” after that, it’s up to you. Some of us can’t help ourselves, so the extra bling thing has just gotta be added to the basic duct tape flip flops no matter what.

    To get this project started, get out the duct tape and round up some cardboard. If u want them 2 be sturdy, find a cardboard box that’s pretty thick. You can always use several layers of cardboard, too.

    Now, get a pair of flip flops u already have, put em on the piece of cardboard and trace the shape. Cut out. Cover one side of both shoe bottoms with duct tape.

    Easy so far, huh?

    Now it gets tricky. Not. Cut a slit where you want the strap to be taped on. Make 2 long straps of folded over tape (1/2" x 24" each), one for each shoe.

    Fold each strap in half & slid it through the slit & tape it down.

    Cut a half width of tape; wrap it around the strap.

    Tape straps to the bottom & trim. Add a layer of duct tape to the bottom to cover it all up.


    Well, maybe.

    If u want, u can keep going and add stuff to decorate ur flip flops. Buttons, jewels, flowers, stickers... Whatever!

    If it stays this hot, by the end of the summer, ur probably gonna have a giant pile of duct tape flip flops from stayin indoors out of the sun! As long as the cardboard n duct tape holds out, ur GOOD!

    I wanna see what u made, so post some pics!

    Keep on tapin’ on! :-)

  • Duct Tape Coozies for the 4th of July!

    {Happy early 4th of July Everybody! Patti Wallenfang, Leisure Arts designer and creator of all the cool duct tape projects in our craft pattern books—Go Crazy with Duct Tape and Just Duct Tape It!, is back again today as a guest blogger here on Everyday Life at Leisure! Check out her fun idea for making patriotic coozies for your 4th of July celebration!}
    Get out the red, white and blue duct tape! Time to get ur “patriotic” ON!
    I know you are probably planning some fun things to do for the 4th of July, and I’m sure being outdoors is in there somewhere. Swimming, havin a cook-out, goin to watch the fireworks, maybe even camping!? Don’t forget the bug spray!
    Another thing you’ll want to have is a drink “coozie” to keep your beverage of choice COLD!
    And, of course, this coozie should be made of duct tape to reach the ultimate level of “Coolness”...
    Here’s a picture of some that I made.
    God Bless America! Besides the duct tape, I also used some stick-on foam stars and some sparkly garland. Adds a really festive touch, don’t you think? As I always say, it’s all about the shiny stuff! If you are going to be with a whole gang of people, putting your name on ur coozie is a great idea. That pretty much eliminates the chance of someone else’s cooties getting on your drink! Hahaha!
    To make the coozie with the personalized star, stick some duct tape on a piece of non-stick foil (get it at the grocery store by the reg. foil...Super great for duct tape crafts). Trace or draw a star on the tape, cut out and then peel the foil off the back of your shape. Sam Patriot, u have a sticker!
    Stick it on ur coozie and write ur name on it with a permanent pen. As a joke, I like to write “not yours” on my coozie. Well, it’s NOT! This always makes people laugh. I write that on my luggage tag, too...
    So, to make the coozie, follow the instructions from my Just Duct Tape It book or watch my free video—Learn to Make Duct Tape Coozies. Lots of other cool ideas in the book, too. Check it out. 
    Now that you already have the patriotic duct tape rolling, make some patriotic flip-flops if you have time. Or a tote bag, or a hat, or a flower, or a...
    Have a great 4th of July! Be safe with your sparklers and eat a bratwurst for me....L8r!

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