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  • Confessions of a Crochetalong Flunkie

    Well, friends, July has come and gone and the time for the Sapphire Wrap Tunisian Crochetalong went with it.

    This is my wrap:

    Why yes!  Yes, this is a picture from last time.

    Imagine if this work were a couple of inches taller.

    It obviously has a ways to go.  The contest portion of the crochetalong is over, but the crochetalong can go forever.  I'm sure the rest of us (no!  I am not the only one!) really just need another month or so.  I do wish I'd made a little more progress, but I got off to a late start and I didn't know how to do Tunisian crochet when I decided to join.

    What?  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Actually, it still does.  I didn't comment much in the group--now that I think about it, I might not have at all.  I do not understand how Yahoo! groups work and I'm really bad at forums--but I definitely learned a lot from reading other crocheters' questions and tips and modifications.  That part of the process was invaluable. 

    Plus, I just liked seeing other people's pictures of their finished objects.  Do you ever do that thing on Ravelry where you're looking at patterns and you really like the designer's picture and the featured photos are great, but you're not really sold on the pattern until you click the "Projects" link to see what everyone's pictures look like?  Because that's usually what does it for me.  I like to see how people modify a pattern, or just even how it looks with different yarns.  Watching other people's progress and seeing their shawls was encouraging to me.

    Because I'm confessing things, it was also kind of encouraging when people would post about frogging something or being confused about a stitch.  I mean, it didn't make me happy, but I was kind of glad to know I wasn't the only person with problems or questions.

    This was my first crochetalong and my first Tunisian crochet project!  I'm really looking forward to working my way through the next several million rows, learning how to do lace, and then mastering my final task: uploading a picture to a Yahoo! group folder to show off an FO of my very own.

    I'm learning all kinds of things!

  • Red, White, and Blue Works in Progress: WIP Wednesday

    I have a theory that everything looks patriotic if you make it red, white, and blue.  I decided to test that theory by making things with red, white, and/or blue yarn.

    And then I looked at my other WIPs and realized all of them were red, white, and/blue as well!  I just love America, I guess.

    Here's my red Spiral dishcloth from Dishcloths.  It's working up just fine and I'm glad I've started buying cotton yarn in cones and in really big skeins now because I'm apparently very passionate about dishcloths.

    This is not the only Spiral dishcloth I've made since yesterday

    Also, here is a Fast Favorite from Dishcloths.

    I've made this pattern several times, but I've never followed the pattern with 3 colors and in the color scheme specified. That's odd, because I like the way it looks.  Glad I'm fixing that now!

    Here's a dishcloth in some undyed yarn and it's not working out.  We don't have to talk about it.

    On a happier note, I'm making good progress on the Tempting Texture Cowl from Knit Cowls.  I haven't wanted to be around wool very much lately, but I'll go ahead and work on this every now and then.  The pattern calls for just one color, but I'm not quite sure my blue yarn will last me through the whole thing.  So I've decided to knit a pattern repeat in the whiteish gray color way of the same yarn whenever I think it will look good.  Blue and white!

    This hat is in red bulky cotton yarn and I'm hoping it's going to turn into the Shells Beanie from Crochet Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps


    My gauge swatch came out fine, but I'm kind of wondering if it might be a bit too big.  I'll find out pretty soon, because I'm about two-thirds of the way through it.

    This hat, however, is knitting up pretty well. 

    It's one of the Simple Squishy Slouchy Hats from Jane Brocket's The Gentle Art of Knitting.  Since this is a library book, I might need to make some notes.  This is going a little more slowly than I'd planned because of the lightweight yarn and I need to return the book in the next week or so.

    But before that, I need to get back to all these projects.

  • Where This Stops, Nobody Knows: A Very Circular WIP Wednesday

     I'm doing a lot of working in the round right now.  Most of my active projects are worked in the round right now.  Round and round and around I go, where I probably when I run out of yarn.  So this could take a while.  And really, I don't think I'll feel like taking a break from these types of patterns any time soon.  I get into moods about these kinds of things, and I really like what I'm making.
    This is my very own Ribbed Hat from Expand Your Knitting Skills.

    It's in Red Heart's TLC yarn in some orange-y colorway, and I'm using Size 7 needles as always.  This will just be a project for when my hands need something to do.  I'm in no hurry since fall is a little ways off.  Maybe I'll even make one for my little girl so that we can match.  We celebrated Father's Day early this year, and after seeing how cute my dad and my daughter looked in their hats, I kind of want matching hats too!

    I'm also trying out the Variegated pattern from Dishcloths again.  This time I'm actually using variegated yarn, so it's more fun to keep doing the project.  I'm using a G hook, which is what the pattern calls for, and Sugar'n Cream yarn in the Faded Denim colorway.  I'm having a lovely time working these rows of clusters and waiting for the next color change.  It doesn't take much to entertain me.

    I am starting to wonder if I should have used an H hook, though.  The pattern is bumping up a little bit and I'm questioning my gauge.  I think I'll work a few more rounds to see if this evens out on its own.

    I also decided to knit the Tempting Texture cowl.  It's in the round as well, and a nice little bit of knitting.  It's from Knit Cowls and so far, so good!

    Very good, in fact.  I'm looking forward to adding this to my gift stash.  However, I'm not sure it will stay there.

    Hey, it's tempting.  The word is right there in the name and everything.

    Lastly, here's my nonround, noncircular dishcloth.  This is the Knits and Purls dishcloth from Easy Textured Knits and it's my Knit in Public project.

    Any time I'm waiting in line, or feeling bored while out and about, I knit a few rows of alternating knits and purls.  I did most of this while sitting in a dark movie theater, so when I saw that this is perfect car knitting or television knitting, you know that I mean it.  It's definitely coming with me to my local knit night this week.  I'll be in public, I'll be knitting, and I be making progress.  I can't wait!

    I hope your works in progress have been worked in public this week!

  • WIP Wednesday: More Progress than Work

    It's WIP Wednesday and I'm once again blathering on about my works in progress.  Most of my projects are, well, progressing.  Hooray!

    Here's another Sockhead Hat.  I cast on 20 or so fewer stitches because I think this hat is for me, and the last one of these I made was pretty roomy.  Which was fine for my brother-in-law's big head and long hair, but there's 'slouchy' and then there's 'swallow your head whole.'  This has been my car knitting for the past few days and I'm always excited to see what color comes up next.  I'm using Size 1 needles and a couple of partial skeins of Red Heart's Heart and Sole sock yarn.  I've had the yarn for a few years and I'm happy to move it out of the stash.

    Up next is....another hat!

    I know this looks a bit small, but it's going to turn into yet another slouchy beanie.  This is the Twisty Cables beanie from Knit Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps.  I'm using Size 6 and 8 needles, which is a size down from the recommended for gauge, and more cotton yarn I got from a friend destashing her cotton.  I'm only two rows in, but I already like all the twists and turns on this.  I think it's going to be a lovely hat, and I'm enjoying knitting and crocheting hats this summer.  It's a nice way to test out some patterns, get some cute hats for myself, and when it's time for gift knitting I'll have some go-to projects! Best. Feeling. Ever.

    On to the crochet projects!  This little guy:

    is going to turn into a Basic Sweater from Surprise Crochet Sweaters for Baby.  How?  I don't know--that's part of the surprise!  I love this crocheted version of the Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann, and I'm getting to the part where I makes sleeves.  I don't really know how that happens, but I'm grateful for the clear instructions.  I'm a hardcore EZ fan, but her directions are a little more like recipes and I think I've tried (and failed) to knit a BSJ two or three times before swearing off the whole affair.  Even when I liked this pattern enough to talk to other crocheters about their projects and write about it and buy the book for myself, I still waited nearly six whole months to give this a shot.  But I like it!  I'm pretty confident that this will turn into an adorable gift for a friend of a friend.

    (Confession: I was initially too nervous about how this would turn out to try it for someone I knew!  I know that sounds terrible, but I'm relieved to report that I like this pattern and I think it's safe to say that this is turning out pretty well.)

    Lastly, I have this little square.

    I'm supposed to make eight more of these for the Nine Patch pattern from Dishcloths, but this is looking a bit large.  Since the crocheted fabric seems dense enough to make up a serviceable dishcloth, I think I may crochet three more squares and begin the piecing.  We'll see.  I wouldn't mind eight more pieces just like this.

    And when I catch myself thinking that I wouldn't mind making more objects just like the ones I already have on hooks and needles, I know I have some good projects! 
    I hope you're enjoying your own projects and that you're feeling the 'progress' part of things a lot more than the 'works.'  Back to work for me!  Be sure to check here tomorrow for a different kind of post!
  • WIP Wednesday: Crochet Crazy


    I think this is a first.

    I have only crocheted works in progress at the moment.  I mean, there are a couple of knitting projects that I've left languish for so long that I don't think the word "progress" can be used in any way to describe them.  But in terms of active, I-remember-the-last-time-I-touched-this, working on things "works in progress" I just have crochet.  How about that?!

    First up is the Basic Beanie from Crochet Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps.  I don't think I've ever crocheted a hat before, so I wanted something basic.  This pattern name did not lie.  6 rounds of increases and then a whole bunch of double crochet stitches.  It's mindless and repetitive and I like to work on a few rounds before bed.  I started out with a different color, and then decided I wanted something else.  So I started over with a skein of Imperial Yarn that I bought last month and OHMYGOODNESSTHISISPRETTYANDAMAZINGANDWONDERFULANDALSOPRETTYYYYYY!  Sorry to get all squealy, but I really loved the yarn and bought it even though I didn't know what I would do with it (it was on sale.  Of course).   

    I'm starting to wonder if it's going to be a bit too roomy, even though I am crocheting the smaller size.   But this is supposed to be quite slouchy.

    That being said, this skein is something like 400 yards of peacock-hued glory so I could conceivably finish this hat and move down to an H hook to G hook with enough yarn for another hat.

     I wouldn't even mind making this hat all over again. 

    But first I need to get a little farther on the Split Headwrap, also from Crochet Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps.

    This is where I was at yesterday:

    And this is what I have today!

    I'm nearly finished with the first split on the first side, a task which I accomplished with about 30 or 40 minutes of TV-watching. I'm really enjoying this project and I'm oddly excited for the color changes that are coming up on the yarn (Lion Brand Amazing).

    And then there's this guy.

    This sad little scrubber is probably the same size as when I last wrote about it.  I don't even know why!  With a half dozen more rows and a nice border, I could throw another dishcloth on my gift pile.  I've dipped into it a couple of times in the past week and I want to keep those numbers at a satisfactory level. 

    Soon, little dishcloth.  Soon.  At the rate I'm crocheting, I should have some finished objects to show for it any day now.  Yay crochet!

  • WIP Wednesday: All the Small Things

    I'm just in the mood to make small things these days.  I want to make things, but I don't want to make anything too very large.  If you like instant gratification as much as I do, then we probably have no business being yarncrafters.  Or we should stick with small projects.  If I can't knit something up instantly, I can at least knit up something small.  Lucky for me, there area  few baby showers coming up soon, and I've been getting ready for them with some sweet little projects.

    I love baby projects.  They're adorable--and often very quick--little projects that make prospective parents so very happy.  Plus, there are no cuter models than babies.  None.

    First up is this Baby Sophisticate sweater.  

    I knit it in the 6-12 months size, and it used up a little more than a skein of Berroco Vintage.  I got a little confused about some of the increase rows, and so the body may be a bit rounder than intended.  However, babies tend to be a bit (or a lot) round around the middle.  So I think this will be fine, and I'm even hoping that this lasts through two winters.  We'll see once it's on the little fella. 


    The only other modification other than the accidental increase stitches on the ends is that I knitted the sleeves flat because I don't like working with double pointed needles.  This made the project a little easier to travel with, and I was going to have to stitch up an extra bit of a hole in the underarms anyway.  This just saves me the trouble of weaving in ends around the wrists where a baby can chew on them.  All I have left to do after that is find some little brown buttons and I'm all set!

    But since I'm just not in the mood to do that last little bit of finishing up, I went ahead and cast on another one.

    It's just like the green one--6-12 months, Size 8 needles, and some medium weight yarn.  I had a couple of skeins of Cascade 220 that weren't working out for my intended use for it, and I really like how it looks as a little baby sweater.  So squishy!

    Both of these sweaters are 'due' by the end of the week, so I'm glad to have a go-to pattern.

    I'm also crocheting these booties with Debbie Bliss Eco-Baby.  They're not due any time soon and I don't really know why I'm making them other than I've wanted to try this pattern for a while and I bought the yarn this weekend.  

    It's incredibly soft, and this pattern is incredibly cute--this is the Buds and Blooms booties from Crochet Wraps & Hats for Baby.  The pattern calls for an E hook, but I'm starting to think I need to start over with a larger size.  I'll try a few more rounds before I decide one way or the other.

    And of course, I have another dishcloth.  I'm in no hurry to finish this up because I'm trying to figure out if I want a green border or a red one.  I'm running out of cotton yarn in solid colors, so I may need to stop this crochet crazy train.

    Or I may just have to check which stores are having a sale this weekend so I can make even more.

    What are you working on right now?

  • WIP Wednesday

    It's WIP Wednesday and I was looking through pictures when I realized I still technically have a lot of works in progress.  Or, maybe I just have some works that aren't quite working.  I'm still a little iffy on the status of how some of these will end up, but stroll with me through this little review.

    This is the Ribbed Beanie from Knit Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps.

    This yarn did such terrible things to my hands that I still haven't bothered to unravel it!  I'm sorry to say that it's just standard Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool.  I've never had problems with it before, but something's happened in the last few months.  Maybe it's just that batch, or maybe I'm just turning into a delicate special snowflake.  Either way, this project is not in progress.   Great pattern, terrible yarn.  The yarn is going to find a new home, and I'll use the pattern for upcoming gift projects.  

    This is a swatch I plan to knit up for a yarnbombing.

    I've only knitted a few more rows on this but we still haven't received permission to yarmbomb our intended location, so I'm in no rush.  It'll be a big ol' blue square and I'll use up this yarn.

    This is a Tomten jacket.  I'm not sure what I'll do with it.  It's just resting.  I think it might knit up well, but I'm not entirely sure.  I've started on a sleeve, and I'm just not sure how this is going to turn out.  I think it should rest a little while longer.

    This Basketweave dishcloth is going to be unraveled.  I'm going to try again, but with different yarn.  I think this is a cute pattern, and a good way for me to practice front post and back post stitches.  But not in this incarnation.  I will break the curse!

    This dishcloth (the Blossom pattern from Dishcloths) will be picked up again very soon.  I've got a few more things to get out of the way before this weekend, and then I'm totally going to master more granny square dishcloth skills.  I really like giving dishcloths as presents, and there are some events coming up.

    Until then,though, I need to finish up these:

    I'm knitting these up for a few upcoming babies because I think their parents will like them.  (Isn't that why most baby gifts are made?)  I, uh,  messed with a pattern for a standard hat, made it look kind of crappy, and mixed in some colors.

    I think the red yarn would look nice for ear flaps.  Maybe more orange would look nice, but I think I'm going to stick with red.  Add a pom pom and I could have the sweetest hat ever.

    Pretty cunning, dontcha think?
  • WIP Wednesday: I Like to Do Things, if Not Very Well

    Well, it's Wednesday and it's one of those days where I talk about my works in progress. 

    I only have two things to show for it.  I'm surprised, because I thought I was doing lots of things!

    It turns out most of those things aren't knitting or crocheting.  Oh well.

    Here's what I've got.

    Here's the Basket Weave dishcloth that I've been talking about

    It's going to sit in a project bag for a while.  We need some space.

    Then there's this baby blanket.

    It's a very altered and babyfied version of the Eleventh Hour Blanket  by the Purl Bee.  I'm using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick on Size 10 1/2 needles.  Size 12 or 13 would probably be better, but whatever.  I don't own circular needles in those sizes, so 10 1/2 it is!  I cast on 101 stitches of a single strand of yarn.  The pattern calls for double strands, but I don't have 36" Size 17 circulars and doubled yarn just seemed a bit too fluffy.  I got the idea for this altered version when I saw the Purl Bee posting about the Fluffy Brioche Baby Blanket.

    I realized that my brain wasn't up to a four-row pattern repeat, but I did still wanted a nice textured baby blanket for my friends.  So instead of 100 stitches, I cast on 101 so that I had an odd number of stitches.  I just knit and purl across the row and then I get a nice seed stitch pattern. 

    I'm going to knit until it's just a little longer than it is wide, and then I want to crochet a little border around it when I'm finished.  As simple and mindless as the knitting is, that should be pretty soon.

    Then again, I said the same thing about a teeny tiny dishcloth and look what happened there.

    I'm confident, though!  Some little baby people will be making their debut some time very soon, and I don't have much to lose.  Except for 4 or 5 more skeins from my stash.

    At this point, that's nearly as much incentive as having a snuggly blanket to give to friends during this unseasonably chilly spring.


    Hey, I worry about their blanket plans!  Their babies aren't due until May, but who knows if it will be warm by then.  Did they plan to have a million receiving blankets tucked away in convenient locations around their home and in their cars?  What if the girls come early?  What if this bizarrely winter-like weather plagues Arkansas with an intensity typically reserved for our summers?!

    And yes, these are the friends whose babies I have tried and failed to knit for.  Twice.  Little  baby shirts?  Didn't happen.  Little matching Tomten jackets?  Not enough of the yarn.  So even though I normally say that I don't make blankets for people outside my very immediate family, my friends' baby shower has come and gone and all I had to wrap up was a package of diapers and a bunny-themed storybook.  So now I owe them a blanket--not that they have said that. 

    But I want to make them a blanket.  Especially because I know (now!) I am incapable of knitting the same thing two times in a row.  Not even I can handle that level of repetitive work.  But!  I'm not gestating twins, so no more complaining. 

    That's what I've been working on.  It's a little pitiful, but I'm especially excited about this blanket.

    Oh, and my friends' babies.

    And this blanket.  It's been a while since I've made one, and I'm enjoying this.

  • WIP Wendesday: Wait, What is This?

    It's a Wednesday, so I guess that means I should be trying to figure out just what in the world I expect to accomplish with my yarn.

    First up is the Ribbed Beanie pattern from Knit Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps.   It's going to be a late birthday present for my brother-in-law.

    I've finished the brim, and I'm ready to move on to the larger set of needles and start increasing!  I'm using some leftover Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool.  This is a pretty basic knit, and I'm excited to see how the rest of the hat will look with alternating rows of knitting and ribbing. 

    Then there's this little guy.

    This is a Tomten jacket (I use the version from Knitting Without Tears) with fingering weight wool and Size 0 needles. Gosh, I don't know why I don't work on this more often!  Just kidding.  I took a break because its intended wearer isn't showing up until late in the summer.  So I set it aside for a while--and actually forgot about it a little.  But while the wearer won't need this jacket until much, much later in the year, the mommy will be having a shower much, much sooner than I anticipated.  The more I look at it, the more I think I'll push it back until either the time the baby is born, or until the time the baby might actually need it.  I like the yarn, and I like the pattern, and I feel good about my gauge and my color choices and the amount of work required for the person and there is nothing holding me back except I have no motivation to make a sweater this early.  I would like a break from little tiny baby sweaters with little tiny yarns and needles.  You'll see why.

    Next up is a Tomten jacket with fingering weight cotton sock yarn with nylon. Yes, another.  And another.  Twin Tomtens!

    This is Sweater A, and I'm done with the body and ready to move on to the arms!  I'm going to place those top stitches on a holder until I find out if I have enough yarn for a hood.  I'm really hoping so, because red hooded jackets on little girls are so adorable.  But if not, there's an easy modification for a cardigan collar that should work nicely.

    And if the references to twins and this red yarn sound familiar, it's because I scrapped my other plans.  If there's anything I've learned about myself since I started dragging my WIPs out into one place, it's that I'm not especially skilled at pairing yarns with patterns.

    This project looks a lot like my last one.  See?

    Aside from being a whole bunch of garter stitch, the Little Baby Sweater, is modeled after Elizabeth Zimmermann's Tomten jacket.  And I still think it's absolutely precious.  I was about to see that for myself when I was 75% of the way through the jacket when I realized the yarn just wasn't going to work with the pattern, and I certainly couldn't bring myself to make a SECOND project when it wasn't looking like I wanted it to.  So Tomten-inspired jacket is out, and the genuine article is in.  It works much better with the yarn, and I'm really trying to use up a lot of my stash this year.

    Which is why I have this:

    It's just a tiny little start, but I'm going to knit up a swatch and try out a Tree of Life motif.  I really love blue yarns, especially when they're in this particular shade.  So a lot of times I buy them without thinking about what I'll use them for, what the yarn is made of, how well it work, etc.  I think this is a bamboo cotton blend that I hoped to make granny squares with.....3 years ago.  It looks gross when crocheted.  Just gross and odd and wrong.  Two whole skeins of it.

    But I found out that a library may let some local knitters yarnbomb the front of their building and when a friend mentioned the idea of placing swatches over some of the squares in the window, I started thinking.  So there we have it!  I've made swatches for yarnbombing before, and it's always fun.  Once you know that you're making a piece that doesn't have to be perfect, or easy to care for, or even make sense, you're free to just work right through and finish it right up!

    I don't know why I don't think about yarnbombing as a cure for stash ills more often.  If you don't have a clue where it came from, how it should be washed, what it would look good as when it's all knitted or crocheted up, who would like it, or even what it is, then you'd best get to swatching.  Try out a new technique.  Try out some of your own designs.  And then, get that swatch with some of its odd little friends and make some public art (after getting permission!).

    Okay, that's it for me.  I hope you and your Home for Wayward WIPs are finding solutions to the big problems in life, like what in the world to do with the aforementioned wayward WIPs, when to work on them (and when to not), and how to find a way to use them to make the world just a little bit prettier.

    My local yarn store has a tree in front of the shop that they decorate sometimes.  I got excited last summer when I saw my granny squares on the left branch.
  • WIP Wednesday: It's Unraveling All Around Me

    I wrote a WIP Wednesday post a couple of weeks ago, and thought I'd talk a little more about my works in progress. 

    First up, this is my Honey Cowl with Scratchy Allergic Yarn from Hell.

    I unraveled it.  The yarn wasn't working with the pattern, and the yarn really wasn't working with my hands.  So that's the end of that

    (Dusts off itchy, splotchy hands.)

    Next up, the Mitered Eyelet Blanket from Baby Blankets Made with the Knook.

    I unraveled that one, too.  I just didn't like the yarn with the pattern.  I do want to try the pattern, though.  I think I will soon, and probably with some yarn that is not cotton.  I'm sure the yarn will find a nice project some day, but I think this pattern needs some yarn that's just a little bit fuller.  And maybe more colorful.  We are talking about a baby blanket, after all.

    Looking through some of these projects really motivated me to think about whether I wanted to work on things or not.

    It looks I did not want to do too very much with this dishcloth.  I haven't unraveled it, though.  I think I'll just add another few rounds every time I have some spare cotton yarn ready to go.  It may look like a crazy person dishcloth, but it will be living in my kitchen.  So......

    Remember when I thought it would be cool to turn a headwrap into a cowl?  It was a fun idea at the time. 

    Then I guess I changed my mind.  I haven't touched it in two full weeks, and I don't think I will any time soon.  Consider it frogged.

    But!  I still plan to work on the Cable Headwrap--you know, an actual headwrap--from Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps (Knit).

    I mean, I haven't worked on it in the past 2 weeks.....but I feel motivated to get back at it now that I have this picture shaming me.  My friend's birthday is coming up (and a lot sooner than her wedding!), so I need to hop to it.

    And then there was this guy.

    This is the Little Baby Sweater from Purl Bee, and it's just precious.  It's also going pretty well.  It's not finished yet, but I'm probably about 75% of the way through it. 

    And then I'll start on Sweater #2.  Sigh.

    I'm making good progress, but this is all I want to show you.

    You know how it is with gifts.  Part of me wants to talk about it, but another part of me wants to be secretive and sneaky.  (And I want to play with my camera because it's new and fun.)

    A newer WIP is the Rib and Welt dishcloth from Easy Textured Knits. I'm using standard cotton yarn and knitting needles that are a size smaller than what the pattern calls for to account for gauge. 

    I like it a lot, and it's going well. 

    So 3 projects are gone, 2 are just the same, 1 is actually progressing, and 1 itty bitty baby WIP was born last weekend.  I'm a little freer to work on my projects, and some of those projects are a little farther along than they were the last time I posted.  If I keep posting these updates, I know I'll probably be a lot more motivated to finish up my WIPs in a much more timely manner. 

    What motivates you to finish up your WIPs?

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