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knit dishcloths

  • Knits and Purls and Patterning

    I recently made the Annie's Choice pattern from Knit Dishcloths, and I really enjoyed it. 

    If you can knit and purl, then you can make all of the designs in Knit Dishcloths and you'll probably be very pleased with the results.  I think designs made from purling are so pretty in a simple way.

    I tend to have dishcloths on the brain more  than a healthy person should, but I only want to work on small projects during this summer heat.  I love having lots of dishcloths on hand for gifts--I gave to my sister as part of her birthday present just this week!--and I just plain enjoy dishcloths.  Once I like something, I like to make it several times. Obviously.

    I'm so fixated on dishcloths right now that I overslept this morning because I dreamed I had woken up and I was working on a dishcloth.

    I am completely serious.  In this fairly realistic dream (as realistic as dreams are, anyway), I was super engrossed in this garter stitch dishcloth that was in blues and grays.  It was kind of like a blueish version of a Doctor Who scarf.  I know you knitters know what I mean.  Even if you aren't a Doctor Who fan--and I hate to fall back on lazy generalizations, but I have noticed and enjoyed the fact that knitters really seem to love their sci-fi--you probably know what a Doctor Who scarf is because someone has probably clumsily hinted that they've always wanted one.

    Side note: If this ever happens to you again, point them in the direction of this one and enjoy living the rest of your life.

    Anyway, I guess I've been thinking about how the new Doctor looks like the versions of the Doctor before this new reboot and I'm always thinking about dishcloths and it's kind of been a long week and so that's where my subconscious took things.

    Which is to say, too far.  My brain always takes things to far.

    And then I take things a bit further.

    I cast on this way to use up bits of (TARDIS) blue scrap yarns as soon as I got home from work.  It's not going to be scarf-length, but I'm certainly going to knit it until it's too long to be a square.

    Happy weekend, crafters.  Especially you Whovians.

  • Time for Some Housekeeping: A Very Tidy WIP Wednesday

     Happy Wednesday!  What works-in-progress are you crafting right now?  I felt like I had enough to write a whole post about them, so I will.

    First up is my very first attempt at a sock!

    I'm making nearly every mistake possible, so I'm learning a lot! I thought I would have more to say about that, but I like the yarn and I like the needles and I like the instructions in I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks.  Sometimes all the right things in a project go, well, right even when there are mistakes and I'm enjoying myself.  I'm very, very, very happy with this venture.

    My search for the perfect summery slouchy beanie continues.  This is my attempt to cottonify the V-Stitch Beanie from Crochet Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps.  The pattern reminds me of a beanie I lost a couple of years ago, and I'm really happy this will make a good replacement.  Fingers crossed!

    Here's my current dishcloth project because I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I wasn't working on one.

    This is Annie's Choice from Knit Dishcloths, and I'm excited to see more of this star-like pattern come out.

    Oh hey, remember this one?

    Yeah, me neither.  This is the Twisted Headwrap from Crochet Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps.  I started it a while ago and made a mistake right before it was time to work the twist.  I really like Lion Brand's Amazing yarn, but it is extremely unpleasant to try to unravel.  So, with warmer weather approaching, I decided to take a break.
    The break turned out to be a bit longer than intended when I completely forgot about this nice little WIP, but now I'm ready to pick it up again and try out something new and twisty!  it's making me wonder what other projects I have languishing in bags somewhere.....
    Oh dear.
    I think I'll try to make a little more progress with these projects before I go searching for any more, though.  That seems wise.

  • Knitting the Windblown Square Dishcloth

    I decided to break up my dishcloth-crocheting streak with a little dishcloth-knitting action.  I know, I know--I'm a wild woman!  But I really like the textured look of the dishcloths in Knit Dishcloths.  They're styled after quilt squares, and I loved how the designs are made up of only knits and purls.

    The book has 15 patterns and I've only tried out 3 so far!  I knitted the Friendship Star and the Nine Patch, and wrote about them in a post over at Knitting and Sewing My Way Through Life.

    I really like that these patterns can be worked by either following written instructions, or charts.  As a bonus, there are instructions for Knook users as well!  If you know how to Knook, you can work any knit pattern there is, but you just need to alter the first couple of rows to get yourself started.  Designer Julie A. Ray was nice enough to do that work for any Knookers who are interested in trying out these great patterns, though.  All the more reason to try this at home!

    I'm not familiar with the Windblown Square design the way I was with the Nine Patch, or Friendship Star.  But I like it.  The knitted version of it isn't as clear as it would be with fabric pieced together, but I think a quilter would recognize it.


    And even people who wouldn't recognize the design would probably still look at this and say "Well, that's a pretty dishcloth!"  Or, at least, I hope someone would.  That's why it's in my gift stash!

    And it will be joined by some more knitted dishcloths soon!


    All of the patterns from Knit Dishcloths call for your standard medium weight cotton yarn and a Size 8 knitting needle, or a H/8 Knook, so they knit up incredibly quickly.  And attractively.

     Well!  What a pretty dishcloth!

    (Someone had to say it.)

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