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  • Dip Dot and Dazzle Your Fashion! Craft a DIY Diamond Art Purse

    Diamond Art is one of the most adored crafts of the 21st century. Whether you're 18 or 80, you can dip, dot, and dazzle all day! But not as many people know about Freestyle. It's the program that allows you to be the designer. With just a little bit of guidance, freestyle is one of the easiest crafts out there. You can incorporate it into everything from home to wardrobe to gifting and everywhere in between. This purse, for example, is a one-of-a-kind bag that's perfect for all you fashionistas out there who are always searching for the most unique, stylish thing out there. What's better than being able to create it yourself?


    -Diamond Art canvas of your choice (our example is linked here)
    - Strong adhesive for backing (ie fabric glue, hot glue, needle and thread)
    -Your favorite sewing needle and thread (thick thread or embroidery floss works best)
    - Basic tote/purse
    -Optional: extra accessories (ie pom poms, tassels, beads)

    Let's get started!

    There isn't a big learning curve to Diamond Art, just dip, dot, and dazzle! Diamond Art is meant to be a leisurely craft that lets you put the canvas away for later if you want to. Complete in one day or take a whole week, it's all up to you!

    After you've dazzled your canvas, carefully cut out your design and get ready to sew! To keep the edges of the canvas from fraying and to provide extra support, carefully line the edges of your cut out with embroidery floss or thread.

    Once you're ready to place your design, add the adhesive of your choice to your bag. Lay the canvas piece flat and smooth it out to get rid of air bubbles. Don't be worried about your gems falling off, our adhesive is strong and durable! If you want even more support, stitch a few tacks onto your canvas.

    Time to accessorize!

    Now that your Diamond Art is attached and ready to dazzle, all that's left are the finishing touches. Make your Diamond Art purse one of a kind with tassels, pom poms, extra gems, or whatever your imagination can think of! Show the world how creative you can be, now is your time to shine! This design would also look great on a throw pillow or jean jacket.

    It's that simple! This is a great and unique way to utilize your favorite Diamond Art canvases to the fullest. Now just sit back, relax, and wait for the compliments to flood in! And, as always, remember to tag us on social media with #leisurearts and @leisureartsinc as we always love seeing what's happening in your crafty corner!

    Happy Dazzling!

    -Leisure Arts Team

  • Knit Gifts For Women

    Top Gifts To Knit Women

    This year, use your knitting skills to create the perfect gifts for the women in your life. It's much more personal and memorable than buying a gift, and she will love these cozy, creative knits! Whether she is interested in technology or fashion, you'll find the perfect gift to knit her.

    1. A Trendy Knit Cardigan: Cardigans are everywhere this season - they flatter every woman and are super cozy. Make her a special one to wear this season. Use a neutral color of yarn so that it will go perfect with any outfit. She will be in love! Knit this great gift from Super Cute Super Quick.

    Knit Cardigan For Women

    2. A Unique Tablet Cover: If the woman on your list has a tablet or eReader, then she will love this unique knit case! It's unlike anything that can be bought in stores, and the soft yarn is sure to keep her tech free from scratches. Challenge yourself to make this great gift and learn a new skill with I Can't Believe I'm Entrelac Knitting.

    Knit Tablet Cover For Women

    3. A Classy Cabled Afghan: Any woman would love to receive this gorgeous knit afghan. The perfect accent for her living room, this afghan makes neutrals colors pop and adds a sense of cozy luxury to any home. Knit this great gift now with Classic Afghans.

    Knit Afghan For Women

    4. A Relaxing Spa Set: For a thoughtful gift of relaxation, knit a spa set for the woman on your list. Create a knit adult-size bath mitt, drawstring soap sack, headband, and facecloth to help her relax. She will be excited to put the set to use! Get the patterns for this great knit gift in Spa & Bath Sets To Knit.

    Knit Spa Set For Women

    5. A Beautiful Beaded Bracelet: For Use your knitting skills, embroidery floss, and beads to create a unique jewelry for the woman on your list. She will love the delicate beading and details you put into it! Give a gift of sparkle and color with Beaded Bracelets To Knit.
    Knit Bracelet For Women

    6. A Casual Knit Bag:  Knit this cute textured tote for the woman on your list. She will love its ease and simplicity - perfect for so many occasions. It's large enough to hold everything she needs, but not too large for carrying around the mall. Knit this great gift for women now with Oh-So-Easy Knits.

    Knit Purse For Women

    7. A Cute Coffee Cup Cozy:  Whether she's addicted to coffee or prefers tea, the woman on your list will love this textured knit cup cozy. A great stocking stuffer or small gift that will keep her hands protected and look cute too! Knit it now with Beginner-Friendly Knitting.
    Knit Cup Cozy For Women

    8. An Adorable Dishcloth Dress:  Add some fun to her kitchen counter! She will love to dress her dish detergent bottle in one of these whimsical knit cover-ups that doubles as a dishcloth. A small gift she will never forget, plus it's quick and easy to make! Knit the one you think will match her style with Dishcloth Dresses.

    Knit Dishcloth Dresses For Women

    Need more gift ideas? Check out our Gifts To Knit.

  • Crochet Gifts For Women

    Top Gifts To Crochet Women

    Use your crochet skills to make unforgettable gifts this season. The women on list will love getting a unique, handmade gift and appreciate all the time and effort you put into making it. Find the perfect gift idea today.

    1. This Beautiful Starlight Afghan: Crochet the woman on your list our most popular afghan! She will love the whimsical peppermint pattern, and anticipate putting it on display every year during the holiday season! Get everything you need to start on this gift for the woman on your list with the Starlight Afghan Kit.

    Starlight Afghan For Women

    2. A Colorful Crochet Tote: Crochet a fun, fashionable bag for the woman on your list. She will love the bright colors and unique yarn look and the fact that it's big enough to fit all the essentials! Perfect for any occasion. Crochet this bag with Terrific Totes.

    Crochet Purse For Women

    3. A Unique Handcrafted Necklace: Combine your crochet skills with beads and nylon cord to make unique jewelry pieces. The woman on your list will love this necklace! The neutral colors make it perfect to wear with almost anything! Learn how to make this great gift with Beaded Beauties To Crochet.

    Crochet Necklace For Women

    4. A Cute Tablet Cover: Whether the woman on your list loves to browse the internet on her tablet or curl up with an eReader, she will love this crochet tablet cover! The braided design is unlike anything she will have seen in stores. Cute, and it will keep her device safe! Start this great gift now with Bags & Backpacks.

    Tablet Cover For Women

    5. A Warm, Colorful Scarf: Create the perfect gift for her while mastering the art of crocheting symmetrical scarves. The result will be a unique, cozy scarf that she will love to wear season after season! Get started on this crochet gift for women today with Mirror Image Scarves.

    Crochet Scarf For Women

    6. A Crochet Bath Set: Treat her to relaxation with this unique gift idea! First, crochet these cute baskets - she will love to use them as storage and decor in her bathroom! Next, fill them with fun soaps, bubble baths, or lotions to help her relax. She will love this thoughtful gift! Create these baskets now with the Big Book of Crochet.
    Bath Baskets For Women

    7. A Fashionable, Cozy Cardigan: Flattering on any body type, this cardigan makes the perfect gift! Use crocodile stitches to make this unique piece that the fashionable woman on your list is sure to love. Start on this great gift idea for women now with the Crocodile Stitch Cardigan ePattern.

    Crochet Cardigan For Women

    8. A Set Of Floral Scrubbies: These scrubbies are quick to crochet, and make great stocking stuffers or small gifts! Create this fun floral set for the woman on your list - great for a relaxing bath or for use in the kitchen. Crochet these scrubbies now with So-Cute Scrubbies.
    Crochet Floral Scrubbies For Women
    9. A Fun Cup Cozy: This cute cozy makes a great gift to warm hearts and safeguard fingers from hot cups. The woman on your list will love accenting her cup with this cute piece each day. Crochet cute cup sleeves for the women in your life now with Cup Cozies.

    Cup Cozy For Women

    10. A Floral Coin Purse: Help the woman on your list organize her purse with this cute change holder. It's the perfect small gift or stocking stuffer - Quick, easy, and practical. Crochet this cute coin purse now with Totes & Bags.

    Crochet Coin Purse For Women
    Need more gift ideas? Check out our Gifts To Crochet.

  • Halloween Tote: Swatch Ready

    Aren't these silly questions: Do I really need another tote bag? Do I really need more yarn? I laughed out loud when I saw this Dory comic saved by Knitting Paradise on Pinterest. I have new Light Reflecting Yarn and a pattern for halloween tote, time to get started.

    For the love of yarn; found on Pinterest. For the love of yarn; found on Pinterest.

    I've only been learning to knit and crochet on-and-off for two years now; I've been coloring a lot the past 12 months! In this short amount of time, even I have accumulated five bins of yarn. However the lure of a new project, or a new color or texture of yarn, certainly inspires me to try something new. Plus, if the project is seasonal...BINGO, count me in! 

    Latest goal: I want to make this super-cute seasonal Halloween Tote. It is pictured in Leisure Arts' item #75526 - Light-Reflecting Fashions, using Red Heart's new line of Reflective yarn. What makes this tote unique is the promise of it being reflective; a silver grey reflective thread is spun with the other yarn fibers. This yarn and tote seem perfect for nighttime trick-or-treating while walking under the street lights, visiting neighborhood houses for treats.

    GOAL: To make a Halloween Tote Bag like the one pictured in Leisure Arts' item 75526 - Light-Reflecting Fashions. GOAL: To make a Halloween Tote Bag like the one pictured in Leisure Arts' item #75526 - Light-Reflecting Fashions.

    Crochet and knit projects require one to learn the language of the craft. In addition, the crocheter and knitter must try to learn the stitches. Once the mechanics of making the stitch(es) is mastered, the crocheter and knitter must work towards having consistent gauge. Gauge is why every project has the measurements for a swatch.

    Challenge No. 1 - Gauge: I've only made projects that were more lenient when it comes to gauge, i.e., dishcloths, a bandana, and fingerless mitts.

    Challenge No. 2 - Multi-strands held together.

    Challenge No. 3 - Working in-the-round.

    Understanding and doing are two different things; my comprehension of the instructions was one thing, my performance was another. I ripped out my first swatch after three rounds. I realized I was adding a chain stitch before every single crochet. Lesson learned: don't try to fit a new project into your schedule if you are tired.

    Here is my second swatch using four strands of Bulky weight yarn. This is NOT the yarn that will be used for my Halloween Tote, but it is the correct weight and number of strands held together. I definitely needed to use stitch markers!

    In-the-Round Swatch No. 2 - Using four strands of Bulky weight as called for in the directions. Oh, boy; the swatch is lopsided! In-the-Round Swatch No. 2 - Using four strands of Bulky weight yarn as called for in the directions. Oh, boy; the swatch is lopsided!

    I discovered that I was not recognizing the correct stitch when ending a round or joining; this resulted in too many stitches. I resorted to doing another swatch holding one strand, making my stitches very loose and using a Light weight yarn. I wanted to see each stitch very clearly.

    In-the-Round Swatch No. 3 - Back to one strand in Light weight; trying to see the construction of each stitch. In-the-Round Swatch No. 3 - Back to one strand in Light weight; trying to see the construction of each stitch.

    I learned where my error was occurring: I was not recognizing the first single crochet at the beginning of each round. When I finished each round, I needed to join the last single crochet to the first single crochet with a slip stitch. Instead, I was joining to the chain made at the beginning of the round. Okay; I learned my error. My fix was to use a stitch marker so I would not question the location of the first single crochet when I needed to finish the round by joining with a slip stitch.

    I didn't like the uneven open spaces that Swatch No. 3 had in some portion of the rounds. Granted I was still experimenting, but I decided to make another swatch. I didn't have any more of my practice Bulky weight yarn, so I chose Super Bulky yarn to make my next swatch. I would be more careful with the construction of my rounds with the hope of having tighter stitches.

    In-the-Round Swatch No. 4 - Using one strand but in Super Bulky weight. Okay; better gauge and count is correct. In-the-Round Swatch No. 4 - Using one strand of yarn but in Super Bulky weight. Okay; better gauge and count is correct.

    Alright; I think this is better! The stitch count is correct with their construction and gauge being more consistent. I felt like this was a major accomplishment -- three cheers for me! At least this was recognizable or passable as the bottom of a tote bag.

    I'm as ready as I can be; now it's time to open my new Reflective yarn and begin. I am a bit tentative, but I will get continual inspiration by looking at the finished Halloween Tote as pictured in Leisure Arts' item #75526 - Light-Reflecting Fashions.

    This Halloween Tote is one of the featured projects found in #75526 - Light-Reflecting Fashions. My goal is to make one for this season! This Halloween Tote is one of the featured projects found in Leisure Arts' item #75526 - Light-Reflecting Fashions. My goal is to make one for this season!

    Wish me luck; I'll keep you posted on my progress!



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