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  • Viral Crafts

    With Tik Tok, Instagram, and Pinterest constantly churning out new ideas, it's hard to sort through it all and figure out what you're actually interested in. That's where we come in! We've combed through social media to find the trendiest crafts so you don't have to! From jewelry to embroidery, there's a trendy craft for you, just just have to discover it.

    Clay Jewelry

    Clay jewelry is the newest thing in accessorizing. With its durability and versatility, this medium is taking Instagram and Tik Tok by storm. Creators are showing their process of themed earrings, hand crafted pendants, and more. Now you can be just like your favorite creators and trendy influencers by making your own clay jewelry. These 17 projects are the perfect addition to every outfit and can be customized to fit any personal style. Join the millions of people who love clay jewelry!

    Diamond Painting

    With over 1.4 billion videos on Tik Tok, it's no wonder we're talking about diamond painting. Diamond painting is basically paint by numbers but with gems. It's an easy way to fill your time and your home with a little bit of sparkle. Our 13 faceted gems are even more dazzling than most. Try one of our kits to see if you love this art style as much as the rest of the world!


    Resin has simply exploded over the last couple of years. This long lasting, highly customizable craft is great for everything from coating a pop socket to building a table. We have a great book that can guide you in the ways of resin art. With projects from home decor to jewelry, you'll find something to update your life the resin way.


    Embroidery, while a very traditional craft, is another trendy activity. Over 2 billion people on Tik Tok are customizing clothing, creating home decor, and personalizing gifts with just a needle and thread. If you are a beginner or just haven't had this hobby for a while, try a beginner's guide to get you into it. This book has projects that any beginner or low leveled stitcher would love.


    Crochet is another traditional craft that has been rediscovered by the masses. With the 70s coming back in style again, crochet bags, tops, and more are coming back too. The versatility of this craft is only made better by its endless customizations. From recreating items worn by celebrities to coming up with custom patterns, crocheting has become popular with billions of people. Our book Back in Style features over 30 designs for crocheters who want to wear their projects. Step-by-step instructions and gorgeous photography will lead you to the wardrobe update of your dreams.

    Trends come and go, but they often come back again. Some of these trends are new, some were done by our great grandparents. No matter what trends you follow, there's always room to set your own path and create your own unique pieces. As always, if you try anything from this post, be sure to tag us @leisureartsinc or use #leisurearts so we can see what's happening in your craft corner!

    Happy crafting!
    -Leisure Arts Team

  • Celebrate National Coloring Book Day with Us!

    Let’s Celebrate National Coloring Book Day together!

    In honor of National Coloring Book Day on August 2nd, we are hosting The Ultimate Coloring Giveaway.  You can win 10 Coloring Books, Colored Pencils, Markers & Gel Pens.  That's a $100 Retail Value!   Show us what you’ve colored and enter our Ultimate Coloring Giveaway.


    There are four ways to enter:

    1) Post a Colored Page (We’d love to see pages from Leisure Arts Books, but it’s not required) on Facebook using the hashtags #NationalColoringBookDay #LeisureArts.

    2) Post a Colored Page (We’d love to see pages from Leisure Arts Books, but it’s not required) on Instagram using the hashtags #NationalColoringBookDay #LeisureArts.

    3) Re-Pin our Happy National Coloring Book Day Graphic on Pinterest

    Happy National Coloring Book Day 2016

    4) Answer the Poll Question on Rafflecopter below.

    Choose one method or do all four! So start coloring and let’s see those pages!

    Winner will be picked on August 2nd, National Coloring Book Day!

    Enter and you will have a chance to win:

    The Ultimate Art of Coloring Value Pack (10 books)

    72 Pack Leisure Arts Colored Pencils

    60 Pack Leisure Arts Double-Ended Markers

    36 Pack Leisure Arts Gel Pens

    Enter here:

    a Rafflecopter giveaway


  • Do you Instagram?


    It's very possible I'm addicted.

    We (not the royal we, the Leisure Arts we) do! Here are some of my other faves, as well.

    You can also check out my personal account. I'm @chelsye_mae. It has a lot of the art I make for school and I'll be posting more progress pics for the projects I talk about here.

    Comment below with your account or your favorites!

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