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learn to crochet

  • Learn to crochet: Learn to chain

    I love crocheting.  I'm primarily a knitter, and so I kind of forgot how much I liked crocheting for a while.  But then I started crocheting more and more this year because I got sucked into the amigurumi trend.  Since I've started knitting more, I realized one of the things I like so much about crocheting is that the Size H crochet hook you use for an amigurumi Easter egg is the same Size H hook you use for a granny square potholder, which is the same Size H hook you use for an afghan big enough to cover a king size bed.  With knitting, you need different lengths and types of needles for different projects.  Not so with crochet.  Even better?  If your crochet hook falls out of your project, you're fine.  You just pick it back up, place it back in your one loop, and go on about your business.

    (We don't have to talk about what happens when all those knitted loops fall off the needle.  It's too upsetting for mesomepeople.)

    Crocheting is a great car-trip activity, and most crochet projects go faster than knitting.  Did I mention amigurumi?  Can I mention it again?

    I really didn't want to write this post without showing you those little owls.  So cute!

    There's just something about crocheting--I don't know if it's the texture of a crocheted item, or the look of granny squares, or if it's just that crocheting is a much more accessible activity for some crafters.  Whatever the 'something' is, I just like crocheting and I think everyone else should too.

    Now that I've convinced you, here's how you get started!

    The first step in crocheting is making a chain.  Here's an HD video showing you how.

    Some people never learn anything more about crocheting once they learn how to make a chain.  I have a sister who is one of those people and her house has a lot of very nice garland around Christmas time!  But there's really no need to stop there!  Now that you know how to pull yarn through a loop, you can do anything!

    Fine, maybe not anything.  But you know how to set up the foundation of a crocheted project and that's the only place you can start.

    It's only going to get more exciting from here!

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