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paper crafts

  • Play Paper Dolls with Me!

    I was an only child, and I seem to vaguely recollect driving my mother nuts by repeating over and over my childish demand, “Play paper dolls with me!” When you were a little kid, did you like to play with paper dolls? I also have more recent memories of playing with the nostalgic paper dolls that came along with Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion magazine. Do you remember Ann Estelle and her friends?

    Chubby-cheeked Ann Estelle made her first appearance years ago in Mary’s popular illustrations, and, eventually, the hand-drawn character and her pals were featured as paper dolls in her magazine. Now, Leisure Arts brings those classic paper dolls back for grownups to play with!

    Ann Estelle & Friends

    Imagine the fun you’ll have cutting out and dressing Ann Estelle, Tommy, Georgia, Sophie, and Lilah and dressing them in the wardrobes provided and creating backgrounds for play or display. Themes include a playschool, kitchen, backyard, art room, Ann Estelle’s house, and four other backgrounds—many of which can be enhanced with easy 3-D effects!

    Ann Estelle's Celebrations in Paper Dolls

    Ann Estelle, Gracie, Mikayla, Michael, and Audrey Ann are paper dolls once again in this holiday-inspired publication! You can cut out the little characters and easily dress them in the outfits provided. They’re perfect for playtime fun or just for displaying in front of clever background scenes. Themes include an Easter egg hunt, Halloween dress-up, a spring day, a patriotic picnic, Christmas, and more.

    Paper Crafts with Ann Estelle & Friends

    This collection features the nostalgic paper dolls, along with stickers and papers to use with them and on additional paper creations. Besides dressing the characters in their sticker wardrobes, you can create holiday or all-occasion greeting cards, a greeting card holder, and a birthday bouquet of easy folded flowers. From handy bookmarks to pretty jewelry, there are sweet gifts here for everyone you know! Projects include Holiday Cards, Cards for All Occasions, Heartfelt Tags, a Nifty Card Organizer, a Crafty Storage set, Charming Jewelry, Lively Bookmarks, a Springtime Shadow Box, and Paper Weights with Personality.

    I plan to spend the rest of the day playing with paper dolls. Would you like to play paper dolls, too?

  • Get Paper Crafty!

    Are you already one of the paper crafty folks who makes all their own greeting cards, scraps beautiful pages to fill the family album, creates handmade gifts in no time, and has more supplies than you know what to do with? (That’s me…except I never get the cards made in time for the occasion, and my pages aren’t always beautiful, but they’re at least interesting.) If that description doesn’t fit you, would you like it to? It can!

    In honor of National Craft Month, check out our three newest paper craft publications! (I’ve already marked places in some of my copies to get me started...)

    If card making is or could be your thing, you’ll like The Best of Card Creations. With the designs in this book, you can:

    • Show how much you care by making a handmade card with inspiration from over 500 designs.

    • Mark milestone occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, new babies, and more.

    • Celebrate holidays including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s.

    • Say thank you, thinking of you, get well, good luck, miss you, or just hello.

    • Find dozens of design ideas for recipients of all ages, interests, and gender.

    • Try out some advanced techniques or keep it simple with quick and easy 5-step designs.

    Interested in anything and everything about paper crafts? You’re going to want a copy of The Best of Paper Crafts Magazine. With over 500 designs inside, this book is your one-stop source for projects of all types, including handmade cards, food gifts, home décor ideas, gift inspiration for all occasions, lovely layouts, albums, and more. As you can see from the ragged cover in the photo, my copy of this book has been well used!

    The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker from Creating Keepsakes by Wendy Smedley and Aby Garvey—This is the book I need. It promises to rescue me from creative chaos! (I won’t show you pictures of my studio at home ’cause it’s the definition of chaos, and there’s not much creativity going on there currently. I used to keep sign on the door that said, “A creative mess is better than tidy idleness.”) Overflowing with tips, quizzes, projects, and inspired scrapbook spaces, this book will help you define your scrapbooking approach, and it will guide you as you create a scrapbook space that works the way you work.

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