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  • Backseat Pet Hammock

    You will need:

    • 60" wide corduroy fabric (for durability)
    • four 1" D-rings
    • ¾"w Velcro® (the sew-on kind)
    • chalk
    • scissors
    • sewing pins
    • sewing machine and thread
    • iron and ironing board
    • hand-sewing needle and thread
    • iron-on fusible web
    • felt for appliqué
    • clear nylon thread
    • non-slip rug pads (optional)


    To customize our Pet Hammock to fit your vehicle, you must carefully measure your backseat area.

    1. Measure from the top of the backseat down the seat and up to the top of the front seat (Fig. 1). This is the length of your finished blanket.Fig. 1
      Fig. 1 - Backseat Pet Hammock Fig. 1 - Backseat Pet Hammock
    2. Measure the width of the backseat for the width of the finished blanket (Fig. 1).
    3. Measure how far the headrests are in from outer edges of seatback for strap and D-ring placement (Fig. 2).Fig. 2
      Fig. 2 - Backseat Pet Hammock Fig. 2 - Backseat Pet Hammock
    4. Use your finished length and width measurements to figure out how much fabric to buy.


      1. Cut two pieces of corduroy fabric at your finished size with an extra inch added to length and width for the seam allowance. Round all four corners for a more finished look.
      2. Cut four 3"w x 22"l strips of fabric for long straps and four 3"w x 4"l strips for short straps. Fold each strip with right side facing out and topstitch down the center. Sew a 4" strip of hook Velcro right at the end of each of the four longer straps. Sew a 7½" strip of loop Velcro about 3" further along the strap on the same side of the strap (Fig. 3).width
        Fig. 3

        Fig. 3 - Backseat Pet Hammock Fig. 3 - Backseat Pet Hammock

    3. At top and bottom along the width of one panel of your fabric, use chalk to mark the points where your backseat headrests begin from the outer edges of the seatback. Insert a short strap through each D-ring and tack both ends of each strap to a chalked point on the wrong side of the panel (Fig. 4). Measure over approximately 6" from the chalk point toward the center and tack the end of the long strap without theVelcro to the wrong side of the panel. Repeat for each long strap. (Suggestion: This would be a good point in the process to take your partial Pet Hammock out to your vehicle to test the placement of the straps and make any needed adjustments.)

    Fig. 4

    Fig. 4 - Backseat Pet Hammock

    4. To monogram your Pet Hammock, pick your favorite computer font and print out the letter you prefer at the size that you like. (You may have to experiment with the font size to discover that perfect size.)

    5. Cut out your monogram letter to use as a pattern.

    6. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to iron fusible web to the back of felt and pin letter pattern in place.

    7. Cut out your monogram letter and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to fuse letter in place on front of Pet Hammock.

    8. Using clear nylon thread, zig-zag around the edges of the letter to secure.

    9. Stack the two panels of fabric with right sides together. Pin in place and sew around the edges, leaving an opening for turning.

    10. Turn, press out seams, and close opening.

    11. For a more finished look, topstitch about ½" from the edge around the entire Pet Hammock.

    12. Velcro Pet Hammock securely in your backseat, and Fido’s ready to travel. (Suggestion: If your vehicle upholstery is leather or vinyl, place non-slip rug pads between Pet Hammock and seat to prevent sliding.)

    Click here to download pattern

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