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who's with me

  • Do you Instagram?


    It's very possible I'm addicted.

    We (not the royal we, the Leisure Arts we) do! Here are some of my other faves, as well.

    You can also check out my personal account. I'm @chelsye_mae. It has a lot of the art I make for school and I'll be posting more progress pics for the projects I talk about here.

    Comment below with your account or your favorites!

  • Works in Progress

    Progress. I'm using that term loosely.

    Let's see, I've got the stockinette scarf that I started because I couldn't focus on anything more complicated. But it's warm now and two feet later I'm bored with it. I've got a small stack of granny squares going, and I really need to get through row 6 of that cute little flower square but it's making my eyes cross. I'm doing a snarky little custom cross stitch for a friend, but I'll be finished with it in no time. My doggies still need sweaters but I'm waiting on the pattern book I ordered. Oh, and I'm contemplating making a baby blanket for my ex-husband and his girlfriend, but no. Just no.

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