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paper crafts

  • Free Project for Father’s Day

    Next Sunday, June 17, is Father’s Day! Yikes, as usual, I’m not ready, but I’m getting started with a Father’s Day card for the Love-Of-My-Life using a design from Card Sketches for Paper Crafters, and I thought I'd share it as a free project for you.
    But first, check out the description of Card Sketches:
    “Card sketches can be your secret weapon! Not only are they time-saving and handy for using scraps, but they are also perfect for breaking up a creative roadblock when you don't know where to begin. Whether you're new to sketches or just looking for a new batch, this must-have book from the editors of Paper Crafts magazine is full of inspiration—gathering over 145 sketches and more than 500 projects. You'll see how versatile sketches are, too, because each sketch is used in at least three designs. Sometimes the sketch is used as it appears and other times it's rotated, flipped, inverted, or cropped. The possibilities are endless. From fun birthday cards to holiday gift card holders, this book will become your go-to resource for paper crafting.”

    Are you inspired yet? Hope you enjoy this little free project tutorial! I’m making the Dad Plaid Card by designer Kim Hughes, and this is the sketch I started out with!

    Dad Plaid Card
    Here’s how I made it:
    (Ink all edges as you assemble card.)
    1. Make card from cardstock.
    2. Trim patterned paper and cardstock strips; adhere. Adhere border and zig-zag seam.
    3. Trim burlap and adhere. Stitch with floss.
    4. Cut star from patterned paper and adhere. Thread buttons with twine and adhere.
    5. Spell “Dad” with stickers.
    Finished size: 4-3/4" x 4".

    From that one simple sketch, Card Sketches offers up three more designs—the To You From Me Box, Beautiful Day Card, and Thanks a Bunch Birdie Card.

    Pretty cool, huh? Essentially four designs from one free project!

    Try this little free project out for Father’s Day, and when you love it, as I’m sure you will, get your own copy of Card Sketches for Paper Crafters, so you’ll be forever inspired.
  • The May 16 Issue of the Leisure Arts Newsletter

    Just in case you missed it, here’s all the new news that went out in the May 16 Issue of the Leisure Arts Newsletter:
    LEISUREARTS.COM IS NOW MOBILE-FRIENDLY! has a fresh new look that’s mobile-friendly! Now you can use your smart phones and tablets to check out the new products or search for old favorites. We’ve added lots of new features, as well. Our interactive Pinterest button lets you pin images that catch your eye. Our search engine is faster and more thorough, providing a handy list of images alongside previews of each product description. Besides our usual skill categories, we also now have sections just for digital patterns, as well as for all our Knook products. We welcome your comments on each item, and you’re going to love the improved checkout experience. Come see it all for yourself, and feed your creative passions!
    Decorated all funky and chunky with colorful duct tape, these boots were made for having fun! They are just one of more than 40 wild and wacky projects in Go Crazy with Duct Tape, which is now available online and in stores around the country. Fan response to the book and its predecessor, Just Duct Tape It!, has been so great that Patti Wallenfang, the designer, was invited to be a special guest at the 9th Annual Duct Tape Festival June 15-17 in Avon, Ohio, the “Duct Tape Capital” of the world and home of Duck Tape® brand duct tape. What a blast!

    If you missed the five-day, 10-blogger tour featuring Pat Sloan’s new quilt book, Focus on the Center, visit Pat’s blog to catch up. Her May 6 post included a list of all the sites that participated. Congratulations to the winners of all the giveaways!
    Knitters, start watching the Leisure Arts new products page for Knitting for a Cure. It has a variety of gifts to make, including Kay Meadors’ beautiful lace Traveling Shawl, which was produced by knitters in 50 states to raise awareness in the fight against breast cancer.
    With Mother's Day behind us, it’s time to switch over to work on Father’s Day gifts. Be sure to check out our Father’s Day Promotion offering 30% off selected books of socks to knit or crochet. You'll get to pamper Dad with a pair of soft, handmade socks now, and you'll have all the patterns you need for later, to make sock gifts for everyone on your Christmas list. Our Facebook page and Everyday Life at Leisure daily blog always have the latest news, so bookmark those sites and visit often.
    For a treat that the whole family can enjoy any time, whip up our free recipe for Apple Cobbler, one of 84 scrumptious desserts in Celebrating Cobblers and Pies. It's yummy, and the dough also works with berries or other favorite fruits. Hope your summer is delicious!

    Editor’s Corner: DUCT TAPE THE WORLD!
    Make a big, sassy bloom to brighten your room. Stack your wrists with stretchy bracelets. Craft a camo wallet for your favorite dude or rescue a comfy old recliner. "There is NOTHING in this world you can’t create, reinvent, recycle, cover, or reuse with duct tape!” says Patti Wallenfang, the Leisure Arts designer behind Go Crazy with Duct Tape. “Everything I look at, everywhere I go, I am thinking about duct tape and what to make next.” This book has lots of great starting points for your creativity.

    Fast and simple is the theme behind our newest books for home decorating and paper crafts. There are projects like this sunny Summer Wreath to make with giant deco mesh ribbon, scrapbooks to finish in a jiffy with standard-size photos, and greeting cards to whip up following versatile layout sketches. What a way to launch those carefree vacation days that are just about here!

    Deco Mesh Wreaths (#5834)
    How did we ever decorate before they invented deco mesh? It certainly wasn’t as easy! The colorful, flexible, giant ribbon is great for all kinds of projects for holidays and special occasions. This new book presents 14 exciting wreaths, with designs for every season as well as weddings, births, and school events.

     Sketches are amazing little drawings that are full of big inspiration! With one glance, you can see your way to build a creative greeting card that someone will enjoy and cherish. This book from the editors of Paper Crafts magazine is absolutely loaded with card sketches that you can use again and again for all sorts of cards. It's a must-have for every paper crafter!

    If you thought you couldn’t scrapbook without resizing or cropping your photos, think again. This book shows how you can make wonderful album pages with your 4" by 6" photos straight from the printer. Needless to say, that really speeds things up, too—and we could all benefit from that! You're going to love this big book of ideas. 

    We just can’t say enough about this fun book! Over 40 projects include a necklace, earrings, ring, jewelry gift boxes, tape wad bracelet, stretchy bracelets, “leather” vest, ribbon-tied vest, funky chunky boots, peacock boots, sunglasses and case, phone case, belts, party invitation and favor, party cup, recliner, wallet, suitcases, covered cans and tins, toolbox, guitar, photo album, candles, monogram, bookmark, bulletin board, hanger, zippered bags, tote bag, beach mat, water bottle, and soccer ball. All great ways to wake up your world!

    Current Promotions
    Be sure to check on current promotions at as new promotions will be added on a regular basis. Below are a few we are currently running.
    Our Father’s Day Promotion is offering 30% off selected books of socks to knit or crochet. You’ll use these patterns all through the year for lots of gift-giving occasions. View Products.
    We have select products marked at 40% off the original retail price in the following categories: Crochet, Cross Stitch, Knitting, Painting, Paper Crafting, Quilting and Sewing.
    Select DVD products on sale at up to 50% off the original retail price -View Products
    Clearance Products: These products have been placed on clearance and greatly discounted from the original retail price. Click here to see all of our products in this category.
  • School’s Out! You Need Crafts To Keep The Kids Occupied!

    Moms, for real, how many of you are shuddering just a little bit ’cause school’s about to be out for summer? Your precious, darling, baby angels are going to be right there by your side, chanting, “I’m bored…” just any day now! Have you started your search yet for worthwhile activities to keep them entertained?
    Try some of our crafts books for kids!
    Teach Me To Stitch
    Begin a pastime that will last a lifetime! This simple how-to book offers extra-easy instructions, how-to photos, and 15 fun designs for helping youngsters learn to cross stitch using 11 count Aida.
    ‘Teach Me” Plastic Canvas
    Kids will be ready to stitch their first plastic canvas project in no time with this handy guide. They’'ll learn about needed supplies, basic stitches, overcast stitches, and special touches before choosing from 13 easy-to-do projects.
    Scrapbooking with Your Kids
    Looking for fun ways to introduce children to America’s favorite hobby? Scrapbooking is a creative, inspiring, and educational way to encourage children to express themselves, and it’s also a fantastic way for families to spend quality time together! This all-new book from the editors of Creating Keepsakes scrapbook magazine is packed with 200 kid-tested ideas for birthdays, holidays, and every day! Scrapbook favorite family photographs. Make delightful gifts, such as purse notebooks and mosaic frames. Play learning games, like alphabet and word bingo. Fill a rainy day making a secret decoder or playing a treasure hunt game. Create family-friendly projects, such as a gratitude jar or a homework helper. And more!
    From Felt to Fabulous
    Felt crafting is easy, inexpensive, and fun for the whole family—and you can make things that are as practical as they are pretty. How about a Coffee Cup Cozy or a Hair Clip Holder? There’s also a cute iPod/MP3 Player Cozy, a Hunny Bunny, Tote Bag, Purse, Project Envelope, Needlebook, Greeting Card, Garlands, Hair Clips, Necklaces, Pins, Ornaments, Tags, and more. The patterns are interchangeable, and each can be enlarged or reduced to any size, whether it’s for a necklace pendant, ornament, or stuffed toy. Once you get started with these 34 designs by Kimberly Layton, you’ll probably think of dozens of additional ideas to create and share with family and friends! (Available in print or pdf download!)
    Just Duct Tape It!
    “Wild” flowers featuring animal print petals. Bold bracelets, funky flip-flops, and hip purses. Who knew that duct tape could create such cool projects? American teens have embraced this hot trend and will go ga-ga for this creative guide to crafting with duct tape. More than 25 projects for gals and guys include wallets, jewelry, locker decor, flowers, and more. 
    (Available in print or pdf download!)
    You might also check out the craft category at for more cool ideas for keeping those kids busy being creative! Good luck and enjoy the summer!
  • A New Paper Crafts Idea Book & A Mother’s Day Gift Idea!

    Are you like me? Always waiting till the last minute? And now you’re desperately looking for a quick and meaningful Mother’s Day gift? Have I got some inspiration for you! Check out our new paper crafts idea book—Fast Scrapbooking with 4 x 6 Photos and some pretty pictures from inside it! I’m sure they’ll inspire you to put together a fast scrapbook album for mom! What a perfect Mother’s Day gift!
    Details, Details, Details:
    “Want to speed up your scrapbooking process and get caught up with your always-growing stack of photos? Fast Scrapbooking with 4 x 6 Photos from the editors of Creating Keepsakes scrapbook magazine can help! It includes hundreds of easy ideas for using your 4" x 6" photos straight from the printer, with little or no time-consuming cropping or re-sizing. Now you can spend less time fussing with your photos and more time completing layouts. The book is organized by the number of photos on each layout, which helps you quickly identify the layouts that will be most helpful to you. It also includes inspiring ideas for using 4" x 6" photos to create mini albums, photo gifts for the family, and home decor items.”
    Now for the inspiration…
    • Use a page with one photo the immortalize mom!
    • Create a page or more featuring two photos to show off the girls in the family…
    Display vintage photos of mom…
    Or a first home!
    • Add pages with three photos to feature the boys in the family (Are guy-themed pages as hard for you as they are for me?)…
    Share memories of a favorite vacation…
    Show off more kid pictures!
    • Use 4 photos to remember a trip to a favorite restaurant…
    Celebrate a holiday…
    Share something pretty…
    Or to show off even more kid pictures!
    • Feature five important photos by creating a wedding-themed page or two…
    Don’t leave out the family pets…
    How about a page of photos of mom making faces?
    • Need a montage of lots of little cropped photos? Here’s a way to get 16 on one page!
    Hope Fast Scrapbooking with 4 x 6 Photos inspires you to create a fabulously thoughtful Mother’s Day gift! Happy Scrapping and Happy Mother’s Day! 
  • A New Paper Crafts Inspiration Book & A Free Mother’s Day Pattern

    Have you peeked at our new paper crafts idea book—Card Sketches for Paper Crafters, yet? I’m inspired! The editors of Paper Crafts magazine have gathered over 145 sketches and over 500 projects to show you just how to use a sketch for your next card design, and you can discover how it all works with this free project right out of Card Sketches for Paper Crafters
    Using this sketch for inspiration, you can easily create our Brilliant Flowers card for Mother’s Day!
    Brilliant Flowers Card – designed by Kim Kesti
    Finished Size: 6-1/4 inches x 4-1/2 inches
    1. Make card from cardstock; cover with patterned paper.
    2. Print sentiment on cardstock. Mat with cardstock and adhere.
    3. Layer flowers, attach brads, and adhere with foam tape.
    You can also use the same sketch as inspiration for making more cards like this Fall Thanks Card, Buttons & Bows Card, or this Hello Chick Card. How cool is that?
    Card Sketches for Paper Crafters includes inspiration for cards for All Occasions, Anniversary, Baby, Birthday, Congratulations, Easter, Encouragement, Father’s Day, Friendship, Get Well, Graduation, Halloween, Hello, Love, Mother’s Day, Miss You, Season’s Greetings, Sympathy, Thank You, Thanksgiving, Thinking of You, and Wedding! Plus you’ll find Shaped Sketches, Square Sketches, Horizontal Sketches, and Vertical Sketches!
    Take a peek at some of the other projects:

    If you’re a fan of card making or would like to be, you’ll definitely want to add Card Sketches for Paper Crafters to your creative library!
  • The March 7 Issue of the Leisure Arts Newsletter

    Just in case you missed it, here’s all the new news that went out in the March 7 Issue of the Leisure Arts Newsletter:


    Simple everyday events can become fun and festive special occasions when you add a paper-crafted theme, with banners, table decorations, and other cute creations and keepsakes. The photo of Kitchen Wedding Shower paper crafts from our new Party Ensembles book is just one example of what you can make (invitations, an advice album, food picks, bottle wraps, treat bags, napkin rings, and thank-you cards). The Free Project this month gives another example, with an all-occasion flower garden ensemble that would be beautiful for lots of spring and summer parties. With butterfly cutouts and seed-packet party favors, your guests will be enchanted! To see our newest books in other skills, check out the New Arrivals page at and follow our Everyday Life at Leisure blog.

    Want an inexpensive way to create personality-rich party decorations? Turn to your paper crafting supplies! Make cute picks for plain cupcakes, set out personalized place cards, or wrap a napkin in a clever ring of paper, and you’ve got the beginnings of a time to remember. Patterned papers and accents are available in colors and styles for every occasion, and the new Party Ensembles book from the editors of Paper Crafts magazine is loaded with ideas to inspire you! Many of the items are sure to become keepsakes, as well, such as the Advice Album included in the Kitchen Wedding Shower shown at the top of this enewsletter.

    Read more

    More photos

    To see how much fun it can be to make paper-crafted party ensembles, try this lovely Le Jardin all-occasion set. Whether you’re throwing a shower or hosting a club meeting, the 3-dimensional butterfly cupcake picks will prompt a flutter of smiles! Complete the garden-inspired theme with party favor gift bags asking guests to “Please take a seed.” The set is from Party Ensembles, a new book from the editors of Paper Crafts magazine.


    Because we are all incredibly busy these days, we welcome every opportunity to save time doing the things we love. Easier-Than-Ever Scrapbooking, from the editors of Creating Keepsakes scrapbook magazine, will be a valuable resource in your busy life. It’s full of easy ideas to help you create eye-catching layouts in a time frame that fits your schedule.

    Other items in the Spotlight this time are some fun Mary Engelbreit books and products for scrapbooking and papercrafting—available now at half the original retail prices! Get ’em while they last!


    Easier-Than-Ever Scrapbooking Treasury (#5624)
    What would you do if you suddenly found yourself with some extra time? Jennafer Martin, Editor-in-Chief of Creating Keepsakes magazine, says, “I don’t know about you, but I can think of lots of ways I’d love to spend an extra hour or two. And whether you’d spend that time by yourself or with loved ones, I’m sure you’d value such a precious gift. Well, that’s just what following the time-saving ’scrapbooking recipes’ in this book will give you!”

    More photos

    Making Memories with Mary Engelbreit (#3420)The most valuable thing a person can possess is a collection of wonderful memories--so keep those special times and people close to your heart with 42 unforgettable projects based on the whimsical artwork of Mary Engelbreit. You’ll adore these darling ideas for scrapbook pages, greeting cards, albums, journals, and other notions, made using papers and stickers included in the book. Get it now, while all Mary Engelbreit products are 50 percent off the original retail!

    Mary Engelbreit: “Breit” Memories (#3946)
    Combine the artistry of Mary Engelbreit with paper, fabric, and other embellishments to create 17 cute albums. Themes include wedding, baby, little boy, little girl, school, vacation, birthday, Halloween, Christmas, family, recipes, dad, and pets. Book includes eight pages of colorful artwork to photocopy and four pages of patterns. At half-price, you’ll also want to get Creating “Breit” Memories, with stickers and papers to make tags, cards, and gift bags.

    Mary Engelbreit: Very “Mary” Stationery (#4158)
    Wouldn’t it be nice to always have the perfect Mary Engelbreit card or note on hand for any occasion? Just pick up some paper craft supplies and let this handy book/CD set (on sale for 50 percent off) inspire your creativity whenever you need it. When you run out of the papers included in this book, you can use the CD to print more of the colorful artwork images yourself!

    Mary Engelbreit Paper Pads for Artist Trading Cards
    Create art with ease using these pretty papers, now available at half price. Their 2.5 x 3.5-inch size is perfect for Artist Trading Cards and other miniature works of art. They’re also great for embellishing greeting cards and other paper craft projects. Each pad contains 40 pages (2 each of 20 designs).

    Mary Engelbreit Classic Paper Pad (#73509)

    Mary Engelbreit Friendship Paper Pad (#73508)

    Mary Engelbreit Thinkable Inkable 12-Phrase Stamps
    Our handy rubber stamp wheels make it easy to create a lasting impression on scrapbook pages and other paper crafts. Each themed stamp revolves to provide 12 words or phrases from popular Mary Engelbreit sayings, such as “It’s good to be Queen” and “Snap out of it!”

    Mary Engelbreit Friendship Thinkable Inkable (#73504)

    Mary Engelbreit Friendship Thinkable Inkable (#73505)

    Current Promotions
    Be sure to check on current promotions at as new promotions will be added on a regular basis. Below are a couple we are currently running.

    Mary Engelbreit products on sale at 50% off the original retail price. Click here to see all of our products in this category.

    We have select products marked at 40% off the original retail price in the following catergories: Crochet, Cross Stitch, Knitting, Painting, Paper Crafting, Quilting and Sewing.

    Select DVD products on sale at up to 70% off the original retail price—View Products.

    Clearance Products: These products have been placed on clearance and greatly discounted from the original retail price. Click here to see all of our products in this category.

  • Paper Crafted Party Ensembles

    Paper crafters! You’ve got to see it! I’m totally loving the paper crafty party ideas in our new inspiration book from the editors of PaperCrafts magazine—Party Ensembles!

    With over 1000 projects, this fabulous book includes paper party embellishment goodies for every kind of get-together imaginable: invitations, cards, banners, gift wraps, bottle wraps, picks, tags, favor boxes & bags, place cards, placemats—you name it...and in every theme—birthday, school, sports, engagement, wedding shower, baby shower, baptism, confirmation, anniversary, New Year’s, Easter, seasons, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Patriotic, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, plus neatness for fun occasions like housewarmings, tailgating, movie night, game night, wine tasting, Cinco De Mayo, Mardi Gras, and more…

    And, of course, there’s Valentine’s Day! Take a peek:

    Vintage Valentine’s Day with a Tree, Napkin Ring, Invitation, Treat Bag, place Card, Banner, & Cupcake Topper

    Sweet Valentine’s Day with Cake Topper, Placemat, Invitation, Pillow Box Favor, & Banner

    Hearts & Doilies with Banner, Favor Bag, Candle Décor, Invitation, Place Card, Napkin Ring, & Cupcake Topper

    Too too cute!!!

    And even more exciting, Party Ensembles comes with a CD where you’ll find the full supply lists, patterns, and all digital design elements you’ll need to achieve all your paper crafty party goals!

    Are you ready to party?

  • A Paper Craft Peek & Valentine’s Freebie

    Paper crafters! Are you looking for beautiful layouts you can create in under an hour? You need the Easier-Than-Ever Scrapbooking Treasury!

    This big book is packed with the kind of layouts scrapbookers crave most: basic two-page layouts with multiphoto designs. Chapter 1, “Pages from the Pantry (Just the Basics),” provides incredible layouts that can be scraplifted (used to inspire new scrapbook designs) using basic supplies and photos. Later chapters offer layouts that show scrapbookers how using just 1 to 3 additional tools or supplies can add flavor and personality to their pages. This banquet of inspiration is designed to whet the appetites of scrapbookers and stimulate their creative juices.

    (I just love how this book relates scrapbooking and food—two of my favorite things!)

    And now for a little taste right from the pages of the Easier-Than-Ever Scrapbooking Treasury—from us to you…Hope this easy Valentine’s layout gets you inspired.

    All you need to make these pretty Valentine’s pages is about 20 minutes and the following supplies from your “pantry”—
    3 sheets of cardstock
    1 sheet of patterned paper (text)
    2 pieces of rickrack
    8 staples
    1 sheet of letter stickers
    1 sheet of rub-on letters
    1 pen
    1 inkpad
    5 photographs

    1. Mount your focal-point photo on patterned paper. Rub the edges with black ink, then mat again on black cardstock. Adhere the matted photo to the left page of the layout. On the right page, attach four photos in a grid pattern.
    2. Ink the edges of a strip of patterned paper and attach it to the top of the right page. Add stickers to create the title, apply a rub-on date, and handwrite your journaling.
    3. Finish the design by stapling two pieces of rickrack to your layout.

    For more great layouts like this one, add Easier-Than-Ever Scrapbooking Treasury to your paper craft library!

  • Fav Mary Engelbreit Things…

    Since all of our Leisure Arts Mary Engelbreit books are on sale, I’ve been going through them trying to decide if there’s anything I want to make, and, now, I can’t decide where to start first ’cause they’re filled with so many fun ideas. Here are a few of my favorite Mary Engelbreit things so far:

    From The Art of Embroidery

    I been looking for something wonderful to use to display my milk glass collection on, and I think I’ve found it in this pretty Table Runner embroidered on black cotton fabric with white stem stitches and French Knots. It’s just one of the 29 projects to embroider in The Art of Embroidery.

    From Treasured Keepsakes

    Love these simple Put Your Heart In It stones. They’re just spray painted and stamped. (This project will put to good use all of the rocks the kids have brought home with them over the years!). Plus Treasured Keepsakes offers up 11 additional ways to treasure your memories.

    From Home Creations

    This Seasons of Life shadowbox is right up my alley! I’ve got vintage crochet hooks, old wooden thread spools, and lots of bottles and buttons in my collections. I really like the little leafy cross stitch design, and there are 11 more designs to create in almost no time in Home Creations.

    From Very “Mary" Stationery

    A friend just had a baby, and I need to make her a card. I’m thinking about a New Baby Matchbook Card. This Very “Mary” Stationery book is pretty cool ’cause it comes with 19 inspirational projects for birthdays, housewarming, babies, parties, and more, along with a CD filled with an endless supply of Mary Engelbreit artwork.

    What do you think? Which one should I start on first?

  • Celebrate a Paper Crafty Valentine’s Day!

    Are you thinking about making handmade Valentine’s Day cards or other hearts and flowers-themed goodies this year? Need some inspiration? Take a peek at some of our best paper crafty idea books and some of my fav projects!

    The Big Book of Holiday Paper Crafts
    This 288-page book dedicates 42 of its project-packed pages to Valentine’s Day, including 70+ cards!

    Love You Berry Much Card
    Love the strawberry-shaped card!

    A Million Little Things Card
    A great way to use up paper scraps!

    Love Always Card
    Another way to use paper scraps, & “Love Always” is how the Love-Of-My-Life and I always sign cards to each other.

    Corrugated Heart Card
    Like the texture of cardboard + I’m a button collector!

    The Best of Stamp It! Cards
    I like to play with stamps and ink, so this book is a natural go-to for me with over 500 cards to create. It includes a 19-page Love section, featuring 38 cards!

    You Are My Universe Card
    Love the concept of universe…plus the use of cardboard!

    Key To My Heart Card
    I’m a fan of using hardware in my paper crafting.

    4-Square Love Card
    Elegant use of simple square punches to create little windows on a card.

    In Love With Paper Crafts
    This is the ultimate Valentine’s paper craft book. It’s all about love and features cards, party goodies, gifts, layouts, recipes, and more.

    Heart Picks
    Perk up some cupcakes with paper crafty hearts!

    Authentic & All Yours Cards
    A great big heart just makes a great card in Authentic, and I have to make the All Yours Card for the youngest kid (whose middle name is Rose…).

    Cherish Card
    A simply elegant card design (that might be perfect for my eldest kid…).

    Heart Ornaments
    How much fun would it be to make a heart ornament mobile to hang over the dining table? More buttons!

    Valentine Calendar Card
    Fun use of vintagy calendar on a card!

    Valentine Celebration Dinner
    In Love With Paper Crafts will even help you stage a Valentine’s celebration with invites, place cards, decorated candles, recipes for sweet treats, and more!

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