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  • National Coloring Day 2020

    Always wanted a special day set aside to just color? September 14 is YOUR day! Get creative with crayons, colored pencils, markers or even paint! On National Coloring Day (and every other day of course), you can set your imagination free and add amazing color to your life!

    A Bounty Of Fall Colors

    Fall brings falling leaves, hooting owls, gobbling turkeys, lower temps, and more time inside to relax and color! Bountiful Wonders has many of the fall scenes you love, so pick up your pencils or markers and start coloring. You'll be thankful you did.

    Bountiful Wonders Color Art for Everyone #6993

    Color You Happy

    Go playful and bold, with Happy Abstracts. Artist EttaVee guides you step by step and before you can say "bright, beautiful, daring brushwork, you'll be creating your own unique masterpiece. Set the painter inside you free!

    A Kaleidescope of Kaleidoscopes

    The flowers, mosaics, swirls, geometric patterns and more in Kaleidoscope Wonders will excite you and relax you at the same time. Try your hand at shading and blending for an extra challenge, or simply color your way to calm.

    For All Your Coloring Needs

    We've got a variety of pencils, markers and pens that will work with whatever you are coloring. Try out our pre-sharpened colored pencils—48 colors including pastel, bright, and neutral palettes—heavily pigmented for even color, and smooth coverage every time. If your prefer markers, you'll want to use our brush-tip markers to smoothly cover large areas. With brightly colored, opaque ink, our gel pens will easily color on both light and dark paper and surfaces. 

    48 Pack Colored Pencils #48064; 24 Pack Gel Pens #4806630; Pack Brush Tip Marker# 48483

    Saved You A Spot

    You'll quickly fall in love with Dot Painting. It's creative, therapeutic, and results in beautiful home décor! Dot your way through 12 skill-building projects and become a master the tools and techniques to make gorgeous works of art and home décor!

    Dot Painting - 12 Skill-Building Projects to Master Tools and Techniques #7644

    You Autumn Grab Your Markers

    Fall and Halloween go together, and we've captured the spirit of both in these books. Welcome Fall with colorful feathers, a fall wreath, a harvest bundle, harvest basket, and a variety of owls. Check out the spook-tacular pages of Happy Halloween, which include scary jack-o-lanterns, an owl, a skull, flying bats, a scarecrow, and some witch's brew!

    Color on the Go Happy Halloween Coloring Book #7347; Color on the Go Welcome Fall Coloring Book #7342

    You Art To Grab Your Pencils

    You can't get enough of these artistically themed designs, but 96 pages are a good start! Our Design Coloring Bundle has the best of all worlds all bundled up for you. Start simply with Paisley and Design Wonders, then go abstract with Extreme and Cityscape Wonders.

    Color Art for Everyone - Design Coloring Bundle - 96 Artisticaly Themed Designs #30026

    Creativity At Your Fingertips

    You loved it as a kid and you'll love it now! Finger Painting for Grown-Ups transports you to the realm of this uniquely personal sensory art. Projects include textured florals to bold bursts of color to serene ocean scapes. Leave perfection behind and embrace the mess. You be amazed at the results! No brushes required!

    Finger Painting for Grown-Ups - Get Messy with this Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Art and Memories #7596

    Celebrate With Color

    National Coloring Day comes once a year, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate every day! Now that we've inspired you with great options, pick up your coloring tools of choice and your canvas, and add more color to your world!

    We'd love to see what you've been coloring or painting! Please share your photos on social media by tagging @leisureartsinc or using #leisurearts on your social channels. You can find more of our coloring options on our Color Art for Everyone Facebook page, or on Pinterest!

    -Leisure Arts

  • Make Seasonal Magnets from Bountiful Wonders Coloring Book

    It's great fun to bring out seasonal decorations; let Leisure Arts' #6993 - Bountiful Wonders Color Art for Everyone help to brighten your home with an autumnal theme! The familiarity of old treasures combined with a new season can get one excited for many annual celebrations.  This year, why not try incorporating some newly made decorations along with your love of coloring? Using and sharing your creativity makes your craft come alive! Enjoy your coloring and pass it on: love it, make it, share it!

    If you haven't seen Leisure Arts' new Bountiful Wonders Color Art for Everyone coloring book you haven't seen some outstanding designs. It has gorgeous thematic pages filled with drawings that include leaves, pumpkins, turkeys, gourds, and beautiful decorative patterns. I fell in love with it and knew right away that I must incorporate my coloring in to a new seasonal project. I had saved a pin from Pinterest that was the perfect answer to my search for something new to create.

    Fabulous fall foliage plus harvest homage add a special homecoming for this season of giving! Leisure Arts #6993 - Bountiful Wonders Color Art for Everyone. Fabulous fall foliage plus an homage to an abundant harvest add a special homecoming theme for this season of giving! Leisure Arts' #6993 - Bountiful Wonders Color Art for Everyone.

    My new seasonal creation were magnets using at least one of my completed coloring book pages from #6993 - Bountiful Wonders Color Art for Everyone. But to make it a bit more fun, I liked the idea presented in this pin by Average But Inspired showing how to use small paint canvases to help create your magnet.

    Colored leaves using markers. Add more depth to your images with extra dots and strokes. Colored leaves using markers. Add more depth to your images with extra dots and strokes.

    Small paint canvases shown below are 2-inch square board canvases, or 2.5-inch stretched canvases. The board canvases came in black; the stretch canvases were unpainted.

    Two different types of mini canvases. On the left, a board canvas and on the right, a stretched canvas. Two different types of mini canvases. On the left, several board canvases and on the right, one stretched canvas.

    I got the idea of cutting out some of the finished colored leaves from my page instead of cutting a square section of the page for adhering to the canvas. Having individual leaves lets you decide how the leaves will be positioned on the canvas.

    Images from my colored page were cut and measured for each canvas. Images from my colored page were cut and measured for each canvas.

    Having imagined the finished product, I experimented by painting one of my stretch canvases first with acrylic paint before mounting any of the colored leaves onto it. I adhered my coloring book leaves onto the canvases using Mod Podge® by Plaid. Add at least one more coat of Mod Podge® over the canvases; let each coat dry in between applications.

    Now to make your canvases into magnets...turn them over. You can see by their very construction that they are different from each other. The stretch canvas is truly stretched over a wooden frame. The board canvas is a solid piece of board covered with canvas. Purchase your magnets from a craft store.

    On the back of each canvas, one or two magnets were glue on using E6000. On the back of each canvas, one or two magnets were glued on using E6000.

    Helpful hint: The placement of my magnets differ between the stretch canvas and the board canvases. Why? It wasn't a functional reason; the stretch canvas isn't heavier requiring two magnets. It was a visual reason. If I placed one magnet centered on one side of the wooden frame, I could see the top of it when I turned the frame over facing right-side up. It just bothered me to see the round magnet showing above the canvas. So before the glue set, I repositioned the magnet to one corner and then added another magnet in the opposite corner.

    Pretty and useful home decor with a seasonal touch - marvelous leaf magnets! Pretty and useful home or office decor with a seasonal touch - marvelous leaf magnets!

    This project made me happy; it made me smile because I transformed a coloring book page that I truly enjoyed creating into something else that could be shared. Even if the magnets are not given as gifts, by using them in your home or office setting you are sharing them. You are giving a bit of your artistic self to others for everyone's enjoyment.

    Now I have my eyes set on making more themed canvas magnets. Can't wait for the next season coming up!

    See you next time -


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