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  • Must-Haves for Fall: Cozy Shawls and Scarves With Christine Naugle!

    Fall is coming up soon! The season of color and pumpkin spice. We love fall here at Leisure Arts, and so does Christine Naugle, author of the freshly released book, Cozy Shawls and Scarves. She's joined our blogosphere today to give us some insight into her creative and versatile ideas for these Fall fashion staples. Take it away, Christine!


    Hi, my name is Christine Naugle, I am the designer behind the Cozy Shawls and Scarves booklet with Leisure Arts. I am beyond excited to see these patterns in print, available for all of you. With 7 different designs, there is one you are sure to love!

    So, Tell Us About Your Cozy Designs!

    When I was asked to design multiple scarf patterns, I knew my designs would have to be a variety of styles and yarns to appeal to multiple crocheters. I love the look and style of so many scarves, shawls and wraps, and how they can change the look of an outfit to fit nearly any outing. A shawl, scarf or wrap is more of a wardrobe piece that can add to any outfit. I am a big fan of the great outdoors, and love spending time in the mountains especially on brisk mornings or cool evenings when there is a chill in the air. The 7 designs included in this booklet are all designed and named after my favorite mountain range in the Northwest, the great Sawtooth Mountains.

    Alpine Scarf

    The first design that I knew I had to include was the popular triangle shawl. I love the simplicity of these patterns, and how lovely they drape around the upper body, creating a beautiful wrap. Alpine Lake is set deep in the Sawtooths and is surrounded by lush pines, so I had to use a beautiful and vibrant green of Lion Brand Heartland yarn. The yarn is a perfect weight when worked in the carefully calculated stitches to create a lightweight, yet warm wrap.

    Cozy Fall Fashion Alpine Scarf

    The Toxaway Scarf

    While designing the Toxaway Shawl, I knew it had to be a full body shawl, but include a unique stitch pattern to draw interest to the design. I incorporated a fun extended cross stitch that is fun and quick to work (cream rows) and then used a ruler to help create the attached fringe look in the brown rows. Believe it or not, this shawl works up quick and is really fun to make!

    Cozy Shawl Toxaway Shawl

    The Twin Lakes Infinity Scarf

    Infinity Scarves are very popular right now. I wanted to design a simple infinity scarf, but add a unique touch to it. The Twin Lakes Infinity Scarf is just that! Pick your favorite colors to make this a personalized eye catching braided infinity scarf.

    Cozy Scarf Twin Lakes Infinity Scarf

    The Trinity Capelet

    One of my favorite lakes in the Sawtooths is Trinity Lake. Falling back on my religious background when I think of the Trinity, a triangle comes to mind, so I had to incorporate the triangle stitch. Making a capelet in the soft Lion Brand Landscape was a must, and I adore the mustard color. The soft grey touch adds a classy point of interest, and makes the Trinity Capelet a wardrobe must-have.

    Cozy Shawl Trinity Capelet

    The Trail Creek Neck Warmer

    Trail Creek Lakes are a series of 5 small glacier alpine lakes in the Sawtooths. The glacier water is very cold and makes me think of staying extra warm with a soft, warm and fuzzy neck warmer. The Trail Creek Neck Warmer is a smaller piece to make, but don't let that fool you. It is full of texture, with raised angled stitches that really set the style. But, it isn't only for style, add a warm and fuzzy inner lining to keep you nice and toasty!

    Cozy Scarf Trail Creek Neck Warmer

    The Alturas Shawl

    Shawl in a Ball yarn has always grabbed my attention when browsing the yarn isles. But, I could never find patterns featuring it that I loved. So, I jumped at this opportunity to design a lovely shawl/wrap using the delicate yarn with the amazing color changes that the yarn creates. The Alturas Shawl is an stitch that creates a luxurious look when worked with the Sawl in a Ball yarn. The top of the shawl is designed with a closed stitch pattern to keep you covered and warm,  while the bottom of the shawl features a beautiful triangle (pine tree) pattern to create an eye appeal that makes your shawl a fashion forward Fall piece.

    Cozy Shawls Alturas Shawl

    The Imogene Infinity Scarf

    I love a big bundle of warmth around my neck when it is chilly. The Imogene Infinity Scarf does just that! Made with the soft yarn of Lion Brand Scarfie, the Imogene pattern works up fast and can be wrapped once, twice or three times to keep you as warm as you need. It's just like getting a big warm hug on a chilly afternoon. What could be better than that?

    Cozy Cowls Imogene Infinity Cowl

    There you have it, all 7 designs that are included in my new book, Cozy Shawls and Scarves. I hope you found one, two or more that you cannot wait to add to your wardrobe this fall. Keep in mind all of the people on your gift list for the holidays. These shawls, scarves, wraps and capelets make amazing gifts for friends, family, neighbors, teachers, co-workers and so many more!


    Don't you just love her designs? Go out now and purchase Cozy Shawls and Scarves to try your hand at them today! Paired with your choice of color and yarn, you can have a unique accessory with every look you pull off.

    Happy Crafting!

    Leisure Arts Team

  • Thoughtful Shawls

    Crocheted Shawls are classic additions for your wardrobe. We love all the stylish and cozy shawls in Thoughtful Shawls so much that it's hard to pick our favorite. Today's Guest Blogger, Michele Maks, is here today to talk about the inspiration for her fabulous designs. Welcome Michele!

    Welcome! I’m Michele Maks, designer of the patterns in Leisure Arts' recent publication, Thoughtful Shawls. Though I’ve been designing professionally since 1985 , I still LOVE to crochet!

    screen-shot-2017-05-11-at-10-21-40-am Thoughtful Shawls by Michele Maks

    Shawls are such versatile garments, and since there is very little shaping in the designs, they make excellent projects for beginners, or someone who is looking for an easy, don’t-need-to-think-too-hard-about-it stitching experience.

    Hudson Shawl from Thoughtful Shawls Hudson Shawl from Thoughtful Shawls

    Hudson Shawl: My inspiration for the Hudson Bay Shawl was in both wanting a simple stitch sequence, suitable for beginners, and the look of traditional North Woods blankets.  You don’t have to be at a logging camp to enjoy this one- imagine it cozying your shoulders as you safely watch a few episodes of Frontier in your apartment!

    Granny Square Shawl from Thoughtful Shawls Granny Square Shawl from Thoughtful Shawls

    Granny Square Shawl: Granny Squares are traditionally used for afghans, but I love them so much, I decided to create a shawl using basic granny techniques. What could be cozier and more open to interpretation than this? How many different color combinations can you imagine? Bet you can’t make just one!

    screen-shot-2017-05-11-at-10-23-41-am Stripes Stole from Thoughtful Shawls

    Stripes Stole: Similar granny styling is used for the stole version of this piece, but this time the colors are determined by the self-striping yarn. Just choose your favorite colorway, and most of the work is done! The yarn and the stitches will flow through your fingers like magic. Again, it will be hard to create only one.

    Patchwork Shawl from Thoughtful Shawls Patchwork Shawl from Thoughtful Shawls

    Patchwork Shawl: Patchwork  is both fun to stitch and fun to wear! Combining your own favorite colors will allow this project to be completely your own!

    Meditation Shawl from Thoughtful Shawls Meditation Shawl from Thoughtful Shawls

    Meditation Shawl: Simple combinations of basic stitches make the cover shawl both a pleasure to stitch and to wear. Your morning yoga poses will never be chilly again when you have your Meditation Shawl with you.

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