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  • DIY Diamond Art Clef Photo Album Tutorial

    Are you ready to tune into your creativity with a fun and cute photo album with the Leisure Arts Diamond Art Treble Clef kit? You can create so much with this adorable design. Relax and spend your time glamming your favorite photo album, notebook, or journal with this beautiful design. This project can be for anyone from ages 8 to infinity! The beginner Diamond Art designs are a fun collection of fresh and fun diamond paintings. They may be small, but they flash with shining power!

    So what is this dazzling craft of diamond painting? The act of diamond painting is quite simple. It's like painting by number, but with diamonds and your creativity! You adhere 13 faceted gems to a sticky pre-designed canvas. You have a beautiful and unique creation that has super versatile display options. Here is a diamond painting up close, featuring our Leisure Arts Diamond Art Treble Clef Kit.

    Bling bling with this musical note when you diamond paint this fun and friendly tune! With the help of sparkling AB coated diamonds, this kit will give you positive vibes and happy thoughts. 

    We think that Diamond Art goes beyond just wall art, and can be made into everyday items like cups, handbags, phone cases, or in this post, photo albums, folders, journals, and more! The instructions are easy-to-follow and calls for a fun colorful photo album and the Tremble Clef kit.

    Read on for a tutorial on how to use some DIY creativity to make a dazzling and fancy photo album. This is a tutorial that works with almost every kit design we've created, but in this case, we decided to go musical using our Leisure Arts Diamond Art Treble Clef Kit.

    1. Make the Leisure Arts Diamond Art Treble Clef Kit

    Bring out your creativity by the dip, dot, and dazzle! Diamond art is meant to be a leisurely craft that lets you put the canvas away for the moment or later in time if you wanted to. Complete it in one day, or more, the choice is up to you, just let your imaginations run wild!

    2. Pick Out Your Favorite Surface

    After you've dazzled your way to success, carefully cut out your design, and get ready to customize! This project is fun and can be made onto anything like a folder for band to store your favorite music sheets, your journal to style it, or even a photo album to showcase your fun and dazzling memories! Now, you're finally ready to place your canvas onto your journal, book, or your favorite surface, using your adhesive of choice and a steady hand. Make sure to lay out the design flat, and smooth the canvas out for air bubbles once placed. Apply the adhesive glue or sticky substance and place the Leisure Arts Diamond Art Treble Clef Kit on the folder. 

    3. Accessorize (Or Don't)!

    Now that your Diamond Art design is placed, all that’s left are finishing touches. Our choices can be stickers, pictures, lettering, and more. Show the world how creative you can be with your Diamond Art and show off your imagination with the finishing touches. Let your creativity run wild to your heart’s content, and then there! It's as simple as that and it’s beautiful. This is a great and unique way to utilize your Diamond Art canvas to the fullest and have a special location for your important or fun documents!

  • Quilting & Sewing Gifts For Teen Guys

    Top Gifts To Quilt & Sew Teen Guys

    Are you looking to quilt or sew gifts for teenage boys? When it comes to gift giving, teen guys are always some of the hardest people to please, whether you're buying or making a gift. These unique quilting and sewing designs are here to save the day! Use these unexpected designs to create the perfect gift for any teen guy, whether he likes music, sports, cars, or art.

    1. An Unexpected Quilt: To create the perfect quilt for a teen guy, choose edgy and unique patterns to suit his interest. This musical quilt is perfect for the teen guy who will not put down the guitar. Also great as a wall hanging! Create gifts teen guys will love with Best of Fons & Porter Easy Collection.

    Quilt For Teen Guys


    2. Route 66 Pillows:  Everyone loves pillows, and teen guys who are into cars will be eager to add these to their rooms.  These unique pillows are sewn with black and white denim for an unexpected and masculine twist. Bonus: You can get started on this great gift for teen guys today with the ePattern.

    Pillows For Teen Guys

    3. A Personalized T-Shirt Quilt:  Teenagers love the idea of having a t-shirt quilt full of their favorite memories, plus it's a great way for you to spend time with the teenage guy in your life! Bond over choosing t-shirts filled with memories to use as fabric - shirts from sporting events, school, concerts, summer camp, or a combination of all these.  The result will be to create a very special gift and fun time spent together! Get started today with T-Shirt Quilts.

    T Shirt Quilt For Teen Guys

    4. An artsy pillow:  The artistic teen guy will love this abstract, fun pillow. Choose bold, exciting patterns to create a perfectly unique pillow for him.  Great to add to the bed, and one day take to college! Create fun teen gifts for teen guys now with Quilt Blocks Go Wild.

    Artsy Pillow For Teen Guys
    5. A sporty quilt:   Teen guys who love watching or playing football will love this football themed quilt. Great to take on the go to games or throw over the couch to decorate. Create guy-friendly quilts to gift this season with Man Cave Quilts.

    Sporty Quilt For Teen Guys

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